The Victorian-styled Addy Sea Bed and Breakfast offers visitors breathtaking views of the sea and utmost comfort while they are away from home. It is also one of Delaware’s most haunted hotels. It’s most popular for its copper bathtub which vibrates!

It is reported that at least 3 rooms in The Addy Sea are haunted. There have been some accounts of spiritual activity from Rooms 1, 6, and 11. Room 1 is said to have a haunted bathroom. The tub is said to shake violently, and many guests have experienced it. Organ music can be heard coming from Room 6 even though there is no organ there. Room 11 is haunted by a man who used to work for The Addy Sea, Paul Delaney.

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Aside from the haunted rooms, there is a report of a ghost that runs through the hallways of the bed and breakfast during the evening. The smell of perfume fills the air, and the sound of mysterious music floats through the hallways at night. Footsteps can be heard on the roof at night, which are supposedly made by the ghost of Kurty Addy, who fell off the roof to his death years ago.


The Addy Sea B&B was built in 1902 and was named after John M. Addy. John Addy’s family began renting it for church groups during the Depression Era. It has changed owners several times, but for the last 25 years, it has been owned and managed by the Gravattes, who has continued to operate it as a bed and breakfast until now. Restoration has been carried out with the effort of remaining true to the building’s Victorian design.


The picturesque Addy Sea is a charming bed and breakfast, which looks as if it came right out of a postcard. It has 13 rooms which can accommodate 37 persons comfortably. Besides providing visitors with tastefully furnished rooms, the Addy Sea also takes reservations for weddings and meetings. The beautiful oceanfront yard can host up to 125 guests. Addy also has its own personal chef who will work with the bride and groom to prepare a suitable wedding menu. Weddings are hosted during May, June, September, and October. Guests can step off the veranda and onto the beach then enjoy the afternoon on their rocking chairs. They can also go to the parlor and enjoy the afternoon with tea under the chandelier. After a long day at the beach, guests can rest on their magnificent beds, which are designed for maximum comfort.


  • Full gourmet breakfast
  • Wireless internet connection
  • Air-conditioning
  • Beach chairs & towels
  • Free assigned parking
  • Afternoon tea with baked goods

Things to Do

Bethany Beach has a lot of things to offer all year-round to visitors. Those looking for amusement can go to Sports Complex Inc., Midway Speedway, Funland; Ocean City Grand Prix; Jolly Roger Amusement Park, and Rigi’s Game Room. Guests who are into the arts and would like to visit some galleries can go to Sea Needles, a store with the largest collection of needlework in Delaware.

The Tideline Gallery also has unique artifacts and items which will make great souvenirs from your Delaware trip. Lastly, Paul McGehee’s Collection of some of the most beautiful paintings of the beach, landscapes, and wildlife.

Room Tariffs

  • Standard rooms start at $150
  • Captains quarters start at $100
  • Crews quarters start at $75

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