The building, constructed in 1917, served as a dormitory for students studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree at the Gooding College. The school operated until 1938, at which point the Methodist Church took over the ownership of the building as the college ran into financial difficulty. In 1941 the Methodist Church gifted the building to the state of Idaho for use as tuberculosis. However, due to the shortage of skilled personnel and medical equipment, it didn’t begin its life as a tuberculosis facility until 1947. The TB hospital was one of the most advanced in the country at the time and was in operation until 1976.

Now the current reincarnation of the building is a unique inn with dorm-style accommodation. However, the patients of the former TB patients are still believed to walk the halls at night and given there are a number of unmarked graves right next to the building, it’s little surprise that these poor souls can’t find peace!

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