If you don’t mind not getting a very restful night of sleep during a trip to Nebraska, then maybe you should check into one of the hotels, inns and bed & breakfasts that claim to be inhabited by restless spirits.

Check out some of the most haunted hotels in Nebraska.

4 - Argo Hotel, Crofton

Argo Hotel, Crofton

In 1912, when The Argo Hotel was first built, it served as a major stopover for railroad passengers on the numerous trains that passed through Crofton. However, after many years the hotel closed its doors and became a doctor’s office and a medical clinic.

It remained in use by doctors for many years until being renovated and transformed back into a hotel in the 1990s. This is when the tales of unexplained activity in the building first started coming to light.

Over the years, there were persistent claims that people could hear a baby crying somewhere in the building. However, it was not until the 1990s renovation work that the skeleton of an infant wrapped in a burlap sack was discovered inside one of the walls. Could this be the reason behind those unexplained baby cries that people have been hearing?

It is also something that ties in with another ghostly phenomenon at The Argo Hotel. Guests will frequently report seeing the apparition of a sad looking woman wandering around the hotel and some have speculated that this is the mother of the baby doomed to wander the hotel looking for her lost infant.

There are also reports of pictures and small objects around the hotel being moved on their own!

3 - Olde Main Street Inn, Chadron

Olde Main Street Inn, Chadron

Olde Main Street Inn was built in the late 1800s and at the time it was known as Chadron House. During the Wounded Knee incident the building is said to have served as headquarters to General Nelson Miles. However, it does not appear to be anyone linked to Wounded Knee who is behind the paranormal activity here at this haunted inn in Chadron, Nebraska!

According to locals, the ghosts of Olde Main Street Inn are two fairly friendly individuals who are known as Anna and Jack. They are harmless characters with a somewhat playful nature.

Guests who have encountered the ghosts report various strange happenings including phantom footsteps when there is nobody around and glasses of water being moved around in the rooms while guests sleep. Anna is sometimes spotted roaming the halls of the inn and is usually described as wearing a red satin dress.

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2 - Cornerstone Mansion Bed & Breakfast, Omaha

Cornerstone Mansion Bed & Breakfast, Omaha

Cornerstone Mansion dates back to around 1894 and is now one of the most haunted accommodation options in Nebraska. There have been frequent sightings of two different apparitions around the bed and breakfast with reports coming from both guests and employees of the mansion.

The first is a young man who is said to wander the halls and the second is an elderly gentleman who is often seen sitting in a rocking chair in the parlour room. Other activity that has been reported includes disembodied footsteps which are heard all over the mansion, usually between dusk and dawn.

The two men do not do any harm and do not even interact with the living, but there is also another entity in Cornerstone Mansion which is much more disruptive. There is said to be a poltergeist who likes to wreak havoc any time their is a celebration or special event happening at the house! It has never been seen, but does move things around, throw stuff and even break things during the events and celebrations.

It is not just the main house that is reputed to be haunted. There is also a smaller building on the grounds of the Cornerstone Mansion that is known as The Carriage House. There are just as many reports of strange activity there as there is at the main house.

The spirit here is known as Emily and according to local legend she is the spirit of a woman who was beaten to death in the Carriage House by her husband following an argument that got physical. Not too surprisingly she is distrustful of men and can be aggressive towards any male visitors.

1 - Arrow Hotel, Broken BowBook a Room

Arrow Hotel, Broken Bow

The Arrow Hotel dates back to 1928 and is thought to be one of the most haunted hotels in Nebraska. Over the years it has changed hands frequently, but has always served as a hotel and restaurant. It is claimed that one of these former owners died in the hotel and several members of staff have reported seeing his apparition going up and down the stairs leading to the kitchens.

The hotel guests and a number of staff members have also reported seeing several other apparitions including a man with grey hair and a red-headed lady – who some say is a well known witch who is buried in the local cemetery. There are also sightings of a mysterious male entity that hangs around the hotel’s cigar room!

Other strange occurrences at The Arrow Hotel include furniture moving by itself, strange noises, whispering voices, phantom footsteps and an unexplained boom noise!