Holiday Inn Express Downtown Dallas (or Hotel Lawrence as its formerly known) at 302 S. Houston, Dallas, is an old style European hotel, built back in 1925. Over the years it has encountered its fair share of deaths, with no fewer than 4 reported. It is believed these souls still reside here…

There have been numerous reports of strange goings-on at the hotel, which has led many to believe the hotel is, in fact, harboring several more ghosts than originally thought.

3 of the ghosts are thought to be a woman, a murder victim, and a gambler. Could these be the spirits of the people that lost their lives here? What’s strange is, the people who did lose their lives, all did so on the tenth floor!

In room no. 1009, Jack “Smiley” Jackson was reportedly murdered. He supposedly holds the door shut, until you ask him to politely move out of the way! Another murder occurred in this same room when a man named Mr. Brookshire was found with his throat cut.

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A woman reportedly fell to her death or was pushed from the 10th floor. A congressman committed suicide during his stay here on the 10th floor also!

In room 1009 a guest reportedly experienced what felt like a towel wrapped around their neck. Could this be something to do with the death of Mr. Brookshire? Also on the tenth floor, guests have reported seeing shadows in the hallway and rooms, and also the sound of crying.

During the hotel’s fledgling years, a casino resided on the 2nd floor. It is here where the apparition of a somber-looking gentleman has been on several occasions, wandering through the hallways. Maybe he is down on his luck, trying to recoup some of the money he’s lost?

In the dead of night, disembodied footsteps can be hard crossing the lobby of the hotel, as if in high heels. In the basement, laundry carts have been known to be pushed by unseen hands, and doors have been witnessed opening and closing by themselves. Voices within the same room have been reported, the feeling of being watched, and sudden cold spots are often felt.

There are a number of reports throughout the hotel, but the tenth floor does seem to have the majority of them. If you want to stay at the hotel and experience something, the tenth floor seems to be the place to be!

Brief History

The hotel was built in 1925 and was then known as the Scott Hotel, after the owner George C. Scott. The was primarily built to house the passengers stopping by from Union Station, just across the street. A decline in the building and local economy, nearly resulted in the hotel becoming a minimum-security jail in the 1970s.

A resurgence in the economy resulted in a resurgence in the hotel’s fortunes brought around a change in ownership and an extensive renovation project. The hotel was re-opened in 1981 and its name changed to Bradford. The hotel then underwent many changes in owners throughout the years, as well as name changes. However, it was purchased again in 2000, renaming it to the Hotel Lawrence. There was a $4 million renovation, re-opening in Sept 2001. It was again sold for the final time to the La Quinta Inn and Suites chain of hotels.


A European old-style boutique hotel, it consists of 118 contemporary designed guest rooms. The hotel is conveniently located in the center of downtown, next to the central business district. It’s adjacent to the Historic West End and Union Station, and across the street from the George Allen Courthouse. The Dallas School Book Depository and Kennedy Sixth Floor Museum are just a short walk away.

The hotel has its own restaurant – the Founders Grill. You can grab lunch, dinner, and refreshments. You can also enjoy a drink in the hotel lounge.


  • Cable TV
  • In-room coffeemaker*
  • Hairdryer
  • Irons and ironing board
  • Two-line telephone
  • Wireless/High-speed internet
  • CD Player/Radio
  • Voice mail
  • Pets welcome (under 30 lbs.)
  • Individual temperature control in the room
  • 3-mile complimentary transportation based on availability
  • Valet service

Things to Do

The Holiday Inn Express Dowtown Dallas is ideally located in the center of the historic district. The area offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for nightlife, relaxation, or historical sites, you will find it within walking distance.

Some of the more popular attractions include:

John F. Kennedy memorial, Dallas Zoo, Age of Steam Railroad Museum, Dallas Aquarium, Dallas Arts District, Frontiers of Flight Museum, Dallas Convention Centre, and New Next Generation.

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