If you are spending the night in South Dakota, you will find a number of historic properties all over the state where you just might find yourself sharing your room with an unexpected roommate of the spooky kind!

Join us and check in to the most haunted hotels South Dakota has to offer.

7 - Franklin Hotel, DeadwoodBook a Stay

Franklin Hotel, Deadwood

The Franklin Hotel in Deadwood opened in 1903 and has had some truly famous people through the door such as Teddy Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, and John Wayne. The hotel is also home to other guests of the ghost variety.  Guests and staff have reported hearing footsteps when no one is around and passers-by often feel as though someone is staring at them as they walk past. The next time you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up then you could be getting watched by a ghostly visitor.

According to local legend, one of the housekeepers quit on the spot when she came face to face with a male ghost dressed in period clothing who was watching her while she cleaned!

6 - Alpine Inn, Hill City

Alpine Inn, Hill City

Built during the gold mining rush this hotel has survived 2 major fires and is still in operation today.  Obviously the hotel has had a major renovation since the 2 fires that almost destroyed it As with other hotels that have had big renovations all that went on has led to ghosts being reported to haunt this quaint picturesque hotel.  Guests have heard footsteps and voices around the hotel at all different times coupled with flickering lights this definitely a haunted hotel.

5 - Fairmont Hotel, Deadwood

Fairmont Hotel, Deadwood

This former 1895 brothel and saloon has seen some nasty times.  One girl who working in the brothel took her own life, although some people claim crazed with a drink after finding out that she was pregnant her ghost can be seen lurking in the shadows.  The other 2 ghosts are of a man that was shot and killed.  His murder who later accidentally shot himself while trying to escape the hotel and bled to death on the sidewalk outside the hotel.  Both of these ghosts can again be seen hanging around the hotel.

4 - Daneville Inn, Viborg

The historic Daneville Inn is well known in Viborg for being haunted.  People have seen a strange glowing apparition that floats through the inn during the night when everyone is sleeping.  No one knows what this glowing apparition is, but it has been seen by numerous guests and staff and even people from outside the hotel as well.  There have also been reports of voices and footsteps being heard throughout the inn again when everyone is sleeping.

3 - Herrick House, Gary

Herrick House, Gary

Herrick House was once a school for the blind and has now been fully restored into a beautiful hotel. Unfortunately, some of the school children might have decided to stay long after school has finished.  Guests have reported the ghostly laughter of children and also footsteps when no one else is around.  Don’t worry though as these young ghosts are nothing to worry about as they are just curious and want to play.

2 - Bullock Hotel, DeadwoodStay Here

Bullock Hotel, Deadwood

The Bullock Hotel is has been around for a long time and with all that went on in Deadwood, it is no surprise that it is one of the most haunted hotels in South Dakota.  The original owner of the hotel is said to have stuck around after his death in 1919 and haunts the hotel to this day.

Apparitions have been seen around the hotel and sometimes a really eerie feeling has been reported by guests and staff alike. Although the presence is said to be eerie, those who have encountered the ghost here say that they are not malevolent and mean the living no harm!

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1 - Hotel Alex Johnson, Rapid CityBook a Room

Hotel Alex Johnson, Rapid City

Construction started on this hotel in 1927 and a lot of history has passed through the building over the years.  The Lady in white is one of the most well-known ghosts and she is believed to be the ghost of a bride that killed herself by jumping out of the window in room 812. Her ghost is said to wander the halls of the eighth floor still dressed in her flowing white wedding gown.

People have also reported the ghost of former owner Alex Johnson who was the president of the Chicago and North Western railroad.  Alex Johnson loved the hotel so much that he decided to hang around and meet new guests long after he died.  There is also reports of a girl ghost that knocks on doors and then disappears if the guest staying in the room answers, so the next time you hear a knock at your room door and no one is there you have just been visited by this ghostly little girl.

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