A hotel that has exuded sophistication and elegance for over a century, the Algonquin Hotel also has its share of ghost stories. The members of the Round Table who were primarily critics and writers is still said to make their presence felt in the hotel. Some employees and guests have reported seeing members of the Round Table walking in the bar, lobby, and the dining room.

One guest experienced two haunting incidents in the hotel. The guest was billeted on the ninth floor and he was awakened by a tapping sound from the bathroom. It was like the sound of razor tapped on the side of a porcelain sink. The guest turned on the light and saw a completely empty bathroom.

The next incident occurred when the guest just came back from a cruise the following night. He took the elevator to his room on the ninth floor at almost 2 am. While he was walking to his room he heard footsteps coming up the stairwell. The sound got closer and closer but when he looked, there was no on one on the stairs.


The Algonquin Hotel is a New York City Landmark. The hotel was designed by Goldwin Starrett and it opened in 1902. The hotel was planned as a residential hotel but was changed into a lodging establishment. Frank Case took over the hotel in 1907 and bought the property for $1 million. Frank Case was the owner and manager of the hotel until in 1946. Upon Frank Case’s death, the hotel was purchased by Ben Bodne. The hotel changed hands several times and in 2002, it ended up in the hands of Miller Global Properties. After a costly renovation, the hotel was sold to HEI Hospitality which owns the hotel presently.

When the hotel opened in 1902, it had 174 rooms. The hotel is best known for housing some of the best literary and theatrical minds. The most prominent of these geniuses were called the Algonquin Round Table. Frank Case, the hotel’s original owner established some of the hotel’s traditions. One of these traditions is to keep a cat. Male cats are named Hamlet and female cats are named Matilda.


Accommodations at the Algonquin Hotel are exceptional and world-class. The hotel has long been the destination for business travelers, as well as people seeking leisure and relaxation in the streets of New York. Today the Algonquin Hotel has 5 premier suites that feature separate living areas and bedrooms and 156 deluxe rooms with king and queen-sized beds. The Algonquin Hotel is the ideal destination for people traveling on business.

The recent multi-million dollar renovation has upgraded the hotel’s amenities. There are also additional services which make the guest’s stay even more delightful. The Lobby has also been renovated. The Lobby serves cocktails, snacks, and appetizers. Although it has been years since the original Round Table disbanded, the restaurant for which they were named after still exists. It still continues to be one of the most sought after restaurants today.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Blue Bar is a place where guests can enjoy ideas and cocktails together. The bar is enveloped with artworks from al Hirschfeld. The bar also offers a menu that will complement the fine selection of wines, beers, and cocktails.


  • Wireless internet connection
  • Flat-screen television
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Electronic in-room safe
  • Plush terry robes
  • Signature bath amenities
  • Complimentary newspaper
  • 350-count thread sheets
  • Data ports
  • Speakerphones with conference call capability

Things to Do

When staying in the Algonquin Hotel, you can be in the middle of it all. The restored hotel is smack in the middle of the excitement of the city. The city offers various attractions which everyone will enjoy. The Bronx Zoo, located in Fordham Road at the Bronx River Parkway is a great place to take the children too. The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is also another great alternative.

The Carnegie Hall has been the home of great music for a very long time. Guests can listen to classical music, pop, rock and jazz. The Lincoln Center for Performing Arts located on Broadway and 64th street is also a must-see. Radio City Music Hall also features entertainment for both locals and guests. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a treasured landmark in New York which is currently in restoration.

The Statue of Liberty is also a landmark that must not be missed. It is the nation’s classic neoclassical sculpture which is located on Liberty Island.

Room Tariffs

  • Rooms with queen beds start at $224
  • Deluxe rooms with queen beds start at $249
  • Suites start at $300

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