They say everything’s bigger in Texas and if some of these stories are anything to go by then that is also true of paranormal activity. As with many of the Southern states, the lone star state has an abundance of history and that makes the perfect recipe for hauntings!

Join us in exploring some of the most haunted hotels in Texas!

9 - The Excelsior Hotel, JeffersonBook a Stay

The Excelsior Hotel, Jefferson

The Excelsior Hotel is the oldest hotel in East Texas opening its doors in the 1850s.  This hotel has had some famous guests including Oscar Wilde and Steven Spielberg.  The hotel is said to be haunted by the phantom of a woman who has scared some guests enough that they leave the hotel.

Steven Spielberg is one of those of those guests who had an encounter with this ghostly woman and was so frightened by the experience he would not stay in the hotel any longer.

8 - Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells

Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells

The Baker hotel originally opened in 1929 and served guests for many decades before shutting its doors.  When it was open the Baker Hotel was home a nude female ghost covered in blood known to haunt the 7th floor.

The other ghost seen in this hotel was a person supposedly killed in an elevator accident.  Luckily for people the hotel is closed, but if you want to meet these ghosts then dont worry as the hotel will be reopening soon once again.

[Currently undergoing remodelling with no set date for reopening]

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7 - Stockyards Hotel, Fort WorthStay Here

Stockyards Hotel, Fort Worth

The famous outlaw duo of Bonnie & Clyde frequented this hotel and even have room 305 named after them with people like that staying at this hotel it is no surprise that it is haunted.

The ghosts in the Stockyards Hotel like to play with the water in the bathrooms and one of them enjoys getting on the lift and taking it up and down the hotel.  Some guest have also reported feeling someone crawling into bed with them only for no one to be there when the look.

6 - Hotel Galvez, GalvestonSpend the Night

Hotel Galvez, Galveston

The Hotel Galvez opened in 1911 and was added the the national register of historic place in April 1979.  The hotel is said to be haunted by the spirit of woman.  This female ghosts haunts the 5th floor of the hotel and is forever stuck after hanging herself in the hotel.  The woman apparently hung herself after hearing that her husband had died while at sea.

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5 - The Driskill Hotel, AustinBook Now

The Driskill Hotel, Austin

Built in 1886 this hotel is the oldest and most well known hotel in Austin.  The hotel was built by Jesse Driskill who was a cattleman and used his fortune to build hotels.  Old buildings like this are always haunted and this one is no different.

It is said to be haunted by the spirit of a little girl this little girl resides in a portrait on the 3rd floor and people that have looked at the picture have reported feeling like the are being lifted into the air.

People have also heard noises from empty rooms seen ghosts in windows or chairs and some have even reported strange feelings on their arms.

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4 - Sheraton Gunter Hotel, San AntonioStay Here

Sheraton Gunter Hotel, San Antonio

The reportedly haunted Sheraton Gunter Hotel was built in 1909 and was designed by Architect John Mauran.  The Sheraton Gunter Hotel has also been added to the national register of historic places.

The hotel was the venue of a grisly murder that took place in 1965.  The murder took place in room 636 and guests have reported hearing noises coming from this room when it is empty.

Guests and staff have also reported seeing the apparition of a woman roaming the hallways with her arms outstretched possibly that of the murder victim looking for someone to help her.

3 - The Adolphus, DallasCheck Availability

The Adolphus, Dallas

The Adolphus Hotel opened in October of 1912 and was the brainchild of the owner of the Anheuser-Busch company.  The hotel spanned over 22 floors and was the biggest thing in the Dallas skyline for a while.  The hotel played host to some prominent big band musicians of the era including Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller.

The hotel is said to be haunted by a jilted bride.  The Brides fiance who never showed up to the wedding ceremony.  The Bride did not take this too well and hung herself just a few feet from where the wedding vows would have taken place.  People have reported seeing the bride wandering the hotel possibly still looking for her fiance.

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2 - Gage Hotel, MarathonBOOK NOW

Gage Hotel, Marathon

The Gage Hotel was commissioned by Alfred Gage and he entrusted Henry Trost to design and build his hotel.  The Gage hotel officially opened in April 1927 sadly just a year after the hotel opened Alfred Gage passed away.

The Hotel has had reports of few things that go bump in the night and guests have seen a spirit in antique clothing wandering the hotel, some people say that this is the spirit of Alfred Gage himself.  Room 10 in the hotel is said to be haunted by a frightening spirit with people trying to avoid staying in that room.

1 - Nutt House Historic Hotel, GranburyBook Now

Nutt House Historic Hotel, Granbury

The original Nutt House Hotel was situated in the family home from about the 1880s.  In 1910 it moved 2 blocks to the first floor of the family’s mercantile building and it has remained there ever since.

The Nutt House Historic Hotel is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman in old fashioned clothing thought to be previous owner Mary-Lou Watkins.  It seems Mary hasn’t quite finished working in the hotel and can been seen going about her housekeeping duties and keeping the hotel running.  Mary has been known to turn water on and off closed doors and open and shut the window shutters for time to time.

There has also been reports of disembodied voices, jangling keys, ghostly laughter and the smell of pipe smoke all coming from the upper floors.