Established in the 1970s when it was known as the Shilo Inn, the Holiday Inn Express in Salt Lake City is a well-known city landmark, and perhaps not for the right reasons. Known for years as the Shilo Inn with its red neon vegas-style lights, it was regarded by many as the ugliest building in Salt Lake City.

During the 1970s, a mother committed suicide by jumping out over one of the hotel balconies. If this wasn’t tragic enough, her two daughters were thrown to their deaths too. The youngest was thrown by the eldest daughter, and the mother then threw the eldest daughter over the balcony.

As with many tragic deaths, it can leave a negative imprint on a building. The two daughters are still said to roam the corridors and the grounds. Disembodied laughter is often heard near the indoor pool, and gaming machines are said to turn on and start playing by themselves. On one occasion, a maintenance man reported all the lightbulbs he replaced were unscrewed all on their own!

Which Room?

If you’re booking a night here, request any room on the 13th floor and pay a visit to the pool area and games room. Have fun and let us know if you experience anything!

Happy hunting!

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