Anyone who has ever been to New York will tell you that there are seemingly endless choices when it comes to finding a great place to stay. However, if you are set on staying at someplace haunted then that can certainly help to narrow the search.

Here is a closer look at some of the most haunted hotels in New York!

10 - The Historic Old Bermuda Inn, New York City

The Historic Old Bermuda Inn, New York City

Originally built in 1832 as the private residence of the Mesereau Family, The Historic Old Bermuda Inn is now a bed and breakfast and an events space. It is also alleged to be haunted. It is believed that the home is haunted by Martha Mesereau. Cameras often malfunction in the room that was hers and she often locks doors. Guests have also reported seeing the silhouette around the property.

9 - The Bowery Hotel, New York CityBook Now

The Bowery Hotel, New York City

The Bowery Hotel is a well known spot in Downtown New York City that conjures up thoughts of bustling parties and upmarket decor However, it is also a hotspot for the paranormal! Many believe that the hauntings are a result of the hotel’s close proximity to Marble Cemetery. There are frequent reports of poltergeist activity and apparently the elevators go haywire every night at about 1am – going up and down by themselves!

8 - The Algonquin Hotel, New York CityCheck Availability

The Algonquin Hotel, New York City

The Algonquin Hotel first opened in 1902 and is best known for hosting the now infamous ‘Round Table Room Meetings’. This was said to be home of the ‘Vicious Circle’ which was made up of writer, actors and the like.

It is believed that several rooms in The Algonquin  Hotel are haunted by the spirits of those Round Table Room Meetings? It has become apparent that whoever the spirits are that live here, they do not approve of structural change because the activity has increased substantially following extensive renovations.

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7 - Shanley Hotel, Napanoch

Shanley Hotel, Napanoch

The Shanley Hotel is actually one of the mostly famous haunted hotels in New York. This place claims to be so terrifying that guests are asked to sign a waiver before spending the night! Throughout the 1920s to the 1960s there have been a string of deaths at the hotel. There is a huge amount of tragedy here and many of the deaths that occurred on the property were young children.

6 - The Naples Hotel, Naples

The Naples Hotel, Naples

The Naples Hotel was built in 1895 and over the years it has built up a reputation for being haunted. One of the most well known spirits that haunt the hotel belongs to a man who killed himself on the third floor and is often seen wandering the hotel. There are also reports of a female ghost named Alice and her two children who are all believed to have died in the hotel during the 1900s.

5 - Erie Mansion, Clyde

Erie Mansion, Clyde

If there is one place in New York that really plays up to its haunted reputation then it is surely the Erie Mansion in Clyde! The house was built back in 1858 and currently has real coffins serving as tables around the hotel! As if that wasn’t creepy enough, the 43 room mansion also has several long standing ghost stories.

Before becoming a hotel, Erie Mansion was the residence to several generations of the Ely family and even they grew up knowing the ghostly tales connected with their home! There have been several suicides in the property and many say that the former owners are still hanging around!

4 - Allegiance Bed & Breakfast, Mount MorrisStay Here

Allegiance Bed & Breakfast, Mount Morris

The Allegiance Bed & Breakfast is one of the most haunted hotels in New York and it has appeared on many different paranormal television shows. The second floor f the hotel is said to be haunted by a pair of ghosts known as Karen and Ray. Those who have seen the ghostly pair often say they are tossing an object back and forth between them. Ray is also said to be pretty chatty!

3 - Brambles Inn & Gardens, Potsdam

Brambles Inn & Gardens, Potsdam

The Brambles Inn & Gardens dates back to the middle of the 1800s and is one of the most haunted hotels in New York. Guests have reported encountering an angry female spirits who is known to bang on guests’ doors at night and can also be heard moaning and groaning.

2 - Hotel Utica, UticaBook a Room

Hotel Utica, Utica

The Hotel Utica has played host to a number of celebrity ghosts over the years including Amelia Earhart and President Franklin D Roosevelt. However, these days it is more well known for its ghosts! One of the most common sightings that is reported by guests and hotel staff alike is referred to affectionately as ‘Tuxedo Man’.

1 - Batcheller Mansion Inn, Saratoga SpringsBOOK NOW

Batcheller Mansion Inn, Saratoga Springs

The Batcheller Mansion Inn is mostly known for being one of the most stunning examples of architecture that can be seen in Saratoga. It also has a fascinating history. It was originally the home of the Batcheller Family who were a significant part of history in the Upstate area. It is believed to be George Batcheller that is haunting the hotel today.