If you’re looking to find the scariest haunted house in Dallas – Fort Worth then you’re in the right place! We dare you to try any of the following top haunted houses in the Metroplex.

We don’t just list real haunted places on Haunted Rooms America, we’re loving some of the haunted houses DFW has to offer too! That’s the haunted attractions and trails designed to give you a fright around Halloween or all year round!

Do you have what it takes to walk through the very creepiest attractions and haunted houses in DFW?

Texas is one BIG place and the Dallas – Fort Worth area covers over 13 counties all by itself. This is the economic and cultural hub of North Central Texas and it is the largest metropolitan area in the entire state. There is something for everyone here; technology, energy, healthcare, medical research, sports, dining, shopping, parks, and lots of history. Some of that history comes with ghosts attached, so grab your besties and come on out to some of the best haunted attractions in all of Dallas – Fort Worth. It will be well worth the trip.

Here is our rundown of the top haunted attractions and haunted houses in Dallas – Fort Worth!

DFW Top Haunt - Moxley Manor, Bedford

Best Haunted Houses in Dallas / Fort Worth 1

Moxley Manor in Bedford TX is two haunted houses in one, and it’s been in operation now for over 10 years, regularly impressing patrons with their array of scares and talented actors.

Having been featured in major local and national publications such as Dallas Observer, Dallas Morning News, CNN, and Yahoo Moxley Manor is certainly making waves! It was also recently featured in the film, “The Houses That October Built.”

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Reindeer Manor Halloween Park, Red Oak

Best Haunted Houses in Dallas / Fort Worth 2

Just 20 minutes from downtown Dallas is Red Oak, south on Hwy 35E. You get FOUR haunted houses to experience. Start things off at Reindeer Manor where villagers seek revenge in this gothic themed mansion. The manor is the site of an actual murder-suicide in the early 1900s, but today sits quietly waiting for the unsuspecting. Anyone walking the halls of the manor will awaken the events of that fateful night – if you scream! No one knows who is haunting the manor, but there’s something there. Then move on to the 13th Street Morgue, where you can unravel the Maybrick murders in the haunted mortuary. This locale is built in the barn where James Sharp’s son actually hung himself and it is a confirmed haunted site.

Don’t forget about the Dungeon of Doom, where nightmares come to life in this classic 80’s style fun house. You might just hear screaming, pounding of walls, laughter coming out of nowhere and terrifying hallucinations. Don’t be too scared for the last attraction, the Shadow House, which is a dark experience. This house has no lights and killer clowns are out to get you. Come with your friends and hope ya’ll leave together and in one piece!

Screams Park, Waxahachie

Best Haunted Houses in Dallas / Fort Worth 3

South of Dallas off of Hwy 35E, is the town of Waxahachie and that’s where you’ll find Screams Park. Wait until it’s dark to come on down, and you can stay until the wee hours of the morning. If you’ve been here before, you just have to come back because for 2018 all 5 haunted houses have been completely transformed. Scores of haunting new characters have been added, just to make your nightmares more terrifying.

This is the place to experience the Cursed . . . the Witches of TerraMythica Castle, PT Harmum’s Carnival of Chaos, Captain Baraborsas’ Blood Harbor, Hotel D’Feers, and the Zombie Wasteland. They are all sitting in the dark and waiting for you. New characters will be expecting your visit and welcoming you around every corner, so be sure to look for them. There’s also live entertainment, a food court, games of skill, Scary-Oke and lots more to round out your night of horror. But, don’t take our word for it – you’ll just have to find out for yourself what all the screams are about.

Hangman’s House of Horrors, Fort Worth

Best Haunted Houses in Dallas / Fort Worth 4

If you like to know you’re giving to charity while screaming your head off, this is the place for you. Hangman’s has been around for close to 30 years, so they know a little something about being scary. Hangman’s is special – it’s 40,000 square feet, two stories and set in a 100-year old government building, now sitting vacant. It was operated by the US military during the first World War. It was supposed to be making helium back then, but who knows what was really going on inside the facility?

Hangman’s takes about 1 hour to cruise through and all new this year is Escape Labs: Mission Z, which is a survival based escape game like nothing you’ve seen before. When you take part in the Zombie Outbreak you’ll be fighting the undead left behind by Hezekiah who have now overrun the security shack and all they are looking for are some munchy, crunchy human brains. Don’t come here alone! For the best 10 minutes of the night, come to No Place Like Home 3D where stunning visual effects will trick you into seeing things that aren’t really there. Or are they? If you’re one of the chicken-livers or you have the youngsters with you, this is the perfect place to start your fun. Spooky specials are promised for 2018, so come one, come all and leave the old folks at home.

Dark Hour Haunted House, Plano

Best Haunted Houses in Dallas / Fort Worth 5

Just north of Dallas there is the town of Plano and it’s here you will find the Dark Hour Haunted House. From the end of September right through October, bring your friends or your enemies, if you want to get even. This is the haunted house where sleep ends, but nightmares don’t. At Dark Hour, you’ll be plunged into another dimension of fear . . . your bad dreams come to life!

Just off Hwy 75 and the President George Bush Turnpike, your Halloween season will be made just perfect by coming here. Those who created Dark Hour have one simple philosophy: to scare the absolute hell outta you! Done with the highest quality haunt experiences you’ll see anywhere; from sets that could be used on Broadway, to professional actors and the use of today’s technology, there isn’t anything they won’t do to give you the best theatrical ingeniousness seen anywhere. New shows are produced monthly and build on the existing theme of the Witch of Coven Manor, so all year long you get to be scared out of your wits. Do come and see them; after all, they are waiting for you.

Cutting Edge Haunted House, Fort Worth

Best Haunted Houses in Dallas / Fort Worth 6

If you are looking for one of the MOST terrifying haunted houses in all of the U.S., you’ve just found it in Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth. According to the Guinness World Records, this place is the world’s largest walk-through haunted house and its reputation precedes it all over the USA and the world. Built in a 100-year old abandoned meat packing plant, Cutting Edge is found in an area of Fort Worth that once was referred to as “Hell’s Half Acre”. I mean, what could go wrong!

The creators decided to use the old meatpacking equipment from the Old West for added authenticity. The building is now a 2-story human processing area. You’ll see human “corpses” on the conveyor belts being brought through the entire meat processing operation as they move from the second floor to the first. There are live sets, animations, and live actors coming at you from every angle. They don’t rush you through; you’ll have about 45 minutes to be scared out of your mind. Cutting Edge has won more awards for scariest, craziest, and longest haunted house as well as being known as one of the nation’s BEST! Stop by, won’t you?