Pittsburgh locals will tell you that it is a great place to live and if the number of haunted places across town is anything to go by it seems as though it is so great that some of the residents have decided to stick around even after they are dead!

Let’s get up close and personal with the 10 most haunted places in Pittsburgh:

10. Green Man's Tunnel

Green Man's Tunnel

There is just something that is inherently creepy about tunnels. It is likely the fact that they are dark, enclosed spaces that head underground. It’s a little unnatural, not to mention unnerving. Then if you throw a few restless spirits into the mix you end up with somewhere that is truly scary!

Take Green Man’s Tunnel for example. This is one of the most haunted locations in Pittsburgh and not without good reason!

If you happen to be passing by the tunnel while driving Piney Fork Road then you will want to keep your eyes peeled for the infamous ‘green man’ who haunts the area. He is also known by the name ‘Charlie No-Face’ because the apparition seems to have melted features.

He wanders the road by the mouth of the tunnel shrouded in a strange green light. What is compelling about this story is that there is documented evidence to support it!

A young man named Raymond Robinson was climbing power lines in the area when he was electrocuted leaving him with the appearance of not having a face. Could it be Raymond that people are encountering here?

9. Congelier House aka The House The Devil Built

Congelier House aka The House The Devil Built

Congelier House is known locally by a far more sinister name – The House The Devil Built. It is one of the most haunted houses in Pittsburgh and it is stuffed full of some very disturbing stories!

It all began with Charles Congelier who was having an affair with the family maid. When his wife discovered the affair she did not take it well and slaughtered both Charles and his lover with a meat cleaver!

Shortly afterwards a mysterious man called Dr Bunrichter moved into the property. He seemed friendly enough, but was quiet and kept to himself most of the time making it all the more surprising to neighbours when it was revealed that the man was a twisted serial killer who was attempting to keep the severed heads of his victims alive after removing them from their bodies!

It is no surprise that this house is reportedly haunted.

8. Carnegie Library of Homestead

Carnegie Library of Homestead

Carnegie Library of Homestead is one of the oldest libraries in Pittsburgh. It has been featured on a number of popular paranormal television shows as investigators attempt to uncover who or what is haunting the library!

Some believe that it could be the founder, Andrew Carnegie while others say it is former millworkers who lost their lives while working for him.

There are even some who say the ghost is a staff member who wasn’t quite ready to go off the clock. Whoever is responsible for the activity they seem to be most active in the music room and in the basement.

7. Dead Man's Hollow

Dead Man's Hollow

With a name like Dead Man’s Hollow is it really any surprise that this is one of the most haunted locations in Pittsburgh?

Suicides, murders and a variety of strange disappearances are linked to this spooky spot on the Youghiogheny River.

There are frequent reports of a vengeful spirit of a drowned man who rises from the water and attempts to drag unsuspecting passers-by into the water with him!

There are also reports of a large unidentified creature slithering through the nearby forest in search of its next meal!

6. Chatham University

Chatham University

It seems like lots of University and College campuses have at least one haunted building, but Chatham University in its entirety claims a place in the top ten haunted places in Pittsburgh.

The entire school seems to play host to a variety of spirits including the likes of ‘The Blue Lady of Woodland Hall’.

She is thought to be a former mental patient who has remained at her treatment place even after death – yeah, did we mention that the university was once an asylum? She appears to students in a glowing blue dress.

There are also reports of apparitions in Laughlin House which was the site of a murder-suicide and there have also been sightings of Edwin Fickes in Fickes Hall. He is often blamed for moving objects around in the dorm rooms!

5. 13 Bends

13 Bends

Every city seems to have its own urban legend and for Pittsburgh that appears to be the story of the 13 Bends. It has been difficult to pinpoint the exact location of 13 bends as tales have suggested that the road is in a number of different areas including Harmarville, Elizabeth and Burgettstown.

However, the most popular version of the story suggests that the road in question is Campbells Run Road. The legend states that an orphanage once stood by the road and that it burned down claiming the lives of 13 children.

It is said that if you drive up the road you can count 13 bends, but on your way back down you will only have 12!

In addition to this strange anomaly in the number of bends in the road, it has also been said that if you dust your car with talc or flour then you may see some small hand prints from the child ghosts appearing on your vehicle.

4. Pittsburgh Playhouse

Pittsburgh Playhouse

These days, Pittsburgh Playhouse is considered to be a respectable cultural center, but it wasn’t always that way. In fact, in the past the building has housed a number of morally questionable businesses including social clubs and a brothel! At one point it also served as a church!

With such a colorful history, it is not at all surprising that there are apparently a number of ghosts that call the property home.

One of the ghosts is known as the ‘Bouncing Red Meanie’. He is a man dressed all in red who was apparently conjured up by a group of students who held a séance in the building back in the seventies. He is also joined by a couple of female spirits.

The White Lady is said to have committed suicide here after learning of her husband’s cheating ways on their wedding day of all days. Meanwhile, Weeping Eleanor can be heard crying and is believed to have perished in a fire.

3. Allegheny County Jail

Allegheny County Jail

This next building may be one of the most haunted places in Pittsburgh, but we certainly don’t recommend visiting since it is still an operational jail!

The Allegheny County Jail is said to be haunted by the ghost of a prisoner who committed suicide in the early 1900s! It is said that he has remained behind and terrorizes anyone with the misfortune to share his cell!

Prisoners have ended up having to be moved to other cells because of his behavior and the cell is always filled last!

There are also a number of other vengeful spirits who are said to be causing all sorts of paranormal mischief!

2. Frick Mansion

Frick Mansion

The Frick Family name has long been associated with luxurious living and it only takes a glance at Frick Mansion with its 23 rooms of opulence.

However, the Fricks may have know how to live the high life, but it seems that they did not know how to let it go!

The mansion still contains most of the family’s original furnishings and design, along with the spirits of the family members themselves.

There are several entities that still dwell within the mansion including Adelaide Frick and her daughter Helen.

The spirits are said to have retained their uppercrust manners and are described as very polite ghosts!

1. Broughton School

There is something truly unnerving about an abandoned school, isn’t there and that is probably why Broughton School tops the list of the most haunted locations in Pittsburgh.

The school was originally built in 1929 and has now sat abandoned for well over a decade. However, the old elementary school is anything but empty!

It is said that the ghost of both children and their teachers are still in the building and they can be heard running, shouting and moving objects around.

A number of paranormal investigators have captured chilling voices telling them to either ‘get out of here’ or ‘don’t leave’. It seems like these spirits are not quite sure about what it is they want from the living!