Dudleytown Haunted?

Dudleytown is allegedly cursed. It is said that all the Dudleys trace their heritage back to a Saxon named Dudd. He was the Earl of Mercia, and he died in the early part of 700AD. It was his land, which would eventually become known as Dudley Castle. The town’s story and the curse began in England in 1510 when Edmund Dudley, planning to overthrow King Henry VIII, was beheaded.

At Edmund Dudley’s beheading, a curse was placed on all Dudleys, both present, and future, for their treason. All Dudleys from Edmund’s lineage would be surrounded with horrors. The future Dudleys would eventually settle in Dudley Town. Several town residents went insane, and some of them even killed themselves after having seen demons. Although the story about Dudley Town has been debunked, stories pervade about the curse and all the strange things which go on in the town.

Numerous footage of paranormal events in town has purportedly been captured. Hikers and other visitors have seen orbs flying around in the area. Some visitors have also claimed that the area is tranquil and that it does not have any wildlife at all, for some reason. Famous demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren have investigated the area extensively.


Dudley Town was never really an actual town. The name was given to the area of Cornwall at an unknown date to members of the Dudley family who had emigrated from the UK. The area which is now known as Dudley Town was settled in the early 1740s.

The town was converted from a forest to farmland. Various families tilled the land for years, although it was an area that was not very suitable for farming. The population in town gradually declined when more fertile grounds nearby were discovered.

Old farms in Cornwall were sold to New Yorkers in the early part of the 20th century. Today, Dark Entry Forest Association has acquired much of the land, which also planted hundreds of trees in the area. The land on which Dudley Town used to stand is now private area and those who trespass the area will be arrested.

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