Welcome to the spook-tacular side of the DFW Metroplex! If you’re a fan of the paranormal or simply looking to add a touch of fright to your next staycation, we’ve got the perfect list for you. These haunted hotels in Dallas-Fort Worth will surely give you a thrilling experience and maybe even a ghostly encounter or two!

From the eerily elegant Adolphus Hotel to the mysterious happenings at the Stockyards Hotel in Fort Worth, these lodgings boast more than just luxurious amenities and rich history.

They’re also home to some spectral residents who seem to have extended their stay indefinitely. So, pack your bags, grab your EMF meter, and let’s dive into the ghostly tales of the most haunted hotels in the DFW area!

1. Adolphus Hotel, Dallas

The Adolphus Hotel
1321 Commerce Street, Main Street District, Dallas, TX 75202 [BOOK A STAY]

Adolphus Busch was tasked with building a posh and extravagant hotel in the heart of Dallas.  Adolphus did not disappoint and built the magnificent Adolphus Hotel.  The Adolphus hotel was completed in 1912 and was the grandest and poshest hotel in Dallas at the time.

The hotel was also the tallest building in Dallas for nearly a decade and soon became the hotel for the rich and famous to stay in with past guests including George W Bush, Queen Elizabeth the Second and Prince Phillip having all stayed in the Adolphus.

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The rich and famous are not the only ones staying in the hotel as it is also home to a number of ghosts.  There’s the ghost of a jilted bride left at the altar by her would be husband – she hung herself shortly after just a few feet from where her wedding was due to have taken place.

People have reported seeing this bride wandering the halls of the 19th floor possibly still looking for her fiance in the hope that they can still be married.  Other reports have centred around guests hearing loud footsteps late at night outside of their rooms and also hearing a piano and big band music playing.  When checked by hotel security nothing has been heard or seen.

The creepiest paranormal activity in the hotel though is the feeling of being watched as some guests have reported.  These guests feel that someone or something is watching them or even following them.  This has also been reported by hotel staff who have nicknamed it the graveyard shift. [BOOK A STAY]

2. Renaissance Dallas Hotel, Dallas

Renaissance Dallas Hotel
2222 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75207 [BOOK A STAY]

The Renaissance Dallas Hotel was completed in 1983 and has 514 guest rooms. The Renaissance hotel is also home to the second largest free standing chandelier in the world and has one of the highest swimming pools in Dallas situated on its roof.  This is where there are reports that a man jumped to his death from the rooftop and landed on the lawn on the west side of the hotel.

No one knows why the man jumped or even if he just stumbled and fell, but his spirit decided to stay and has been seen by guests and staff in the hotel.  The ghost of the man that jumped has also been seen on the rooftop maybe stuck in some paranormal loop destined to jump to his death day after day.

Other guests have reported hearing strange noises in some of the hotels rooms, so maybe more that one spirit has decided to extend his stay at the Renaissance Dallas. [BOOK A STAY

3. Le Meridien Dallas, The Stoneleigh, Dallas

Le Meridien Dallas, The Stoneleigh Hotel
2927 Maple Avenue, Uptown Dallas, Dallas, TX 75201 [BOOK A STAY]

This hotel was built in 1923 and was once the tallest building west of the famous Mississippi river.  The hotel has had changed owners quite a few times over the years and has gone through a few renovations as well, but despite this a lot of the original fixtures are still present in the hotel.

People have reported that it’s haunted by a spirit called Margaret.  She was the mistress of the hotels’ manager and she used one of the many secret passages that run throughout the hotel to go to his room to meet up with him.  Margaret is reported to have fell to her death from the top floor one night.  No one knows if Margaret jumped, was pushed or just tripped.  No matter the cause she has stayed around the hotel in spirit with many people reporting her presence throughout the hotel.

People have also noticed glasses shattering, lights flickering on and off and the hotels’ elevator seems to move on its own with no one inside.  Some have said that the paranormal activity always seems to increase significantly during and after a thunderstorm. [BOOK A STAY]

4. Holiday Inn Express Downtown, Dallas

La Quinta Inn & Suites (formerly Hotel Lawrence)
302 South Houston Street, Dallas, 75202 [BOOK A STAY]

Holiday Inn Express Dowtown Dallas started its life as the Scott Hotel and was opened in October of 1925. It was renamed the hotel Lawrence in the 1930s and again after a few more name changes, it is now a Holiday Inn Express.

The hotel has had many owners and many renovations throughout the years and by 1970 it was derelict and the city even thought about turning it into a minimum security jail.  Luckily for us this magnificent building was saved by new owners who renovated it and re-opened it as a hotel.  The hotel itself is renowned by locals in the Dallas area with many well aware of the spirits that haunt it.

It’s believed to house three ghosts in total, but some say there are many more. The three most prominent ghosts are that of a woman, a murder victim and a gambler.  The tenth floor seems to be the epicenter for paranormal activity, which is no surprise considering the reports.

Jack “Smiley” Jackson was murdered in room 1009.  A later murder also happened in the same room as a male guest had his throat cut.  The female ghost is said to have jumped, fell or was pushed to her death from the tenth floor.  Guests have been locked out of rooms, staff have reported calls coming from empty rooms, and cleaning staff have had their cleaning materials mysteriously disappear.

Guests have also mentioned colds spots throughout the location and also feel that they are being watched by some unseen eyes.  So remember if staying in this hotel then stay away from the tenth floor, but if you are reading this maybe the tenth floor is just the right place for you! [BOOK A STAY]

5. Stockyards Hotel, Fort Worth

An image of the reportedly haunted Stockyards Hotel, Fort Worth TX
109 East Exchange Avenue, Fort Worth Stockyards, Fort Worth, TX 76164 [STAY HERE]

Built back in 1910, the Stockyards Hotel in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards was the real crown jewel hotel of the area at the time. One of the hotels’ claims to fame is the fact Bonnie and Clyde hid out here in room 304.

Overlooking the bank and a jewelry store, the story goes that they loved Fort Worth so much they decided not to rob the businesses. When the search for them died down they moved on.

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There are many reports of hauntings here, including the full bodied apparition of a male spirit named James. He’s believed to have loved the hotel so much, never having enough money to stay there during his life, he returned after death to wander its rooms. His spurs can often be heard, and his apparition seen on many occasion, but he never interacts with anyone. [STAY HERE]

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6. Miss Molly’s Hotel, Fort Worth

An image of the reportedly haunted Miss Mollys Hotel in Fort Worth Texas
109 W Exchange Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76164

Esablished in 1910 as a boarding house, the building has gone through many uses in the past including a bordello in the 1940’s.

There are seven themed rooms in the hotel, all of which have several reports of paranormal activity. There has been the sighting of a young girl who has been known to wander through the hotels’ private rooms.

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Phenomena is regular here, including full-bodied apparitions, unexplained smells, doors mysteriously locking themselves, sudden cold spots, orbs, things moving on their own, toilets flushing by themselves, disembodied voices and more!

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