The Flanders Hotel, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has a Spanish Mission Revival style and was constructed with concrete and steel girders. It was built in 1923 and it was rumored that mobsters from neighbouring areas would meet in the hotel for their various “business transactions”. Today, it has become a place which offers people respite from their busy days, as well as people who would like to experience a ghost or two. Stay in the hotel and you might just experience Emily, aka The Lady in White.

Emily, or The Lady in White, is perhaps the hotel’s most famous ghost. She is described as being in her early twenties with long brown hair. She has been seen all around the hotel, but the lobby, second and fourth floors are her favorite haunts.  She seems to be a happy soul, dancing laughing and singing. She would sometimes appear and disappear through walls, unscrew light bulbs and play with doorknobs. A portrait of Emily can be seen on the hotel’s second floor. It was made by artist Tony Troy based on the descriptions given to him by the staff and guests of the hotel.

The catacombs just beneath the hotel add fuel to the fire of the hotel’s ghost stories. Guests of the hotel have also reported hearing the laughter of a young woman throughout the building.


The Flanders Hotel was a result of the meeting between New Jersey entrepreneurs in 1922. They had one goal in mind, to build a seaside hotel that would become the talk of the entire US. They wanted to build a hotel which would not only become a resting place for businessmen and weary travelers but for families, as well. The Flanders was named after the American Cemetery in Belgium, Flanders Fields, where soldiers killed in World War I was buried. The hotel’s Spanish Mission Revival style was copied by some of the other areas, such as the Chatterbox and The Golden Galleon.

Vivian Smith designed the hotel, as well as other hotels in the area. The hotel was constructed with concrete and steel girders and it was advertised as “fireproof”. This was put to the test when a fire broke on the boardwalk in 1927. Several buildings in the block were destroyed but the Flanders Hotel remained intact. Hotel ownership was assumed by Elwood Kirkman in 1932 and he took it upon himself to maintain the hotel’s grandeur and first-class status. James M. Dwyer bought the Flanders in 1996, remodeled and restored the hotel to its former glory. Since 2003, the hotel has been in the ownership of Ocean City Partners. The hotel was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 2009.


The Flanders Hotel offers a variety of accommodation. All suites come with private bedrooms and full-service kitchens, central heating, and air-conditioning systems.

The Flanders Hotel is one elegant seaside celebration destination. It is ideal for weddings, meetings, exhibitions, and conferences. The hotel’s ornate and sophisticated ballroom takes you back to the grandeur and elegance of the 1900s complete with all the modern amenities. Banquet facilities can host intimate gatherings for as little as 30 people or grand celebrations for as many as 500 guests. Weddings are successful and beautiful events with the hotel’s in-house certified wedding coordinator, award-winning chef, and trained staff. Visitors, as well as critics alike, have been raving about the hotel’s menu of delectable dishes.


  • Full maid service
  • Unique gift shops
  • Full kitchen in all units
  • Wireless internet access
  • Free parking space
  • Outdoor patio dining
  • Poolside café service
  • Heated outdoor pool
  • Day spa
  • Business center
  • Cable television
  • Hairdryer

Things to Do

The Ocean City Boardwalk is full of quaint stores, amusement rides and pizza parlors. It is a great place for the whole family to go to and enjoy. Visitors who are into kiteboarding would be very much delighted to know that the St. Croix and Southern New Jersey’s premier kiteboarding school is close by. They have beginner and advanced lessons for both children and adults.

Young ones would have a delighted time at Gillian’s Wonderland Pier. This amusement and theme park is just 0.5 miles away from the city center. If you are one for adventure, the Ocean City Parasail will let you enjoy the beautiful beaches and views of Ocean City 500 feet above the ground. At Jilly’s Arcade, you will have a grand time with old-school games, including Centipede and Invaders.

Room Tariffs

  • Deluxe suites start at $130
  • Oceanfront suites start at $150
  • Oceanfront 2 bedroom suites start at $200
  • Oceanfront 5 bedroom suites start at $500[

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