Affectionately known as the Grand Old Lady of Cody, the Irma Hotel was built in 1902 by none other than the famous Buffalo Bill (William F Cody) himself. It’s actually named after his daughter Irma Cody, but he would often stay here in between touring with his Wild West Shows.

Guests and staff alike have reported the sighting of a man in Confederate uniform throughout the hotel as well as many strange occurrences. If you stay in room 35 you’re in for a treat, as this is believed to be the most active. Irma Cody’s old room, which is now room 16, is also said to be extremely active, with many strange reports including a rocking chair moving by itself!

Which Room?

The more active rooms are Room 16 (Irma’s old room), and Room 35, however, there have been reports of activity throughout the Irma Hotel, so you’ll be good booking any of the rooms. Have fun and let us know if you experience anything!

Happy hunting!

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