Although the Arrow Hotel is relatively young compared to other haunted hotels in this list having been built in 1928, it has a lot of known spirits hanging around. One of the former owners is said to have died in the hotel and his apparition is often seen going up and down the stairs leading to the kitchens.

There are more reports of other apparitions that wander the hotel, one is described as an old and gaunt gentleman with gray hair, and another is a woman with long red hair. Many locals believe this is a witch called Ivy, who’s buried in the nearby Madison Square cemetery. She’s known to appear all around town, with people describing her presence as friendly at first, but she quickly turns evil and is known to physically harm people before disappearing in front of their eyes.

Staff and previous guests say that room 205 is particularly active and that the basement also has a lot of activity.

Which Room?

One of the more active rooms is room 205, however, there have been reports of activity throughout the Arrow Hotel, so you’ll be good booking any of the rooms. Have fun and let us know if you experience anything!

Happy hunting!

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