Sometimes it is easy to just overlook the seemingly quiet mid-west towns like Omaha, but if you are willing to take the time to look, then you may discover that they have a wealth of paranormal activity to offer.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 8 haunted places in Omaha, NE:

8 – Brother Sebastian's

Brother Sebastian’s is a popular restaurant in Omaha which is said to be haunted by a man that has been identified as Bill Walden. His apparition is often seen wearing a tweed smoking jacket and ascot.

He was apparently a regular patron of the restaurant before his death, and he now continues to visit regularly even now that he has passed away.

7 – Cornerstone Mansion Bed & Breakfast

Cornerstone Mansion Bed & Breakfast

Cornerstone Mansion Bed & Breakfast is located within a historic Omaha mansion that dates back to 1894. It also happens to be one of the most haunted places in the state.

Among the many reports of paranormal activity are tales of the apparitions of a young man and of the elderly former owner.

Both of these spirits are said to appear in a rocking chair that sits in the parlour!

There are also reports of phantom footsteps being heard in the dead of night, but upon investigation there is nobody there.

The spirits that reside there seem to not be particularly fond of festivities. Whenever any type of celebrations are held in the property unseen poltergeists have been known to wreak havoc!

There is also a second building on the grounds, a small carriage house. However, it is no longer rented out to guests because of the high volume of paranormal activity.

This is usually attributed to the spirit of a woman named Emily who was allegedly beaten to death here by her husband who was a chauffeur.

It is said that she has an intense dislike of male visitors and she is not at all shy about making them know it!

6 – O'Connor's Irish Pub

O'Connor's Irish Pub

Every town has at least one pub that is reputed to be haunted and for Omaha that honour goes to none other than O’Connor’s Irish Pub.

The pub has been open since 2001 and since then, there have been reports of paranormal activity including shadow figures and unexplained footsteps in the kitchens and the second floor bar area.

During one visit from a group of paranormal investigators, the bar lights were mysteriously turned on when the investigators asked for any spirit who was present to make itself known to them.

They also managed to capture several EVP recordings. The group also reported hearing a noise that sounded like somebody shuffling through a sheaf of papers behind the bar and that they had some unexplained equipment failures.

One of the current owners has witnessed an apparition of an owner of the place from the 1920’s. After witnessing him she was shown a picture of this man and it matched his description exactly!

5 – Mystery Manor

Mystery Manor

Mystery Manor is often touted as one of Omaha’s best Halloween haunt attractions because not only is it set up of specifically to offer guests a huge scare, but it also claims to be genuinely haunted outside of the theatrics!

The reason being that the former owner of the property, William Hall, is said to have murdered his wife Greta in the house back in 1929 following the stock market crash.

He is said to have buried poor Greta in a shallow grave somewhere on the property. However, hers is not the only untimely death here, because Greta’s brother John came looking for revenge and murdered William using the same axe that had been used to dispatch his sister.

John is said to have buried William in the same grave as Greta. The story certain didn’t end there. In fact, this is where it starts to get super creepy!

The very next day, which just so happened to be Halloween, John was found dead with that same axe embedded in his head!

Was this William’s murderous ghost out for revenge?

The property has been the subject of many paranormal investigations which have gather a range of evidence including footage of strange light anomalies and evp recordings.

Greta is often spotted wandering the halls at night as well!

4 - Hummel Park

There are certainly no shortage of creepy stories and urban legends linked to this location, most of them revolving around a colony of albinos who are said to live in the woods!

In the past, the park would have been the site of many lynchings over the years and some terrified witnesses claim to have seen apparitions of people hanging in the trees.

There have also been reports of other apparitions which could be linked to the fact that a number of murder victims were dumped in the park in the twentieth century.

There are also rumours that satanic rituals have taken place here and there is also said to be a set of concrete stairs which has a different number of steps each time you travel up or down them!

It really isn’t any wonder that this place is apparently haunted given its dark history!

3 - Forest Lawn Cemetery Chapel

Forest Lawn Cemetery Chapel

The basement in particular is said to be incredibly haunted and the entity that resides there is not at all welcoming!

Those brave enough to have investigated the building describe seeing a large shadowy mass moving around in the basement and have heard malevolent voices ordering them to get out.

Investigators have also describe feeling very sick and noticing their bodies tingling as though they have had an electric shock.

They have also had their hair pulled and been pushed on the stairs. It is certainly can be a very unfriendly place to pay a visit to.

So, the question is – how badly do you want to experience paranormal activity? Will you be willing to risk encountering this dark entity.

2 - The White House Apartments

The White House Apartments

The White House Apartments is a turn of the century Victorian property which sits in the heart of Omaha’s Little Italy district.

The property was originally a private mansion, but at some point the building was purchased and turned into a small hospital for the growing Italian neighbourhood.

In more recent times, thanks to its proximity to 3 different universities it has been used as an apartment building.

It looks tired and run down from the outside, but the interior is well maintained and the residents say that the small apartments are affordable and secure.

Of course, they are also reported to be haunted as well!

There is one particular entity who has made herself known to most of the residents. She drifts through the halls wearing a white gown and is most commonly seen in the lobby, welcoming residents into the building.

She is by no means alone in the building, but the other spooks seem much more unobtrusive and will simply flit past in your peripheral vision.

While the lady in white is thought to be from the mansion era, many of the others are believed to be spirits of those who passed away in the hospital.

There is also a funeral home next door, so they could be drifting in from there too. Whoever they are, they are helping to secure this building’s reputation

1 - Central High School

Central High School

Omaha’s Central High School is housed in a grand imposing building that dates back to the early 1900s. However, the land on which it sits has a history that can be traced even further back.

In fact, from 1857 to 1869, this was the site of the Territorial Capitol building. When Nebraska became a state this was moved to Lincoln and the building was torn down to make way for a small red brick high school which was later replaced with the building that stands today as Central High School.

The school is now said to be haunted by a former Dean of Students and a school custodian who apparently loved their jobs so much that they were not able to bring themselves to leave – even in death!

There have been several reports of unexplained cold spots in the main hall and original parts of the building and a number of witnesses have reported hearing a disembodied voice that speaks directly to them saying ‘I know you’re all here’ or some variation of the phrase.

The Dean of Students is said to appear in the form of a white, blurry mass which travels along the main hall before disappearing into his former office.

He has also been seen in the form of a shadow figure waving through the office window.

Meanwhile, there have been reports from witnesses who have heard the sound of a custodian cart creaking and rumbling across the wooden floor and also the sounds of someone sweeping up.