501 Ohio Ave. Holton, Kansas 66436

Some historic hotels attempt to hide their haunted status. They wave away the odd and unexplainable and dismiss the paranormal. Other hotels, however, such as the Hotel Josephine in Holton, Kansas, do just the opposite. This late 19th-century haunted hotel is proud of its supernatural reputation, claiming the title of “Most Haunted Hotel in Kansas.”

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Nestled in the quaint downtown of Holton, Kansas, surrounded by little shops and friendly locals, the Hotel Josephine has been in business since 1889. Built by A.D. Walker, a prominent Holton resident, the establishment was named after Walker’s then four-month-old daughter, Josephine. Josephine spent the rest of her life in Kansas, near and around the hotel, and some say she never left. Guests who stay in the Josephine Walker Room often feel her familiar presence, so many years after her death.


Many reports say that Josephine Walker’s spirit is a friendly one, always ready to welcome guests into her namesake hotel. But, she does expect a level of decorum. Members of staff have noted the sounds of loud, angry footsteps in empty rooms or doors opening and shutting on their own when hotel guests become too rowdy, noisy, or drunk.

Haunted Rooms of Hotel Josephine

Ad Astra Room - Hotel JosephineOther spirits are said to roam the newly renovated hallways of the Hotel Josephine as well. In the Charles Curtis Room, there have been sightings of a Native American spirit. While down in the basement, curious visitors are often met with a variety of experiences. Clear and distinct male voices have been caught by guests using EVP devices, while others have seen unexplained shadows and apparitions.

But, the most active room on the premises is the Buffalo Room. Folks looking for an intimate evening with the otherworldly choose this room for its beauty and its haunts. A distinct, shadowy figure has been seen in the room on more than one occasion, and pictures hanging on the wall have a life of their own, spinning and falling hard to the floor.

Visiting the hotel

Ghost Tours

Ghost hunting is a popular pastime at the Hotel Josephine. Head to their website for a schedule of hunts, tours, and investigations, all centered around communing with the dead. Professional-grade equipment is provided for you, and on some nights, you can schedule a psychic reading.

For those wanting a prolonged immersive experience, stay the night at the Hotel Josephine. Online videos show clear ghostly documentation, shot by professional ghost hunters. Make sure to bring your cameras, videos, and voice recorders to ensure you leave with your own paranormal proof.

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Room Rates & Amenities

The list of amenities at the Hotel Josephine is growing daily. After a recent transition of ownership, this haunted hotel is expanding while keeping its historic foundations. Guests can expect high-quality linens, flat-screen TVs, in-room coffee and refreshments, as well as a brand-new fitness center.
New rooms are added to the website daily, so check back in to find the room that’s right for you!

  • Double occupancy rooms start at $95.00
  • Family rooms start at $115.00
  • Hot breakfast is included with your stay.

Join an overnight ghost hunt & sleepover at the Hotel Josephine w/ Haunted Rooms America!

Things to Do

Situated in the picturesque town of Holton, Kansas, the Hotel Josephine is surrounded by small-town charm. During your stay, take a drive through Jackson County, a friendly community bursting with small businesses, great food, and local flavor. Just thirty minutes from the Kansas state capital of Topeka and an hour from Kansas City, the jazz capital of the world, Jackson County is an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

If you don’t feel like a drive, put on your walking shoes and head over to the many local shops and stores in town, such as Heart to Home, the Beverly Brown Boutique, Casey’s General Store, and many more! The hotel itself has a delightful onsite shop called St Josephine’s boutique, where shoppers can purchase locally-made goods, products, and Midwestern memorabilia from the surrounding area.

After you’re done taking in the sights, hit the slots at a nearby casino, such as the Golden Eagle Casino, Prairie Band Casino & Resort, or the Sac & Fox Casino.


Oaks Restaurant - Hotel JosephineAfter a long night of ghost hunting, make sure to check out the Hotel Josephine’s many other amenities. Their Oaks restaurant is open 7 days a week, offering a farm to table approach, with fresh and seasonal ingredients!

On every second Wednesday and fourth Sunday of the month, folks can indulge in the hotel’s Speakeasy. This vintage-themed package includes a steak dinner, a complimentary cigar of the month, three beverage tickets, and a discount on all hotel stays, boutique purchases, and meals.

Join an overnight ghost hunt & sleepover at the Hotel Josephine w/ Haunted Rooms America!