Long Island was originally populated by Native American Indians before being settled by European immigrants during the 1600s. It is an area that is rich in its history and which is packed full of all manner of myths, legends and ancient folklore.

There is a little bit of everything here from sacred Native American burial grounds to sites significant to the Revolutionary War, plus a sprinkling of Gatsby style mansions and estates for good measure.

That sounds like the perfect recipe for some hauntings if you ask us!

Let’s take a look at some of the most haunted places in Long Island, NY:

9 - The Amityville House, Amityville

The Amityville House, Amityville

How could we have a list of the most haunted places in Long Island without mentioning the most famous allegedly haunted house of all!

Everyone knows the story of The Amityville House. In 1974, Ronald DeFeo murdered his entire family in the house and there were many who believed that it was evil spirits in the house who drove him to it.

A year later, George and Kathy Lutz moved in and their tales of the paranormal activity spawned a book and then a successful horror movie franchise.

It was later said to be a hoax, but there are still many who believe that there is at least some truth in their story – after all, such brutal murder has to have left some kind of a mark, right?

8 - Winfield Hall, Glen Cove

Winfield Hall, Glen Cove

According to local legend, Winfield Hall , the former mansion belonging to Frank Winfield Woolworth, has a colorful history that includes plenty of occult activity!

It has also seen its fair share of death. Frank Winfield Woolworth passed away in 1917, just two years after the house was built. His daughter Edna then committed suicide in the house a few years later.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Winfield Hall served as the home of Grace Downs Model and Air Career School and many of the students there reported that Edna’s former bedroom always remained locked and that they could hear sounds of furniture moving coming from inside even although nobody was in there!

7 - Sagtikos Manor, Bay Shore

Sagtikos Manor, Bay Shore

Sagtikos Manor is one of the most historic buildings that Long Island has to offer and it once played host to President George Washington himself. It is also believed to be haunted.

Witnesses have described seeing the ghost of a Native American Indian in the loft of the property on a number of different occasions.

There have also been other reports of shadowy figures standing on the front porch and of doorknobs turning and/or jiggling by themselves.

Another of the popular stories linked to Sagtikos Manor is that in the 1700s an Indian Princess believed to have live on what are now the grounds of the manor was attempting to rescue settlers from Fire Island when a storm came in.

She made several successful crossings in her canoe before disappearing.

She was never found, but witnesses have said that the princess and some of the men that she rescued can be seen on the shore at night.

6 - Reid Ice Cream Grounds, Blue Point

The ghost story linked to Reid Ice Cream Grounds in Blue Point is an incredibly tragic one. It concerns a young woman who was found murdered here in 1966.

The 20 year old go-go dancer and part-time bank teller was found in a sump at Reid Ice Cream Grounds with her hands and feet bound and her throat cut.

Many witnesses have said that the girl’s spirit is still linger there where her body was found.

It is common to hear reports of a young woman walking around the grounds of the abandoned ice cream factory and warehouse.

There are also reports of people hearing screaming and crying in the area.

This young woman was not the only death in the area. Apparently a little boy also died here in the 1970s when he broke into the old factory to play and ended up falling to his death while climbing up the old machinery.

It is his ghost that is said to be responsible for the disembodied laughing and singing that can often be heard along with the sound of running footsteps.

5 - Morgan Hall, Glen Cove

Morgan Hall was built in 1910 by financial tycoon J.P. Morgan and it is now thought to be one of the most haunted places in Long Island. It has been claimed that Morgan Hall is haunted by the spirit of J.P. Morgan’s young daughter, Alice, who is thought to have died in the mansion after contracting Yellow Fever.

After serving as the Morgan residence, the mansion spent some time as a Russian Embassy before being transformed into a Catholic school and convent in the 1960s.

Through it all, poor Alice Morgan has wandered the building…

Witnesses who have encountered Alice say that she is usually dressed in a long black gown and that her most visited spot is the attic, although she is also seen walking up and down the mansion’s many corridors with some degree of regularity.

4 - Katie’s, Smithtown

Katie’s, Smithtown

Katie’s Bar in Smithtown has become somewhat notorious for being one of the most haunted buildings in Long Island! It s said to be haunted by former bootlegger Charlie Klein who is approximately 115 years old, missing a few limbs and has a tendency to knock glasses off of the shelves behind the bar!

Staff and customers alike have been reporting paranormal activity at Katie’s for many years now.

Some of the most common claims include seeing Charlie’s apparition, glasses being knocked off of shelves by unseen hands, doors swinging open and closed, unexplained noises and more!

Charlie is by far the most friendly one of the resident spooks, but there are said to be several different spirits hanging around. These are probably all linked to the very colorful history that Katie’s Bar boasts!

In 1909, a hotel that once stood in the same spot burned to the ground killing one person who got trapped in the basement.

There are also claims that one of the spirits is a 16th century murderer. As for Charlie, many believe that he was a bootlegger and a bartender in the 1920s Prohibition Era and that he took his own life.

3 - Fire Island Lighthouse, Fire Island

Fire Island Lighthouse, Fire Island

The original Fire Island Lighthouse was built in 1826 and stood 74 feet high. However, it was replaced in 1858 by the current lighthouse which happens to be considered one of the most haunted locations in Long Island.

The lighthouse is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a curator who committed suicide in the new lighthouse after his little girl died during the winter months when it was being constructed.

These days there are reports of phantom footsteps climbing the lighthouse stairs, crazed laughter and even the shadow of a man carrying a rope.

2 - Raynham Hall, Oyster Bay

Raynham Hall, Oyster Bay

Raynham Hall in the Oyster Bay area of Long Island takes its name from Raynham Hall in Norflok, England, a building which is very famous for being haunted by ‘The Brown Lady’! However, this Raynham Hall has its very own group of spirits to boast about!

Built in the middle of the 18th Century, Raynham Hall served as the home of the Townsend Family, but was confiscated during the Revolutionary War and used as the headquarters of the Queen’s Rangers who were led by one Lieutenant Colonel John Graves Simcoe.

He fell in love with Sally Townsend while there which is how she came to overheard him discussing a plot involving Benedict arnold with the British Major John Andre.

Sally told her brother of the plot and as a result Andre was hanged for treason.

Now Andre’s spirit remains tied to Raynham Hall as are the spirits of Simcoe and Sally Townsend making Raynham Hall one of the most haunted houses in Long Island!

1 - Kings Park Psychiatric Center, Kings Park

Kings Park Psychiatric Center, Kings Park

Kings Park Psychiatric Center was established back in 1885 and sits on around 800 acres of land.

At its peak, the institution was home to around 9000 patients who were housed in over 150 different buildings across the property.

Over time, Kings Park Psychiatric Center became a more or less self sufficient community with its own library, firehouse, morgue, cemetery and farm. However, like so many other establishments of this nature Kings Park Psychiatric Center was dogged by rumours of inhumane treatment and torture.

It is known that some of the more questionable treatments here included shock therapy, prefrontal lobotomies and insulin shock therapy – not to mention the so called treatments that nobody would admit to which amounted to little more than torture and abuse.

Today, Kings Park Psychiatric Center is one of the most haunted hospitals in the state. The compound has gradually fallen into a state of disrepair, but it still echoes with the screams and cries of former patients who still roam this place in spirit.

Visitors have also reported banging sounds, clanging, disembodied voices and even shadow figures.

The most active areas in terms of paranormal activity are probably the underground tunnels!