Delaware is one state that is often overlooked. Perhaps it is because you can drive from one end to the other in around 2 hours! However, the Small Wonder State has a long and rich history resulting in an abundance of ghostly tales throughout the state. With many inns and hotels across Delaware dating back as far as the Revolutionary War there are plenty of haunted places to spend the night.

Join us as we explore some of the most haunted hotels in Delaware.

1. The Addy Sea, Bethany Beach

The Addy Sea, Bethany Beach

The Addy Sea is a stunning Victorian-style Bed & Breakfast in Bethany Sands. It has 13 rooms, 3 of which are believed to be haunted! The rooms that are alleged to be haunted are Rooms 1, 6, and 11. The most famous of these is Room 1, which has a haunted bathroom! Witnesses have said that the bathtub shakes violently! Many guests have experienced this strange phenomenon. In room 6, guests report being woken up by the sound of an organ playing even though there is no organ on the property. Finally, Room 11 is said to be haunted by a former employee – a  Mr. Paul Delaney.

Aside from the three haunted rooms in The Addy Sea, a ghost runs through the hallways in the evenings. There are also reports of phantom footsteps up on the roof at night. This is linked to Kurty Addy, who fell to his death from the roof. Finally, some guests have reported the unexplained scent of perfume and the sound of mysterious music.

2. The Historic David Finney Inn, New Castle

The David Finney Inn, New Castle

One of Delaware’s most haunted places is The David Finney Inn in New Castle. It is actually thought to be haunted by a spirit that belongs to the nearby Amstel House Museum, which is also incredibly haunted. The two buildings were actually once linked by an underground tunnel, and it is believed that the spirit is a member of the Finney family.

The paranormal activity seems to be focused on the third floor, and guests occupying these rooms have reported various strange activity including doors and windows opening by themselves and objects being moved around by unseen hands. Coincidentally, the activity at Amstel House also seems to focus on the third floor!

The David Finney Inn is now home to the Sonora at David Finney Inn restaurant on the first floor and apartments on the top floors that can be rented through Airbnb.

3. The Brick Hotel On The Circle, Georgetown

Brick Hotel On The Circle, Georgetown

Georgetown’s Brick Hotel On The Circle dates back to the 19th century when it was originally a public house with a rather unsavory clientele. It now serves as a hotel and is apparently haunted. Among the many reports of unexplained activity are doors that are unlocked then opened by unseen hands and paintings that move on their own. Guests also say that they see orbs of light in photographs taken in the hotel.

4. Bewitched & Bedazzled Bed & Breakfast, Rehoboth BeachBOOK NOW

Bewitched & BEDazzled Bed & Breakfast, Rehoboth Beach

Bewitched & Bedazzled Bed & Breakfast has 11 different rooms, each with a different theme linked to the TV sitcom ‘Bewitched.’ Several of them are also said to be haunted! Among the spirits that are said to make their home in this haunted inn are the ghost of an old sea captain and his family. The Captain’s 12-year-old daughter is often seen in the house’s basement, while his son and wife are most often reported roaming the grounds!

It is common for guests to report hearing strange noises in the hallways, including phantom footsteps and disembodied voices. Many guests and staff members have also seen ghostly apparitions. Nobody has ever been able to establish exactly who the sea captain might have been in life, but the spirits here are friendly, and the staff will talk freely about them if you ask – sometimes even if you don’t!