Austin, Texas is a town that continues to flourish. People come to the town to further their education and many other reasons. There are the adventurous sorts that come to Austin for a good time investigating places claiming to be haunted.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper into 11 the most haunted places in Austin:

Oakwood Cemetery

Oakwood Cemetery

When looking for the most haunted spots in Austin, no ghost tour or paranormal investigation would be complete without including a cemetery.

The Oakwood Cemetery in Austin spans 40 acres. Since its establishment in 1839, the cemetery has become the final resting place to more than 23,000 individuals.

People who have made their way to the Oakwood Cemetery have commented that the cemetery has an overall eerie feeling to it.

Other people have gone in hopes of seeing the ghost of General Sam Houston who is buried at the cemetery.

Some people have captured pictures of orbs at his grave and other graves in the cemetery. Other people visit the grave of a 5-year-old-boy who had a bronze statue placed over it.

Shortly after being put in place it turned black and was nicknamed, “Black Jesus.” It is believed the palms of the statue face down at night but during the day the palms face up.

Buffalo Billiards

Buffalo Billiards

The building that now houses Buffalo Billiards was built back in 1861 by the Ziller family. The building, initially known as the Missouri House, was first used as a boarding house for cowboys that were in the area.

There are some stories that it also served as a brothel but those are mere speculation. Today the building has been renovated and is the Buffalo Billiards.

People visiting can have a few drinks while playing pool, darts, pinball, shuffleboard, and foosball.

While having a good time patrons need to be aware of the bar’s best patron, a ghost they have named, “Fred.”

Fred likes to enjoy a drink, which he pours himself, move around the pool equipment and prank other patrons by wobbling bar stools.

The Omni DowntownSTAY HERE

The Omni Downtown

The Omni Downtown is a hotel offering up a pleasant and restful experience for people traveling through the city of Austin.

The Omni also offers up something much more unpleasant to some unfortunate individuals, it offers encounters with the ghost of a man named Jack.

Jack stayed in the hotel and during his stay committed suicide by jumping off the balcony. Guests and employees of the hotel have mentioned they hear his ghost moving around in the vacant room.

One woman stated while she stayed in the hotel while she was sleeping she had the sensation that someone was incredibly close to her.

The person got so close to her she woke up as she felt the person was trying to kiss her. The entire room had a creepy vibe to her but not her kids.

The Texas Governor's Mansion

The Texas Governor's Mansion

One would anticipate that there would be countless stories attached to the Texas Governor’s Mansion that dates back to the 1850s. What one might not assume is that these stories would include hauntings by former guests and residents of the mansion.

Two of the most notorious ghosts of the mansion were both former governors. The ghost of Sam Houston is said to linger in his former bedroom. Numerous people over the years have claimed to have seen his ghostly figure in the room he once occupied as Governor.

The ghost of Pendleton Murrah, also a former governor, has appeared inside the mansion and on the grounds.

The most famous ghost story is the tragic story of a young man who was staying at the mansion.

He was apparently in his teens and was courting the niece of Murrah. When the girl rejected his marriage proposal, the young man killed himself in his guest room in the mansion.

Since his death, there has been an endless amount of paranormal activity from that room.

People living in the mansion since that time, or visiting, have claimed the room is constantly the source of unpleasant noises including moaning and even someone gasping for breath.

The noises were so frustrating one former governor had the room sealed off, sadly, that did not stop the noises.

The Inn at Pearl StreetSTAY HERE

The Inn at Pearl Street

The Inn at Pearl Street, commonly known by the locals and repeat guests, as The Pearl, has its share of paranormal activity.

The building, which was once the private residence of Judge Charles A. Wilcox and his family, was built in 1911 has been around since 1896. Almost a century later the home was purchased with the distinctive desire of someone who wanted to renovate the building and bring it back to its former glory as a boutique hotel.

What the new owner (s) did not anticipate was the presence of a couple of ghosts/friendly spirits.

The friendly spirits dwelling in the home are what appear to be a mother holding and her twin baby boys.

The woman has been seen carrying her twins floating in the halls to a rocker where she rocks them to sleep.

Along with the ghosts being seen, odd sounds occur around The Pearl including music. Also, names are heard and called out for the owner, as well as, selected guests.

The lights in the Inn also appear to have a mind of their own.

Some of these issues with the sounds and lights can only be attributed to a ghost presence as on a few occasions, during a renovation, the power to the building was off.

The Walter Tips House

The Walter Tips House

When the Walter Tips house was originally built back in 1876 it was in a different spot then presently located. Prior to being moved to its current location for restoration purposes, the Walter Tips family called the place home.

It went on to be the home to Theo P. Meyer. Both men were successful businessmen in their own right. The house is now regarded by many as one of the top haunted houses in Texas.

The ghosts or spirits that are reported to haunt the house today seem to be very angry.

It is said that when people approach the house, which is now functioning as a bank, they get the distinct impression they are not wanted there.

St Edward's University

St Edward's University

St. Edwards University is a center for higher learning. The University, which has educated many students over the years, has a history of spooky happenings.

Considering the University is listed among the many haunted buildings in Austin, one should not be surprised that there are claims it is home to as many as three ghosts.

In the Mary Moody Northern Theater, a young man committed suicide by hanging himself.

His ghost continues to remain in the theater. Witnesses have stated they have seen his ghostly body hanging from where he perished.

Witnesses have also said despite not seeing the rope they have heard the sounds of the rope creaking as it swung back and forth.

A former resident advisor who died in the showers remains in Premont Hall. The slamming of doors and windows is one way this ghost makes his presence known.

The unhappy ghost is also said to turn all the showers on simultaneously.

The final ghost is found in Doyle Hall. The ghost in this area appears to be that of a nun who enjoys turning on the showers in the building.

The Texas Capitol

The Texas Capitol

The Texas Capitol has had its share of people in and out of the building since it was first built. Today, people working or visiting in the Capitol are not the ones around.

It is said that a number of different people haunt the Capitol.

Some witnesses claim to have seen the ghost of Robert Marshall Love in the building. Love was killed while at his desk.

On the third floor, the apparition of a lady in red is spotted. It is said she visits a stairwell hoping to have a rendezvous with a man.

Former Governor Edmund Jackson Davis is also said to haunt the Texas Capitol. People have reported that he stares at people from the first floor window until the move out of his line of sight.

Austin State Hospital

Haunted Austin, TX 1

Opening in 1856 as the Texas State Lunatic Asylum, the hospital is still in operation, making it the longest serving psychiatric hospital in Texas. As its still functioning as a medical facility to this day, no full paranormal investigations have ever been able to take place.

Although many people report some very strange phonemena here none of it can be proven. However, hauntings widely accepted as the building has seen thousands upon thousands of deaths, and some of the unfortunate souls that lost their lives are buried in the cemetery on the hospital grounds.

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Littlefield House

Littlefield House

The Littlefield House, one of the most haunted buildings in Texas, and certainly coming top of the list of the most haunted houses in Austin!

The beautiful, yet creepy looking, Littlefield Home was built for Major George Washington Littlefield in 1894.

The Major and his wife lived in the home without any children until they both died. Upon her death, the home was bequeathed to the University of Texas at Austin.

The house remains in the same location near the campus grounds. Since becoming university property the first floor of the building serves as a site for university events.

The staff that work in the building say you can see Alice’s ghost roaming around the grounds and around the house.

Some people have stated you can hear Alice playing the piano throughout all hours of the night.

Shoal Creek Indian Massacre Site

Shoal Creek Indian Massacre Site

A man by the name of Gideon White made the decision to have a home in close proximity to Shoal Creek in 1839. Despite people telling him it was not a good idea, he still built his log cabin.

Things were fine for roughly three years when according to reports White was killed by some Native Americans. Since his death, people who have visited the area have discovered many different graves.

The graves are said to be White’s as well as people who died from yellow fever, cholera, and other tragedies.

With so many bodies buried in the location, it is not unusual to feel cold spots, hear unusual noises, or see apparitions.

Because of the amount of activity in the area, people are not permitted to visit the creek after 10 p.m.

The Driskill HotelBOOK A ROOM

The Driskill Hotel

Colonel Jesse Driskill built the now historic Driskill hotel in 1886. From the outside, the famous hotel is an amazing piece of architecture that has seen thousands of people through its doors in its over 100-year history.

Some of the people that stayed at the hotel have not left, according to reports. There are those that state Driskill himself, roams the hallways of his hotel. Sometimes employees and guests can smell the scent of his favorite cigars.

One of the creepiest rooms in the hotel is room 525. According to reports, two different brides committed suicide in the room.

Twenty years passed between the two deaths. The presence of the women is often felt in the unhappy room.

A little girl also haunts the stairs and other common areas of the hotel. She is often spotted holding flowers.

Feeling as though someone has brushed up against you is another common occurrence at the Driskill.

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