145 Main St, Mt Morris, NY 14510

Located near upstate New York’s stunning Finger Lakes, Allegiance Bed and Breakfast offers a traditional yet upscale American B&B experience — cozy reading nooks, delicious breakfast, and, of course, some friendly ghosts. Located in Mount Morris, New York, Allegiance Bed and Breakfast is named after the writer of the “Pledge of Allegiance,” a local named Francis Bellamy. Although this history seems ripe for hauntings, the colonial-style building is actually haunted by a slew of docile former residents who simply couldn’t bear to leave their home.

History of The Allegiance Bed and Breakfast

Built in 1838 by the Wisner family, who some say still occupy the place, Allegiance Bed and Breakfast has lived many lives since it was erected. As a strong supporter of the Union during the Civil War, Wisner welcomed formerly enslaved runaways on the Underground Railroad to hide out here — a possible explanation for the decidedly positive spectral energy at the place.

The iconic front patio, donned with four White House-esque columns, was added by the Prophets, the residence’s second owners — also suspected to still reside at the house. Today, owners Steve and Glenda have done their best to honor all of Allegiance’s past by decorating it with respect for the original styles. With high ceilings, patterned wallpapers, antique furniture, and tasteful touches throughout, a night at Allegiance is a step back in time.

Hauntings of The Allegiance B & B

Although the owners have reported many ghost sightings on their historic and beautiful property, it’s been said that Allegiance’s poltergeists are friendly. Since the home was historically a place of happiness, family, and parties — and is to this day — the energy in the place is overwhelmingly positive according to those who have visited.

That said, it’s still spooky to see an apparition, as many guests have attested. Karen, said to be the granddaughter of the original owner, Reuben Wisner, is a gray-haired, solid apparition that likes to sit on the stairs or watch guests from the corners of their rooms. Her good friend Raymond — who loathes being called Ray — is an old man who likes speaking with Allegiance’s guests and owners. He’s been sighted reading books in the library, as well, and also appears solidly to those lucky enough to converse with him. Visitors have claimed that Karen and Ray like to play catch with the hotel’s decor, so keep an eye out for flying objects! To learn more about Karen and Ray, find the Allegiance B&B episode of Paranormal State, where their voices are caught on record.

It’s not just the Wisner heirs who occupy the home. Reuben Wisner and his two wives are perhaps the closest you’ll get to unhappy spirits in this place. Reuben’s first wife, Sarah, passed away and he married a year later. Apparently, he moved on too soon for Sarah, as a medium has declared that she still hasn’t forgiven him or Ellen, his second wife. The medium also said that Reuben, apparently often hiding with Ellen from Sarah’s wrath, is even fond of the new decor in the house, like the white horse statue in the front lawn — one of the B&B’s most iconic and beloved stylings. He told the medium that the statue reminds him of a nineteenth-century horse that would escape from his stables and run past the house during his living years.

Some guests even claim to have spoken to a see-through ghost, a teenage girl who frequents the B&B’s rooms. She wears servants’ clothing and is sometimes accompanied by another transparent apparition of a little kid who likes to play in the hallways at night. The mediums that have visited Allegiance haven’t determined who she is just yet, but maybe she’ll tell you if you visit. Alice Montclair, on the other hand, is a ghost known to eagerly tell guests her name when they spot her.

In perhaps the cutest paranormal news, Allegiance guests have repeatedly reported feeling the presence of a cat or dog sleeping at the foot of their beds at night. History supports the existence of Sammy the cat, who is buried on the property and appears in old photos. If you’re allergic, don’t worry — they’re just apparitions. The owners have also mentioned hearing dogs barking and seeing an orange cat roam the property, but no pets live at the B&B (at least not living pets). At night, guests report music coming from an unexplained location and footsteps from above when the rooms are empty, to no surprise of the owners. Make sure to ask Steve and Glenda about all their experiences with the ghosts of their beautiful property as guests say they are always happy to share.

Visiting The Allegiance Bed & Breakfast

They say the second floor of the B&B is the place where you’re most likely to see or hear a ghost, especially in the Dansville room — but no rooms are off-limits for these paranormal beings. The Wadsworth room is reportedly where the unnamed teenager likes best, so you have several options for hauntings.

Guests are welcome to ask the owners about their ghostly experiences and will gladly give ghost tours to guests with a flair for a spook. If you’re after a more traditional ghost hunt, check out the Big Tree Inn nearby, where the late Ayrault family lurks in the beautiful, nineteenth-century tavern. This is also a great place to dine and take your time as you explore the inn’s luxurious interiors.