Remington Arms Haunted?

The factory, just like many others, has seen its share of fatal accidents. Two employees fell to their deaths into a giant molten metal pot. There was also an explosion in the factory during 1942, the height of the war-time efforts. The explosion happened in the production floor and causing the death of seven workers and the injuries of eighty other workers. Some people claim that it is this event which is responsible for the shadowy black figures which can be seen in the factory.

It is said that old employees still remain in the building, oblivious to the fact that it has been closed for a long time, and most importantly, oblivious to their deaths. In the year 2009, the site was featured in “Ghost Adventures”, a Travel Channel show.


Remington Arms in Bridgeport originally started as the Union Metallic Cartridge Company when it opened shop in 1867. Remington Arms later purchased it and in 1915 expanded it to a 73-acre manufacturing complex.  It was among the largest munitions companies in the United States during the early part of the 20th century. It employed over 15,000 workers and it produced tons and tons of munitions annually.

It was one of the champions of the Industrial Era and it was one of the cornerstones of the American military complex. However, it was only a matter of time before someone else did things better. In 1970, the company moved a majority of the production to Arkansas and the site was totally abandoned in 1988. Other companies then used the factory before ultimately leaving it abandoned. Now it is slowly being eaten away by urban decay.

The dilapidated building is easily distinguishable by its barbed wire fences meant to discourage intruders.