Two of the most popular ghosts who purportedly haunt the hotel have been named Anna and Jack by the hotel owner.  Guests in the hotel have reported hearing the sounds of footsteps on the stairs even where there is no one on it. Various objects in the hotel are often moved from their original positions. A couple who had stayed in the hotel had placed a glass of water on their bed side table. When they woke up the following morning, the glass had been moved to a different corner in the room.

The owner has reported the ghost they refer to as Jack broke a pitcher that was on the end of the bar. Nobody was around the owner stated when a piece of the pitcher just broke off.

There have also been reports of an apparition believed to be Anna. Every sighting has described Anna as wearing a red satin dress.


Old Main Street Inn was built by the O’ Hanlon family in 1890 and was one named the Chadron House. It was once adorned with gold and green wallpaper. It has carpet from Belgium and marble washstands in all rooms. The little hotel was once a booming business in the National Register District downtown and today it is one of a few businesses which still remain open until today.

It has been run by three generations of innkeepers for more than a hundred years. A portion of the green and gold wallpaper still remains in the inn, reminding people just how far the inn has come. General Nelson Miles and his staff once made the hotel their headquarters during the Wounded Knee incident. When the railroad was still booming, a boardwalk fronted the hotel.


The inn is more than a century old and has been run by three generations of innkeepers. The inn still has the wide halls from the old times. Today the hotel still offers a diverse menu in their dining room. Some of the things on the menu which are not to be missed are the Buffalo Lamb. An assortment of homemade chilies, desserts, and soups are also available.

When guests step into The Longbranch Saloon, they will be brought back to the 1800s.they can join locals in enjoying a drink or two and share conversations filled with laughter.


  • Private baths
  • Pets welcome
  • Cable television
  • Direct-dial phones
  • Off-street parking
  • Air-conditioning and heating

Things to Do

Guests of the Old Main Street Inn will enjoy a lot of attractions in Chadron. The Museum of the Fur Trade is a non-profit museum with exhibits of the fur trade from as far back as the colonial times to the current century. The Dawes County Historical Society has so many items of interest for visitors. It has an extensive collection of historical artifacts, such as historical antiques, blacksmith tools, vintage quilts, and farm machinery.

The Pine Ridge National Recreation Area is managed by the Pine Ridge Ranger District. Activities in the area include horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking. There are various ponderosa pines and animals in the area. The Samuel R. Mackelvie National Forest is the home of various indigenous wildlife including mule deer, white-tailed deer, coyote, fox, and pronghorn. There are also over 150 species of birds that inhabit the area.

Room Tariffs

Rooms start at $45

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