Staff, as well as guests, have reported seeing shadows, apparitions, and reflections which cannot be explained. Quite a few of the hotel employees have reported hearing their name being called even when no one is there. They also reported being tapped on the shoulder and seeing things drop from the desk. Various electrical appliances in the hotel have also turned on by themselves, although they were not plugged in.

One little girl is reputed to haunt the hotel and she is often seen in one of the windows. She is named May Yohe and she was once a well-known singer and actress in the 1890s. She married a wealthy man who was reported to own the Hope Diamond and she was said to occasionally wear it. Although her adult life was not picture perfect, she is said to have spent the best years of her life as a child in the hotel and that is the reason why she keeps coming back to it.

The ghost of an unknown woman is also often seen in the kitchen in a period dress. Guests have left the dining room early after seeing her ghost and several guests have avoided the subbasement because of paranormal activities.


Hotel Bethlehem’s fascinating story started with its predecessor, the Golden Eagle Hotel. The Golden Eagle Hotel was once used as a convalescence home for soldiers returning from war. Prior to the Golden Eagle Hotel, the “First House of Bethlehem” used to stand in the property. It was built in 1741 by Moravians. Count Nicholas Von Zinzendorf, the Moravian’s patron, sang a song about Bethlehem during the construction period and that is how the town got its name


Hotel Bethlehem is located downtown and it is the perfect choice for individuals or families traveling, as well as business people. With the exceptional service and unique decor it offers, you will want to come back to the hotel again and again. The hotel is ideal for business travelers because it is located downtown and it is in close proximity to various companies in Bethlehem.

The hotel has a business center that can help businessmen complete their work and rest at the same time. They can work hard and reward themselves at the same time. The hotel has 14,000 square feet of banquet and meeting space. It makes an ideal location for staff retreats, weddings, corporate events and other celebrations in life. The hotel features 128 elegantly decorated and furnished rooms which are packed with the best amenities. The rooms have spectacular views of Moravian College, Bethlehem’s Main Street, and Lehigh University.


  • Morning newspapers
  • Parking
  • Internet access
  • Airport shuttle
  • Keurig single cup coffee maker
  • iHome alarm clock with iPod docking station

Things to Do

The hotel has been restored to its 1922 grandeur and it is surrounded by quaint shops, museums, and boutiques. The Sands Bethlehem Event Center hosts some of the biggest musical events in Bethlehem. Musikfest, a nine-day festival, is held every August of each year and draws thousands of visitors each year.

The Bach Festival happens every May and the Spirit of Community Festival happens every June. The Crayola Factory is a great place for youngsters to go to. Located in Two Rivers, Landing, the factory is open from 9.30 am to 3 pm. Children’s worlds will be filled with color and fun when they are in the factory.

Dorney Park and the Wildwater Kingdom is a great option for people who would like to experience the outdoors and the adventures which come with it. Everyone can have so much fun in the theme park and learn more about dinosaurs.

Burnside Plantation has some of the gorgeous scenes and some of the most beautiful historic buildings. Going to the plantation is just like retreating back into the 19th century. The Colonial Industrial Quarter is a beautiful historic area that offers guided tours to museums, galleries and beautifully maintained buildings.

Room Tariffs

Starview executive king rooms start at $169
Executive king rooms start at $159
Two double bedrooms start at $149
Governors suites start at $300

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