People who have stayed in the General Stanton Inn, as well as people working in the inn, have reported strange noises and sensations. Quite a few have also reported seeing apparitions. A male ghost has been seen and several people have said that they have been tapped on the shoulder by this ghost. People think that this is the ghost’s way of getting noticed by visitors and workers of the inn, to let them know he’s still around.

However, the ghost has not been very successful in getting noticed by tapping people on the shoulder. It is rumored that during one time, a workman chose to ignore being tapped on the shoulder and the ghost became so frustrated that it chose to hurl an object at the workman. Because of the inn’s haunting, it has been featured on the television show, “Ghost Hunters”, in October 2007. It was also featured on a New York Daily News article.


General Stanton Inn was named after Thomas Stanton. The Stanton family traces its roots back in England and their history goes as far back as the fifth century. Thomas Stanton came to America at the age of 20 and he soon established a trading post in Connecticut. In 1655, he was granted a parcel of land in what is now known as the town of Charlestown. The land measured more than four miles wide and over 2 miles long. It was given to Thomas Stanton as a reward for helping negotiate a ransom for an Indian princess. The house built on the land was used as a schoolhouse for Indian children. Today, that little room, Indian Room, can still be found in the inn.

In 1740, Thomas’ son, Joseph, added what is now known as the “George Washington Room”. Joseph had a profitable dairy business and kept horses in the building. Joseph went on to become one of the first two senators in the United States Congress and after the Revolution, the family fell on hard times and the home was turned to an inn. From the 1800s until the prohibition, gamblers from all over the world would go to the inn and it became their Mecca.

The inn was owned by the Stanton family for more than 200 years. Since then it has had more than five owners and each of them has endeavored to preserve the charm and history of the property. The General Stanton Inn is one of the oldest operating inns in the country today.


The gracious General Stanton Inn is open for guests and visitors who would like to experience history, unrivaled hospitality, and charm. One of the oldest running inns in the country, it has 17 guest rooms which are all designed in the gorgeous Victorian style. There are no two rooms which are exactly alike each other. Each of the room has its own personality and come with antique decorations. Some of the rooms also come with fireplaces. The Nightwatch Tavern Restaurant is where the inn’s guests can enjoy great meals if they would rather stay in rather than go out to eat. There is also a large selection of restaurants and other dining options located near the hotel.


  • Air-conditioning
  • Private baths
  • Fireplaces
  • Internet connection

Things to Do

There are various attractions that are conveniently located just near General Stanton Inn. Guests can spend their money and gamble at the Mohegan Sun Casino. Another place where gamblers can go to is the Foxwoods Casino. People can not only enjoy playing slot machines and other games, but they can also enjoy live entertainment and great drinks throughout the night.

At Mystic Seaport, guests will be able to enjoy an informative lesson in history, shop their hearts out and enjoy great food, as well. Mystic Aquarium, on the other hand, has several exhibits throughout the year, as well as educational programs for both young children and adults. There is also an abundance of outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy, such as kayaking, biking, bird watching, golf, nature walks, and others.

Room Tariffs

  • One double bedroom starts at $95
  • One queen bedrooms start at $95
  • Two double bedrooms start at $115
  • One king bedrooms start at $115

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