Built in 1754 by Captain William Grant for him and his wife, Mercy Adelaide Avery and their children, the family resided here for 3 generations. During the Revolutionary War the inn was used by Continental Army soldiers, and escaped slaves were hidden here during the Civil War.

The vast amount of paranormal activity started to occur here during renovations back in 1994 when it reopened as an inn. Often guests would hear banging on their doors, the feeling of having their faces touched, apparitions of children, and the sighting of strange shapes in pictures and with their own eyes.

The most haunted area in the inn is named the Adelaide Room, as it’s here where Mercy is often seen. She’s known to appear to guests in the dead of night, wearing Colonial garb, and sometimes holding hands with two children. Guests staying in the Adelaide Room also experience the TV turning on and off, and the shower curtain will detach from the rod as if pulled by unseen hands!

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