Central City Cemetery Ghosts

If you’re looking to find the most haunted cemeteries in America, Central City Masonic is definitely at the top of that list! It’s regarded by many as one of the most haunted places in Colorado.

It is reported that every April 5 and November 1, a beautiful woman wearing a black satin dress appears and lays flowers on the grave of John Edward Cameron. John Edward Cameron died on November 1, 1885, and there are many rumors regarding the connection between him and the woman.

Once twelve people gathered on Cameron’s grave, waiting for the woman’s spirit to appear. To the amazement of the men, at sunset, the beautiful lady appeared! When one of the men tried to grab her, she flew off and suddenly vanished.

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People say the lady planted the rosebush, which bloomed every spring besides Cameron’s grave. She stopped coming in June 1888, but two years later, the sexton saw her again.

She placed a bouquet of columbines on the grave and disappeared towards Bald Mountain. November 1 was the date when the young bachelor died of paralysis of the heart.

Many young ladies in town had their eyes set on the sought-after bachelor, but their beauty did not tempt John. It is rumored that he had his eyes set on a lady who lived near Bald Mountain, the lady who continues to visit him to this day.

Central City Cemetery History

Located 35 miles west of Denver with an elevation of 8,496 feet, Central City was discovered by John Gregory. Within two weeks, hundreds of people arrived, which began the Gold Rush. Within two months, the population grew to more than 10,000 people, all seeking a better future.

Central City was born when William Byers of the Rocky Mountain News and his companions pitched a tent on an open square in the center of what was once the mining district.

Central City came to be known as “The Richest Square Mile on Earth.” A stone monument on the eastern side of the city commemorates this important event.

In 1874, a great fire destroyed most of the buildings in Central City. The town was rebuilt, and sturdier materials were used, such as stone and brick, which people see today.

The cemetery began in the 1860s, shortly after the gold rush brought many people to the area. The damage seen in the cemetery today is due to decay and not vandalism.

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