Established in 1895 and a former bordello and saloon, the Fairmont Hotel in Deadwood South Dakota has seen its fair share of seedy and troubled clientele. One particular story tells of a woman named Margaret Broadwater, who used to work at the bordello. She is reported to have committed suicide jumping out of the third-floor window after finding out she was pregnant. Her ghost is known to lurk around the hotel in the shadows.

At least three other ghosts are known to haunt the hotel. Two of them died on the same night, with one murdering the other in a fit of jealous rage seeing his girlfriend “entertaining” this client. The murderer then accidentally shot himself after trying to escape, bleeding to death on the sidewalk in front of the hotel. Both these spirits have been witnessed around the hotel, guests often times seeing their full-bodied apparitions.

There’s also believed to be the ghost of a little boy who has made himself known to guests in pictures.


The third floor is particularly active.

Though not offering guests a bed anymore, the Fairmont does have a restaurant and runs regular ghost tours of the upper floors.

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