Nebraska is a hotbed of paranormal activity with many different places seemingly infested with the restless spirits of those who are just unable to move on after their death.

Below you’ll find an extensive overview of some of the most haunted locations in Nebraska, including the most haunted places to stay! Get your favorite beverage of choice, and let’s get right into it shall we?

Alliance Theatre, Alliance

Alliance Theatre In Alliance, Nebraska
Alliance Theatre In Alliance, Nebraska

The Alliance Theatre was built in 1903, although it was not always a theater. Initially, it was built as The Charter Hotel, but it was transformed into a theater in 1938.

It is not clear when the paranormal disturbances here began.

Perhaps it was during the renovations, but nobody knows for sure. The reports of strange activity have been happening for as long as anybody can remember.

Employees of the theater often say that they have seen shadowy figures around the property and they also hear phantom footsteps in the hall.

The owner is fairly confident that the building is indeed haunted, but he is sure that it is a friendly ghost!

Ball Cemetery, Springfield

Ball Cemetery in Springfield, Nebraska
Ball Cemetery in Springfield, Nebraska

Cemeteries are creepy places anyway, so when you add tales of ghostly activity it really kicks things up a notch. Not only is this place one of the most haunted cemeteries in MO, but it’s also high on the list of the most haunted cemeteries in the US.

One of the most common reports to come out of the cemetery is the apparition of a tall man who has been known to attack those visiting the cemetery after dark.

There is also said to be a female spirit here who laughs uncontrollably and who likes to tug on people’s clothing.

It is common for strange anomalies to appear in photographs that are taken here.

Antelope Park, Lincoln

Antelope Park in Lincoln Nebraska
Antelope Park in Lincoln Nebraska

If you visit Antelope Park in Lincoln, you will see a field just behind the caretaker’s house. It’s here that a number of visitors claim to have seen apparitions walking across the field and disappearing into the woods on the opposite side.

However, there is another more disturbing haunting that has been reported on a handful of occasions.

There is documented evidence of a man who committed suicide by hanging himself from the swingset in the play area of the park around 20 years ago.

People say that they often get the uneasy feeling of being watched in this area and people passing by at night have reported strange shadows around that general area.

Centennial Hall, Valentine

Centennial Hall in Valentine, Nebraska
Centennial Hall in Valentine, Nebraska

Centennial Hall Museum once housed Valentine Public School and in fact, it is the oldest standing high school building in Nebraska.

The school was built in 1897 and it is now said to be haunted by the ghost of a former student. The story suggests that in 1944 a girl died in the school after someone poisoned the reed from her clarinet.

After her death, when the school was still in operation, some of the teachers claimed to see her ghost in the hallways and her appearance was often accompanied by a feeling of being unwell.

Since the school was converted into a museum, there have been reports of music filtering out of the music room despite the fact that there have been no musical instruments in the building for years.

Seven Sisters Road, Nebraska City

Seven Sister Road in Nebraska City, Nebraska
Seven Sister Road in Nebraska City, Nebraska

Although it is officially called Road L, everyone knows this road near Nebraska City as Seven Sisters Road. It takes its name from a tale regarding seven doomed sisters.

The legend states that in the late 19th century a man argued with the seven ladies, although accounts vary on whether he was their father or their brother.

Anyway, the argument led to the man taking each of the seven sisters in turn and hanging them each from a tree on seven different hills along the road.

The road has now become known as one of the most haunted places in the state since those driving through the area have reported hearing women screaming and it’s also common for their vehicles to stall unexpectedly or for the battery to be completely drained of power.

There’s also a cemetery nearby which adds to the overall creepy ambiance in the area!

Barnard Park, Fremont

Barnard Park in Fremont, Nebraska
Barnard Park in Fremont, Nebraska

One thing that Nebraska is well known for is a large number of beautiful parks, one of which is Barnard Park.

It’s believed that the reason for this could be that the park was once a cemetery. It is believed that the city relocated the cemetery to create the park, but that some of the bodies may have been left behind by accident.

It’s believed that these spirits still roam the park at night, the most common sighting being that of a woman who is often seen crying as she wanders the park.

Concordia University's David Hall, Seward

David Hall at Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska
David Hall at Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska

One of the types of places that seem to be very commonplace for hauntings is college campuses. It could be the high levels of emotion coming from young people that feed this paranormal activity.

It’s been claimed that David Hall is haunted by Native American spirits since there were bones from a Native American burial site exhumed during the construction in the 1970s.

The majority of the ghostly occurrences seem to be turning things on and off, with the showers and electrical appliances randomly turning on and off by themselves frequently.

Bailey House Museum, Brownville

Bailey House Museum in Brownville, Nebraska
Bailey House Museum in Brownville, Nebraska

The former home of Civil War Captain Bailey is one of crown jewels of Brownville. The stunning home, which now serves as a museum, is said to be haunted by Captain Bailey himself.

It has been said that the Captain was poisoned to death by a jealous neighbor and that his spirit is now bound to the house, unable to leave the property.

Staff and visitors have reported that there are various doors in the building that simply refuse to stay closed and that sometimes at night, phantom piano music can be heard drifting through the house.

Platte County Historical Society and Museum, Columbus

Platte County Historical Society and Museum in Columbus, Nebraska
Platte County Historical Society and Museum in Columbus, Nebraska

Records are somewhat spotty, but it’s generally agreed by locals that Platte County Historical Society and Museum has its fair share of ghostly activity.

There have been claims of shadow figures in the building and some regular visitors to the museum say that there are also unexplained, disembodied voices heard coming out of empty rooms frequently.

Devil's Canyon, North of McCook

Devil's Canyon, North of McCook, Nebraska
Devil’s Canyon, North of McCook, Nebraska

Just a few miles north of McCook, there is an unassuming dirt road that leads to one of the most haunted sites in the state.

The location is known locally as Devil’s Canyon and it is said that it is the site where, more than 100 years ago, a man murdered his wife and children before taking his own life.

Many people believe that it’s this man that haunts the area, with the apparition of a male reported on many occasions near to the location where this tragic event took place.

He’s also said to cause cars and other mechanical objects to malfunction in ways that cannot be explained.

Blackbird Hill, Decatur

Blackbird Hill in Decatur, Nebraska
Blackbird Hill in Decatur, Nebraska

Blackbird Hill is named after the grave of Omaha Indian Chief Blackbird as this is his final resting place. However, strangely enough, it’is not his spirit who is believed to haunt here…

The spirit that has been seen here is actually believed to be the ghost of a woman who was murdered by her husband after revealing her plans to leave him for an old lover. Her husband was understandably enraged, so much so that he stabbed his wife and then carried her to a nearby cliff where he jumped off into the river beneath them. They both died on impact.

It’s been said that every year on October 17, the anniversary of their death, the woman’s blood-curdling screams can be heard echoing around Blackbird Hill.

Museum of Shadows, Platsmouth

Haunted Nebraska 1

Housing purportedly haunted artifacts, it’s little wonder that this building is quite active when it comes to paranormal occurrences.

Not only does it house these haunted objects, but the building has a history all on its own. A Nebraska Historical Landmark dating back to 1880, the three-story building once housed, a Pharmacy, Doctors office, Dentist office, Cigar factory, a Saloon, Brothel, and more!

If you visit this eerie location then you may come face to face with apparitions, hear unexplained noises, or you may well be touched by unseen hands!

The museum houses two very haunted dolls, Demus, and Ayda. They’re believed to be very active as recent camera evidence shows!

Haunted Hotels in Nebraska

An image of the reportedly haunted Arrow hotel in Broken Bow, Nebraska

Whether you’re based in or you’re just visiting Nebraska, the Cornhusker state has a vast amount of haunted locations to keep you busy.

But if you really want to take your ghost hunting and thrill seeking to the very next level, then booking a stay in one of the most haunted hotels the state has to offer is the perfect choice!

If you’re brave enough, have a peek at what we think are the most haunted places to stay below!

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Haunted Cities in Nebraska

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