People visit San Antonio, Texas for many reasons. Some visit to see the numerous historical sites such as the Alamo, while others visit for fine dining, a visit to the River Walk, and other popular destinations. Other adventurous and daring people visit the city to experience its reputation as being one of the most haunted cities in the country.

Here are the most haunted places in San Antonio for you to get your spook on to. Always be sure to obtain permission before entering any of these locations on a ghost hunt, as some are closed to the public.

13. Victoria's Black Swan Inn

An image of the reportedly haunted Victoria's Black Swan Inn in San Antonio Texas

Victoria’s Black Swan Inn is one of the top paranormal hot spots in the country. Research shows that the land was inhabited by Native Americans since before 5000 B.C., and it believed that the land was sacred to them. Located right along the banks of Salado Creek, where the bloody battle of Salado took place back in 1842, the ghosts of the soldiers that died are believed to haunt the house and the land on which it sits. There have also been reports of numerous Indian sightings as well as many more paranormal happenings.

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12. Haunted Railroad Tracks

Haunted San Antonio, TX 1

If you’ve lived in San Antonio for any length of time, it’s likely that you’ve heard about the haunted train tracks, maybe you’ve visited them yourself? The legend goes that if you put your car in park on the tracks, you’ll be pushed to safety. But just what is causing this pehenomenon?

This story has been around for decades, and as such the truth can sometimes become a little distored. Tales of a tragic accident involving children to nuns committing suicide here, it’s time to find out the truth once and for all!

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11. San Antonio State Hospital

An image of the reportedly haunted Sa Antonio State Hospital, San Antonio, TX

Though it has modernized and changed its name over the years, the San Antonio State Hospital remains much of what it used to be when it was opened in the late 19th century. Still an operating facility for the mentally ill and bearing the classical architecture (if not the original buildings) that has made it a San Antonio icon, San Antonio looks at once impressive and a little foreboding.

That it looks foreboding is no wonder, as its history of overcrowding, violence, and cruelty has made the tales of what happened within the hospital the stuff of nightmares. Life at the hospital was not easy for the mentally ill, and though more than a few have died there over the years, there are those who say they’ve never truly left its haunted grounds…

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10. The Alamo Theater

The Alamo Theater

Built in 1912, the Alamo Street Theater used to be the Alamo Methodist Church. After discovering the church was empty and neglected a couple purchased the building and turned it into a theater and restaurant.

They kept a number of the original features of the church including the pressed tin ceiling and the stained glass windows.

Patrons enjoyed many dramas, comedies, and mysteries over the years all while enjoying a nice meal. Eventually, the theater closed and today is a hot dog shop called, Frank.

Although the Alamo Theater has seen many incarnations it remains the home to former visitors to the original building.

Claims are made regularly that objects in the building are moved by the spirit of a playful child.

Other people visiting the location have stated they have seen the ghost of Margaret Gething. Gething was an actress who spent time in the theater and lived in close proximity to it as well.

9. Midget Mansion

Midget Mansion

When mentioning the Midget Mansion people may be familiar with different stories. It is believed that Mr. Gillespie, his wife, and two children moved into a home in San Antonio.

Mr. Gillespie and his wife were of short stature and their children were of average height. Things were changed to accommodate the shorter Gillespie’s.

The Gillespie’s also had servants quarters built that would easily accommodate other short stature people. What ended up happens is, the Gillespie’s hired average people who found working in the tiny conditions a form of torture.

Sadly, that is not where this story ends. Tragedy struck the family when, according to some reports, Mr. Gillespie murdered his family and moved their bodies to an upstairs closet before killing himself.

The story states there were bloody handprints and writing all over the walls. Another story claims one of the servants, tired of the horrific working conditions murdered the family.

Regardless of how the family died it is said it was possible to hear screaming and scratching on the walls prior to the building being torn down.

8. Sheraton Gunter HotelSTAY HERE

Sheraton Gunter Hotel

The Gunter Hotel has been in operation since 1909. It is among the many historic buildings as well as one of many haunted locations in San Antonio.

When guests are not enjoying the tremendous accommodations, which include a lounge and bar, modern amenities, as well as a pool and fitness center, they might also encounter the Gunter Hotel’s resident ghost.

The woman, who remains unidentified, was murdered somewhere in the hotel and now wanders the hotel at night.

Housekeepers of the hotel have experienced something far creepier than seeing this ghost of the woman; they have on occasion discovered hotel rooms that are in one moment covered in blood and in the next back to their original pristine condition.

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7. St Anthony HotelBOOK NOW

St Anthony Hotel

Construction started on the St. Anthony Hotel in 1909. Upon completion of the hotel it became a luxurious home away from home for the Hollywood elite, the rich, and the famous.

It was an impressive piece of architecture at the time that had the distinction of having central air-conditioning, a first for any hotel.

Many architectural changes were made over the years as well as many guests and staff members walking through the Hotel’s doors.

Based on reports some of the people that visited the St Anthony Hotel never officially left the hotel.

The Lady in Red is one ghost that is frequently seen in the hotel. It is said not only does she wander around the Hotel; she will also walk into the women’s bathroom, walked into a stall, close the door and vanish.

Bellmen have heard footsteps and have seen a tall man in a dark suit riding the elevators.

The men’s locker room is another area of the hotel that is considered haunted.

People have seen shadowy figures, ghostly outlines, and heard everything from footsteps to the sounds of someone washing up when no one is around.

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6. Freeman Coliseum

Freeman Coliseum

The Freeman Coliseum is another venue in San Antonio that people visit when attending events ranging from corporate events, private events, concerts, job fairs, and other seasonal events.

According to legends and rumors the Freeman Coliseum was also once used by a group performing satanic rituals on the site.

It is believed that people have seen the bloody body of a baby used in a satanic ritual on the floor in the center of the Coliseum. Other claims state that the Rough Riders were trained by Teddy Roosevelt at the Coliseum.

There are those that have made claims that they have heard the cackling of a clown that reportedly died while a circus was at the Coliseum.

Additional people have stated they can hear a woman whispering, the woman had reportedly been killed by a bull at a bull riding event.

5. Aztec Theater

Aztec Theater

People looking to get out of the house and enjoy a great concert often go to the Aztec Theater completely unaware that it is considered one of the haunted places in San Antonio.

People go to the venue to enjoy the beauty of the building itself as well as whatever current concert or other show is playing at the time.

People in attendance at the Aztec Theater also have the opportunity to see the ghosts that haunt the location.

People have reported seeing creatures crawling on the ceiling of the Theater. These creatures are said to look like they are deformed humans.

4. The Alamo

The Alamo

No tour of the haunted places in San Antonio would be complete without a visit to the Alamo.

The Alamo was the site of a terrible battle in 1836. Many people perished during the bloody battle between the Mexican Army and the freedom fighters.

What remains of the Alamo’s stone structure is a far cry from what it once was.

Many of the spirits of people that died during the bloody battle are said to remain at the Alamo and the surrounding area.

The ghost of a young boy is among the most common sightings at the Alamo. As the story goes many people the boy’s spirit visits in hopes of finding his parents who were believed to die during the Seige of the Alamo, the young boy did not until later.

Mexican soldiers are also seen on the outer walls of the Alamo or wandering around the grounds. People have heard whispering, footsteps, while others have been overcome by unexplainable changes in their emotions.

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3. The Alamodome

The Alamodome

The Alamodome is a convention center and sporting venue that opened in May of 1993. The Alamodome is the location of assorted sporting events, concerts, conventions, trade shows and more each year.

There are assorted stories of people seeing or hearing different unexplained phenomena while at the Alamodome. A construction worker that is believed to have been killed during the construction of the venue is said to haunt the location.

Other people have claimed to see a woman haunting the parking lot. Some say the spirits of people that died in battle at the Alamo or near it are restless and wander around the Alamodome.

People have also claimed to witness lights turning on and off without living assistance, doors opening, and banging on the Alamodome’s window panes.

2. The Crockett HotelSTAY HERE

The Crockett Hotel

The Crockett Hotel has been in operation for more than 100 years. It serves as a popular landmark in San Antonio as well as a historic boutique hotel. The hotel obtained its name from Davey Crockett a legendary frontiersman.

Known as one of the haunted hotels in San Antonio, the Crockett transforms the 13th floor of the hotel into a haunted house in October. The Crockett Hotel is also a spot on many ghost tours in the city.

There is good reason for the Crockett Hotel to be on a ghost tour. It is said that on occasion people will see a woman in a bloody dress wandering the hotel’s hallways. If she sees anyone she is said to scream or cry out to them.

The woman was the apparent victim in a murder-suicide. She and her husband checked into the hotel and the husband killed both of them with a shotgun.

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1. Emily Morgan HotelBOOK A ROOM

Emily Morgan Hotel

Long before the Emily Morgan became a hotel, it was originally a medical center. Built in the 1920s, the hotel is an impressive piece of architecture.

Before becoming the romantic and luxury hotel it is today, a number of the floors in the hotel were home to countless mental patients. It is on these floors that the majority of the paranormal activity transpires.

When moving from one floor to another in the Emily Morgan people use the elevators. Even on the elevators people experience unusual activity. The elevators will go to floors on their own, as well as going to the basement and will stay there. Going to the basement may not sound so bad, however, at one point it served as a morgue.

On the 3rd floor people have heard a woman singing, felt someone get in bed with them and seen a young girl sitting on the foot of the bed.

Other figures and unusual sounds have been experienced by guests and hotel staff on additional floors.

People have stated they have been touched and smelled alcohol on the 12th floor.

On the 11th floor one of the most common sightings is that of an elderly woman who appears to be wearing a hospital gown.

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