It was an amazing experience!

This was my first time doing something like this! It was an amazing experience! Hosts were friendly full of information and very helpful! I can’t wait to attend another event in the future! Thank you!

Amanda Garcia

The Team Was Awesome!

The Team was awesome, and it was great to get to actually get to use some equipment that I had only seen on television in the past, such as the Kinect mapping camera and the portal box. Great results, and as a bonus, the mediums picked up on the spirit of my late wife, as well as her name coming through the equipment.

Saw a silouhette of a man walking past inner door of a cell, to find that there was no one in it, and no way in or out except the door I went in! One of my companions was touched. All in all, an excellent evening, and myself and two people I met that evening from my town are planning our next Haunted Excursion!

Thank you all so much for providing all these great locations!

Sincerely, David P. McMillen

It was definitely a fun experience!

It was definitely a fun experience! This was my little sister and my first time doing anything like this!! I can’t wait to go to another event! Hopefully in the near future!

Dolly Rojas

I had an amazing experience.

I had an amazing experience. I have been to two events with this team. This was night and day from the OG Pyle house early this month. It was well organized and explained. The lead investigators were very knowledgeable and knew where to direct the participants. I enjoyed and will be booking again

Jennifer Cain