There are lots of things we automatically associated with Utah – the Great Salt Lake, the Church of the Latter Day Saints and more. However, one thing few people think of is the paranormal. However, Utah is brimming with spooky stories!

Join us in exploring some of the most haunted hotels in Utah.

7 - Bigelow Hotel, OgdenBook a Room

Bigelow Hotel, Ogden

Formerly known as the Ben Lomond Hotel, the original hotel was built in 1927 and was named the Bigelow and was added to the national register of historic places 1990. The building is now named the Bigelow Hotel & Residencies and has quite a dark history.

One of the spirits is that of a hotel employee. This hotel employee fell down the elevator shaft and died and now his ghost is said to haunt the hotel. The ghost enjoys playing with the elevator making it move up and down the hotel on its own with no one in it.

Rooms 1101 and 1102 are said to be haunted by a mother and son. The mother drowned in the bathtub in 1101 and then the son committed suicide in room 1102 obviously to upset with his mother’s death to continue living. Guests have reported hearing voices coming from both rooms and the bathtub faucet in 1101 is said to turn on by itself.

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6 - Silver Fork Lodge, BrightonStay Here

Silver Fork Lodge, Brighton

The Silver Fork Lodge started its life as a tent city for miners.  It also included a general store used by the miners for their everyday needs.  The actual Lodge was finally built in 1947 and is still open to guests today.  The lodge also has some uninvited guests in the form of ghosts.

Guests at the hotel have reported sudden cold spots in warm rooms and also hearing whispering disembodied voices.  Sometimes the lights have flickered and electrical items have a habit of stopping working the lodge.  The ghost is also known to move items around from time to time.

5 - Moore’s Old Pine Inn, Marysvale

Moore’s Old Pine Inn, Marysvale

Moore’s Old Pine Inn was built in 1882 and has had some famous wild west visitors including Butch Cassidy and western writer Zane Grey known for writing riders of the purple sage while he stayed in the hotel.

People have also said that the hotel is haunted specifically by female ghosts.  The female ghosts like to spend time swinging on the porch swings making them move all by themselves.  Guests have even saw apparitions on the swings that didn’t look quite like real people.

4 - Armstrong Mansion, Salt Lake City

Armstrong Mansion, Salt Lake City

The Armstrong Mansion was built in 1893 and was the first home in Salt Lake City to have indoor plumbing and running water.  The Armstrong were very well known in Salt Lake city for being very welcoming and would have many social gatherings and galas at their home.  The Armstrong Mansion is now open to guests to stay in its romantic settings and beautiful scenery.

Guests at the hotel have reported that the hotel is home to some mischievous and scary ghosts at the same time.  The mischievous ghost has been known to lock guests in their room and play with the lights causing them to flicker.  The scary ghost likes to show itself in the mirrors just give you a good fright.

3 - Holiday Inn Express, Salt Lake CityBook a Stay

Holiday Inn Express, Salt Lake City

Formerly known as the Shilo Inn and now name the Holiday Inn Express this hotel has a dark past.  In the 1970s a mother decided to commit suicide, but to also murder her children first.  The mother and the eldest daughter threw the younger children over the balcony.  The eldest daughter was then thrown over by her mother who then jumped to her death.

As with all deaths like this it can lead to restless spirits and guests have heard laughter around the pool area and the gaming machines are known to come on by themselves as if someone is playing them. The maintenance man has also said the 13th floor where most of the maintenance takes place has been known to have his tools moved and lightbulbs unscrewed all on their own.

2 - Kirk Hotel, TooeleBook Now

Kirk Hotel, Tooele

Opened on May 22nd 1928 and The Kirk Hotel was such a spectacle for the town of Tooele that it was declared a holiday in the town for the opening.  The Kirk Hotel was a hotel for the town and was beautiful.

As with all hotels that have opened that long ago there are reports of ghosts and especially on the 3rd floor of the hotel.  Guests have reported the ghost of a woman that likes to appear in photographs.  This female ghost also likes to appear in the windows and sometimes in the mirrors.

The other spirits in the hotel like to move things around and play with the radios and tvs in the rooms

1 - Seven Wives Inn, Saint GeorgeSpend the Night

Seven Wives Inn, Saint George

This inn was built in the 1870s and was used by polygamists to hide from the law and hide the fact they had more than one wife hence why this was named the Seven Wives Inn.  The Inn is said to be haunted by number of ghosts.

Guests have reported a strong feeling of creepiness coming from the hotel and things have been known to move around from place to place.  Is this the ghosts of the original owners seven wives still frequenting the rooms that are named after them it could well be.