Montana is a state boasting some of the most beautiful scenery in the nation. People visit the state for its blue skies, fly-fishing, wildlife, and of course Glacier National Park. Then there are the groups of people that travel to Montana because they want to experience adventure of another kind. They want to see if they can come face-to-face with some of the many ghosts that are said to reside in countless old hotels, inns and bed & breakfasts.

The group of establishments included here are among some of the most haunted hotels in Montana. Check them out and see if you are brave enough to do your own paranormal investigation.

7 - Grand Union Hotel, Fort BentonStay the Night

Grand Union Hotel, Fort Benton

That Grand Union Hotel sits in one of the oldest cities in Montana. With construction completed in 1882, the hotel itself is an old structure. During the history of the hotel there have been reports of ghosts appearing in the hotel.

True ghost hunters and avid paranormal investigators believe it to be one of the most haunted hotels in Montana.

There are people who claim to hear the sounds of hoof beats on the staircase in the hotel. The idea is plausible since according to lore a drunk rode his horse into the hotel and went upstairs before being shot and killed. There are odd blue lights that appear to dance across room 202.

A ghostly figure of a man in a long jacket makes his rounds around the interior of the hotel.

6 - Bonanza Inn, Virginia City

In the old town of Virginia City sits the Bonanza Inn. In its first incarnation the building was a hotel. It went on to be an infirmary. The colorful history of the hotel includes hangings, medical care courtesy of a group of nuns, and even murders.

With a tremendous amount of assorted debauchery occurring in the hotel the notion of ghosts and paranormal activity cannot be too surprising. The ghosts dwelling in the Bonanza Inn are not the nicest ghosts around. There are people who state they have been poked and pinched by unseen forces. Claims of hearing or seeing the apparitions of the nuns that used to work in the hotel are common.

During the night there are people who have reported hearing children’s voices. Of all the rooms in the hotel, Room 1 is said to have the most activity.

5 - Boulder Hot Springs, Boulder

Boulder Hot Springs, Boulder

If you are looking for a historic getaway in Boulder, Montana then why not check into the Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Spa. The inn was first built back in 1881 and has been housing guests ever since. Some of those guests are even among the dead!

There have been a substantial number of reports making this one of the most haunted hotels in Montana. Although people have heard the disembodied voices of men, felt swift temperature changes and even heard the sound of children playing in the halls they are not the most common paranormal reports.

Simone, the ghost of a former prostitute, wanders the property and is seen by many who venture to the location. The story is that someone murdered Simone while she was at the inn.

4 - The Pollard Hotel, Red LodgeBook Now

The Pollard Hotel, Red Lodge

When the Pollard Hotel opened its doors back in 1893 it was the Spofford Hotel. Not long after the hotel was built it was renamed the Pollard Hotel after the new owner, Thomas F. Pollard. People have been drawn to the simple design of the brick building and excellent amenities since the opening.

In addition to remarking on the excellent accommodations some guests to the hotel have stated the Pollard is one of the most haunted hotels in Montana, without doubt.

Male and female ghosts have been seen throughout the hotel by guests and staff members alike. The perfume from an apparition in a yellow dress also lingers around the hotel.

One of the most frustrating of spirits in the hotel enjoys playing pranks on people. It is said he enjoys hanging out in the bar and appears to be dressed like he is someone from the 1920s. In the basement of the Pollard lights turn off and on and there are strange noises.

3 - Many Glacier Hotel, Glacier National ParkStay Here

Many Glacier Hotel, Glacier National Park

At one point, Many Glacier Hotel, which opened around 1914, was the largest hotel in Montana. The wood framed building has accommodated people since its opening. Some of the people that have stayed at the hotel or worked at the hotel never left as their spirits still roam the halls of the impressive hotel.

One young boy had the surprise of his life when he was in his room. A woman he did not know, who was a ghost, stood in his hotel room wearing a red dress. She eventually vanished.

Room 308 is a highly active area of the impressive hotel where it is common to hear odd noises. In addition people have seen more than one entity appear and disappear in or near the room.

2 - Chico Hot Springs Lodge & Ranch, Pray

Chico Hot Springs Lodge & Ranch, Pray

In 1900, in the picturesque mountains of Montana, the main building in the Chico Hot Springs Lodge and ranch was constructed. Bill and Percie Knowles operated a full service hotel for their guests until Bill passed away in 1910. Percie went on to run the hotel expertly. She eventually hired a doctor and part of the lodge became a hospital. Eventually Chico Hot Springs Hotel because the lodge and ranch it is today.

Along with some of the most stunning landscape in Montana the lodge offers some paranormal and ghostly activity for guests. Many people claim that a large percentage of the odd happenings around the lodge are due to Percie Knowles’ spirit lingering.

There are people who claim an old bible in the attic remains open yet never gets dusty. Other people have stated that one of the antique rockers in the lodge always faces a window but no one intentionally turns it to face that way. The most famous spirit in the lodge is that of the Lady in White. People have attempted to take pictures of her to no avail.

Two men once encountered the partial body of a woman hovering over one of the lounges pianos. These are just a few of the unexplained stories told by those who have worked or visited the Chico Hot Springs Lodge.

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1 - Sacajawea Hotel, Three ForksCheck Availability

Sacajawea Hotel, Three Forks

Passengers of the railroad back in 1910 and beyond were fortunate enough to be able to stay at the Sacajawea Hotel. The beautiful building was the work of John Q. Adams.

Guests and former employees of the hotel claim that some of the former staff, as well as John Q. Adams himself, remain in the hotel. On any given day people have seen Adams walking about the building.

A housekeeper from days gone by is also known to show herself to people only to vanish right before their eyes.

Bizarre sounds and other activity have resulted in law enforcement officers being called to the location to investigate. As one might expect they discover nothing to explain the unusual activity.