People travel to South Jersey because of the many different attraction the area offers. There are a number of people that travel to the area for great dining experiences, time along the shore, as well as great shopping.

Another group of people make their way to South Jersey to see if the rumors and stories that they have about paranormal activity are in fact true.

Let’s take a moment to explore some of the most haunted places in South Jersey.

10 – Burlington County Prison, Mt Holly

Burlington County Prison, Mt Holly

We would be remiss if we did not include a prison in a list of haunted places in South Jersey. It is common knowledge that prisons are a hot bed of paranormal activity and the Burlington County Prison is no exception.

The stone prison, dating back to 1811, has more than its fair share of former prisoners and guards still wandering the halls.

People who have ventured to the prison, which is now a museum, state being in the prison is a thrilling, yet haunted experience.

Many people feel as though they were watched, while others say the ability to breathe became such an issue they had to leave.

The ghosts of prisoners executed on the grounds are said to wander around the area. There are also claims that the spirit of Joel Clough still lingers in the “Death Cell” on the top floor as well as where he is buried in the prison yard.

One ghost hunter had problems with his tape recorder turning off at 3 or 4 minute intervals when placed near Clough’s final resting place. When the device was used away from Clough’s burial site, the user had no problems with the device.

Was this all chance, temperamental electronics or the actions of Clough’s spirit?

9 – Hindenburg Hangar, Lakehurst, Ocean County

Hindenburg Hangar, Lakehurst, Ocean County

Where tragedy strikes there is the potential for ghosts and other paranormal activity. When the Hindenburg burst into flames and crashed, the victims were taken into the hangar built to store the Hindenburg.

Many of the 30 or so victims of the crash perished within the walls of the Hangar and their spirits remain there to this day. People who have visited Hangar No. 1 have stated you can hear footsteps, not connected to any living person in the hangar.

On the radar used for monitoring and controlling air traffic, some air traffic controllers state they have seen images on the radar that resemble the shape of the Hindenburg.

One long stretch of the hangar has doors that often open and then close with a violent slam when no one is near them. The ghost of a former Navy balloon pilot has also been seen in the same long passage.

8 – Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, Mercer County

It is not uncommon to find paranormal activity in former psychiatric hospitals. This is especially common in psychiatric hospitals that date back to the mid-1800s like Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, originally the New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum.

Doctors, such as Henry Cotton, performed countless experimental procedures while in residence in the hospital which led to many deaths. It is said that Doctor Colton continues to wander around the halls of the hospital.

Some brave souls that enjoy visiting here say that it is normal to see patients wandering the building without all of their limbs.

The presence of orbs and the ability to capture recordings of disembodied voices is not unheard of when touring the location.

7 – Washington Inn, Cape May

Washington Inn, Cape May

When it was first built, the now famous Washington Inn was a Plantation home. Along with all of the changes that have taken place to the Inn since 1840, the Inn has become the permanent home to a couple ghosts.

One of the most well-known ghosts is that of a little girl named Elizabeth. Her ghost has appeared on multiple occasions.

In one case, a guest at the Inn took a photo of her daughter and captured the image of the 7-year-old Elizabeth next to her daughter.

People working at the hotel have said her presence is not felt as much in recent years due to the removal of a central staircase.

Along with Elizabeth, some people have heard what sounds like the voice of an elderly woman on occasion.

6 - The Pine Barrens

The Pine Barrens

People who have made their way to the Pine Barrens are typically impressed with how beautiful the area is during daylight hours.

When the sun goes does the Pine Barrens is something completely different. It becomes a place that most people want to leave because of the overall scary feeling people are left with.

Claims of the “Jersey Devil” living in the wooded area does not help with the comfort level at the location at night.

The mysterious and often frightening sounds people have heard in the area also have a tendency to send people fleeing from this haunted place.

5 - The Taj Mahal Casino, Atlantic City

The Taj Mahal Casino, Atlantic City

The Taj Mahal Casino is among the most haunted locations in South Jersey because of the most famous ghost that people have seen many times.

Based on stories, a man went to the tenth floor and jumped to his death. His ghost relieves this experience every night around midnight according to reports.

Other visitors to the Taj Mahal have made unusual claims about a cloud that randomly appeared in different locations.

One report said it appeared in a hotel room and was very active moving around the room.

Another report states a cloud appeared by a dealer at a blackjack table and the card dealer suddenly passed out, chips went flying and chairs spontaneously tipped over.

4 - Henry Ludlam Inn, Dennisville

Henry Ludlam Inn, Dennisville

The history of the Henry Ludlam Inn dates back to the 1740s. When it was open it served as a bed & breakfast at times as well as a single family home.

The rather impressive property is among the haunted places ghost hunting enthusiasts explore because of the reports of paranormal activity.

There are countless reports of mysterious sounds on the property. Visitors to the location also state that unusual and sometimes frightening things occur.

Sadly, most people will not share what they experience only that it left them feeling extremely frightened.

3 - The Abbott House, Mays Landing

The Abbott House, Mays Landing

Once owned by Joseph E.P. Abbot and his wife Adeline, the Abbott House has the distinction of being one of the most haunted places found in South Jersey.

The property, which serves as a bed & breakfast, has a long history of hauntings…

Many people claim to have heard the sound of a bouncing ball coming from the top floor.

It is believed the ghost of a little girl lives on that floor and it is her playing with a ball.

A former employee of the Abbott House claims books flew off the bookcase while she was in the process of cleaning the room.

Another person stated that sometimes shadows and faces can appear out of nowhere in the windows of the old house.

Multiple people have claimed there is something rather sinister in the house and it should be avoided.

2 - Southern Mansion, Cape May

Southern Mansion, Cape May

Captain George Allen built the Southern Mansion in 1863. Ghost hunters as well as visitors and guests of the mansion claim his niece Esther remains in the home.

People say not only do they see her ghost dressed in fine clothing of the era, but they also smell the scent of a very strong perfume.

Some people even state that they have heard Esther laughing. Psychics who have visited the home claim that someone who died in the home lingers in one of the room.

This room and the spirits energy created a tremendous amount of tension and negativity for those that enter the home and especially those that visit that particular room.

Another ghost people have said wanders around the property is that of a soldier. The soldier apparently likes to walk through the mansion’s ballroom!

1 - Jonathan Pitney House, AbseconSTAY HERE

Jonathan Pitney House, Absecon

Among this list of haunted places is the home of the man considered to be the “Father of Atlantic City,” Dr. Jonathan Pitney.

The now popular bed & breakfast, was Pitney’s home for more than 30 years when he perished in 1869.

Over the years since his death, guests to the home, as well as employees, have claimed there is considerable questionable activity in the home.

One of the most astounding happenings involves a guest who said two men walked through her room and vanished while she was lying on her bed.

People have heard what sounds like a fife, or flute, being played from a small cottage located on the property.

Other individuals have said they feel the friendly presence of a man that assume is Pitney.