Hotel Jerome Ghosts

Like most old and historic hotels, Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colorado has its share of ghostly stories and paranormal activity.

One of the hotel’s most famous reports revolves around Room 310. It is a room that overlooks the pool.

In 1936, a family that was staying in that hotel room had a ten-year-old son, and this little boy drowned in the pool.

The little boy’s ghost has been known as “water boy,” and various guests have encountered him. He would appear to guests wet and shivering. He is said to disappear suddenly, leaving only a trail of wet footprints.

Another haunting takes place on the hotel’s third floor, and several employees refuse to work there.

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Other ghosts that haunt the hotel are Katie Kerrigan and Henry O’Callister. O’Callister was a man who made a fortune in the mining industry.

He moved to Jerome and fell in love with an heiress from Boston, Clarissa Wellington. They wanted to marry, but the bride-to-be’s father refused to give his permission.

She returned to her father, and he remained in Aspen and died as a broken-hearted man. He can be heard at night sobbing and wandering down the hotel’s halls.

Katie Kerrigan worked at the hotel. She was an attractive maiden, and many of the hotel’s guests took notice of her. Other maids got jealous of her and often played pranks on her.

One night she was told that her pet kitten fell through the ice and died. She went to the nearby pond only to fall through the ice herself. Although she was rescued, she died of pneumonia shortly after.

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She manifests herself by turning down bedsheets. Maids in the hotel are often surprised to find out that Katie has already done their job.

Hotel Jerome History

Hotel Jerome is located on East Main Street. It was built in the 1880s and has become one of the city’s major landmarks. It was included on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986 and is currently operated by Auberge Resorts.

Jerome Wheeler, a major investor in Aspen and once the co-owner of Macy’s, had the hotel built. Hotel Jerome was the first hotel in the area to feature full electric lighting and a grand ballroom.

It was also the only hotel in Aspen that remained open even through the quiet years. At one point, the hotel also became a temporary morgue.

It is said that prominent personalities often stayed in the hotel, and some of them were John Wayne, Hunter S. Thompson, and Gary Cooper.

In 1985, a group of investors headed by Rick Butera bought the hotel for $6 million.

Their renovation project for the hotel cost more than four times the price of the hotel. The hotel’s structural system was restored, and all the hotel’s original finishes have been restored to their original appearance.


With 93 well-furnished and comfortable rooms to offer, Hotel Jerome is a skier’s heaven. The hotel’s premium accommodations rank among the top in the state of Colorado.

Each of the guest rooms and suites are decorated uniquely and tastefully. The Deluxe King guest rooms have an average of 525 square feet and feature a king-size bed.

The Premier King guest room comes with a king-size bed, a spacious bath with a Jacuzzi tub, and has up to 545 feet of space.

The Junior Suite has 650 feet of space, and guests have the choice of a king-size bed or two queen-sized beds.

Lastly, the one-bedroom suite has a spacious bedroom, a sitting area, a spacious bath, and a living room.

J-Bar is one of Aspen’s favorite watering holes. The J in the name stands for Jerome.

The restaurant serves the best vanilla ice cream and bourbon, blended into a smoothie, the Aspen Crud.

The Garden Terrace and Jacob’s Corner is an alfresco restaurant with one of the best mountain views in town. The Library is a famous cocktail lounge that serves nothing but the best wines and fine liquors in a cozy setting.


  • Luxury linens
  • Custom-blended and all-natural bath products
  • High-speed wireless internet connection
  • Humidifier
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Down bedding
  • Electronic safe
  • Daily newspaper delivered

Things to Do Near Hotel Jerome

Aspen is a mountain town, and its famous attractions are the ski resorts; however, it is not limited only to these resorts.

Aside from skiing, there are various winter sports to take part in and enjoy. There are snowmobiling and dog sledding. There are also various outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking, road biking, and horseback riding in the summer.

Independence Pass is one of the state’s most famous places for hiking and camping. The Aspen Art Museum has a rotating exhibition of the most famous international contemporary works.

The Aspen Music Festival happens during summer, and it dates as far back as 1949. Some events are free, but others cost some money.

Room Tariffs

    • Single rooms start at $175
    • Double occupancy starts at $195