Chico Hot Springs is not only famous for its superb cuisine and thermal pools; it has also become very popular for all the paranormal activity which has been going on there for quite some time. The most famous ghost in Chico Hot Springs is the Lady in White. She has been making appearances and has been scaring guests for quite some time now.  Two hotel security guards witnessed the Lady in White near the piano on the third floor. They could only see the upper part of the ghost’s body.  The guards were able to take a picture of the ghost. However, the photo only revealed a tiny white orb where the ghost was.

In 1990, two other employees of the hotel followed the Lady in White to Room 349. They could smell the sweet fragrance of lilac and jasmine and when they opened the door, the room was empty and a rocker was gently rocking back and forth. That particular rocker would also always end up facing the window, no matter which room it was placed in. Guests of the hotel have also reported hearing the crashing of pots and pans in the kitchen as if someone were busy cooking or cleaning in the dead of night, upon investigation nothing has been seen.


Native Americans were the very first to use the Hot Springs. They use it for laundry and bathing. The lodge was built by a couple, Bill and Percie Knowles. Back then, it consisted of the pool, a dining area, and some rooms. Mr. Knowles was the hotel’s operator until his death in 1910. His widow then became in charge of the hotel. The hotel flourished under her management.

A physician, Dr. George A. Townsend, made the lodge even more popular. A hospital room had to be added to accommodate people coming to the lodge. When the doctor left, the business became dried up. When Mrs. Knowles started having problems with her health, her son and his wife took over the business.

The original building of the inn still stands today and the current owners, Mike and Eva Art restored the property and added modern cabins and suites. The current lodge now has an organic garden that produces vegetables and fruit all year round.


Chico Hot Springs Resort has various accommodations for guests to choose from. The historic main lodge is cozy and quaint although a bit smaller than your regular hotel rooms. Several of the rooms have their own bathrooms but there some which share facilities throughout the building. Warren’s Wing, the lower Lodge, and the Fisherman’s Lodge are larger accommodations with each room having its own bathroom. For families who would like to stay in Chico Hot Springs, there are houses, chalets, and cottages.

At Chico food is taken seriously. People who would like to dine in a relaxed atmosphere can go to the Dining Room at Chico. If you want a more casual fare, the Poolside Grille is the place to go. For an adult-only dining fare, Saloon is recommended. The Chico Dining Room is open for brunch on Sundays and nightly dinners. It is one of Montana’s best restaurants. The lodge is also just 30 miles from Yellowstone National Park. The area’s natural hot springs have been attracting popular vacationers in the area.


  • High-speed internet connection
  • Library

Things to Do

Most people come to Chico Hot Springs to relax and relaxation is one thing which the hotel staff knows how to give to guests. The Abrasoka Dogsled Treks is open from 9.15 daily and offers various trekking activities to visitors with great lunch, as well as dogsleds with Siberian Huskies.

Paradise Adventure Company offers rafting for guests on the Yellowstone River. The Chico Horse Barn offers visitors trail rides where they can see the Montana landscape up, close and personal. About 40 minutes away from the resort is the college town of Bozeman, the home of Montana State University. It has great shopping areas, as well as great nightlife spots.

Room Tariffs

  • Main lodges start at $99
  • Warren wing starts at $129
  • Lower lodges start at $129
  • Rustic cabins start at $93
  • North 40 cabins start at $215
  • Caboose starts at $225
  • Houses, cottages, and chalets start at $169

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