It is reported that the original owner of the hotel, Seth Bullocks still haunts the hotel to this day. Deadwood’s first sheriff died in the hotel on 23rd September 1919 in room 211, to be specific. Many people, guests and hotel staff alike, have reported seeing the ghost of the Sheriff throughout the hotel.

People claim that the Sheriff never hurt them, only called them and touched them as if gently passing by. The Sheriff merely checks on the employees of the hotel and makes sure that they are working. When employees take breaks, he would make his presence felt so that they would go back to work immediately. There have been several ghost hunts as well as regular ghost tours of the hotel, with never a night gone by where something paranormal hasn’t happened.

In the second and third floor rooms of the hotel, guests have reported seeing inexplicable occurrences. Alarm clocks go off by themselves. Televisions turn on even when they are unplugged and antique clock chimes of its own accord even if it has not been working for several years. People who are interested in the paranormal should go on a ghost tour which is conducted regularly.


The Bullock Hotel was built and named after Deadwood’s first sheriff, Seth Bullock. It started as a warehouse and was turned into a 3-story hotel. The hotel was originally built and decorated in Italian and Victorian style. The original hotel has a large dining area, a big lobby, a kitchen, and a pantry. “Branch House” is just adjacent to the building and today it houses seven of the most beautiful suites in South Dakota.

The Aryes family purchased the hotel in 1976 and was made into a hardware store. In 1991 the building was purchased by Bullock Properties and converted back into a hotel. Although the hotel’s original furnishings have been sold at an auction by the Aryes family, Bullock Properties started extensive renovations in order to restore the hotel to its former glory. Some changes were also made in order to improve the hotel’s original design. The former 63 rooms were reduced to 28. Rooms became larger than the originals and were all equipped with private baths. Some of the rooms today even have Jacuzzis.


The historic Bullock Hotel has beautifully appointed rooms with large bathrooms. Luxury Jacuzzi suites have separate sitting areas and a single king-size bed. Classic King or queen rooms and have full-size beds and are available in smoking and non-smoking types. Deluxe rooms have two queen beds and can also accommodate a rollaway when requested by guests.

Bully’s, the hotel’s restaurant, was named after Bullock’s long-time friend, Teddy Roosevelt. The restaurant has a beautiful and large fireplace which is common to homes built in the late 19th century. The restaurant is open from 7 am to 1 pm. The hotel can also accommodate weddings and meetings. There are customizable packages provided to guests and whatever the occasion is, the hotel can help you with it.


  • Full-service restaurant
  • Hairdryers in all rooms
  • Wireless internet access
  • Free parking
  • Two complimentary bottles of water in each room
  • Fitness room
  • 24-hour casino
  • Full-service liquor bar
  • Refrigerator
  • Air-conditioning

Things to Do

If you would like to have a history lesson and a great riding experience at the same time, you can go on the Blacktail Horseback and Riding Tours. There are lots of activities for children and adults. The Adams House is also a great place to visit if you want to learn more about Deadwood’s history. It is one of the best museums in Deadwood. Saloon No. 10 is reportedly the only museum in the world that also has a bar.

Visitors can play poker games and slot machines while enjoying cold drinks. People who are serious about gambling can go to the Mineral Palace Casino. The casino offers complimentary drinks and has lots of slots and table games for everyone to enjoy.

For a taste of local and truly unique wines like Dakota Red, Raspberry Apple, Oakwood Red Table Wine, and others, Schade Vineyard and Winery is the place to go to. Terry Peak Ski Area is one of South Dakota’s largest ski areas and vacationers can enjoy riding in snowmobiles or skiing.

Room Tariffs

  • One queen nonsmoking rooms start at $49.95
  • One full nonsmoking rooms start at $49.95
  • Two queen bed nonsmoking rooms start at $69.95
  • Jacuzzi king suites nonsmoking starts at $129.95

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