One of Delaware’s most haunted buildings is The David Finney Inn in New Castle. It is actually thought to be haunted by a spirit that belongs to the nearby Amstel House Museum, which is also incredibly haunted. The two buildings were actually once linked by an underground tunnel, and it is believed that the spirit is a member of the Finney family.

The paranormal activity seems to be focused on the third floor, and guests occupying these rooms have reported various strange activity including doors and windows opening by themselves and objects being moved around by unseen hands. Coincidentally, the activity at Amstel House also seems to focus on the third floor!

The David Finney Inn is now home to the Sonora at David Finney Inn restaurant on the first floor and apartments on the top floors that can be rented through Airbnb.

Which Room?

There are two apartments available for rent through Airbnb. Both are active, Apartment 4 has two bedrooms, whilst Apartment 2 has one.

Happy hunting!

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