Colorado Springs has plenty of haunted locations, but while some of them are the types of places you would certainly expect to see on a list of haunted places such as cemeteries and old hotels, there are also some more unusual spots like local shops and fast food outlets!

Let’s take a look at some of the most haunted places in Colorado Springs, CO:

12 – Ghouls Gulch Haunted House

Ghouls Gulch Haunted House

Ghouls Gulch Haunted House is one of the more unique places on our list because it is actually a staged haunted attraction! However, even although most of the scares here are purely theatrical, the property is actually genuinely haunted!

The attraction is in what was once the Old Cowboys Night Club which has had more than its fair share of strange happenings! There was once a spot on the dance floor called ‘dead mans curve’ because of the number of people who dropped dead there! From time to time real life apparitions are spotted within the creepy attraction!

11 – British Home Shop

One of the most haunted places in Colorado Springs is the British Home Shop which has a number of spirits in residence and they are said to be responsible for daily paranormal activity. One particular spirit has a bit of a penchant for locking women in the ladies restroom! Several different paranormal groups have investigated the property and have captured some very credible EVP and spirit photography.

10 – The Antlers HotelBOOK A ROOM

The Antlers Hotel

The Antlers Hotel boasts 3 different ghostly residents. One of the spirits is most often spotted hanging out in ‘Judge Baldwins’ bar. The second ghost is a lady in a long dress who is seen coming down the back stairs. Finally, the third ghost is a young girl who committed suicide on prom night in the 1970s. She is usually seen in one of the back rooms.

9 – Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery was actually there before the town of Colorado Springs was formally founded back in 1871. There are records of people being buried in the cemetery from the 1860s, so you can probably imagine why this is one of the most haunted places in Colorado Springs.

The majority of the paranormal activity that is reported here seems to be centred on the small chapel that was built in the cemetery in 1910. It was intended to be used for funeral services and also for storing the caskets ahead of burial, but unfortunately the building ended up falling into a state of disrepair after the demand for services in the chapel declined.

Soon it was only used as storage space for maintenance workers, many of whom have reported seeing dark figures in the basement area when they go down to there to retrieve supplies.

Their stories have been backed up by an experience from a representative of the National Register of Historical Places who was given a tour of the chapel when the cemetery manager attempted to secure funding and listed status in 1992 in order to restore the building.

When the representative toured the building to evaluate it for designation as a historical place she experienced a negative force passing through her entire body prompting her to make a hasty exit!

8 - Colorado School For the Deaf and Blind

Colorado School For the Deaf and Blind

Colorado School School For the Deaf and Blind was built in Colorado Springs in 1874. Some of the deaf people at the school have reported seeing ghosts in various parts of the school including the dorms and the gym. Those who are able to hear have also reported some very strange noises coming from the basement, which is said to be the scariest place in the building.

7 – Arby's


When you think about the most haunted places in your town, your first thought probably isn’t the local fast food joint, but believe it or not, one of the most haunted places in Colorado Springs is the local branch of Arby’s.

Some time in the mid nineties, the manager was shot in the parking lot by one of her employees. It is believed that she is the one who is responsible for some unexplained events in the restaurant.

People often comment on hearing unexplained whispering in the lobby and things often seem to get moved around when nobody in there. On several occasions, staff have put the chairs on the tables to clean the floors and then gone to another area only to return and find the chairs taken back down.

Some people even claim to see the apparition of a woman in the kitchens. Staff more or less refuse to be at work by themselves and we can’t say we blame them!

6 – Chapel Hills K-Mart

Another location that you would not normally associate with the paranormal is the K-Mart in the Chapel Hills area of Colorado Springs. There are frequent reports that shop displays are knocked over when nobody is there and that staff hear strange noises coming from the Garden Shop.

The activity is most apparent in the early morning with staff reporting cold spots and the feeling of someone brushing past them in the aisles. It has been suggested that this is the work of a former manager named Carl who died in 1998.

5 – Gold Camp Road/Tunnels

Gold Camp Road/Tunnels

Gold Camp Road and Tunnels is a location which is very popular with the local teenagers in Colorado Springs. Youngsters love to hang out there in summer and many of them have experienced things that they cannot quite explain!

The tunnels were built in the 1800s and it is said that some of the construction workers died during the building. There are also several unsubstantiated tales of a school bus that was apparently struck by a train, possibly even because the bus driver was suicidal.

Whatever the true story really is, the fact remains that the tunnels are a spooky place that is packed full of secrets. The second tunnel is a popular spot for people to put their car in park and turn off the lights to see if the vehicle is pushed.

Others describe seeing several apparitions of men in cloaks! The 3rd tunnel is not accessible, but many have peered into the gloomy tunnel and seen strange shadows and unexplained lights!

4 – Coronado High School

Coronado High School

Coronado High School first opened in the seventies and at the time, the on site pool was also open to the public.

There is a story that says one of the lifeguards invited his girlfriend and her little sister to come down and go swimming after the pool had closed. The couple were making out in the coach’s office and were not watching the young girl and she ended up drowning.

Sometimes in the early morning the ghost of a little girl in a bathing suit is seen in the far corner of the pool and sometimes swimmers say that something touches them under the water when nobody is near them.

3 – Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods

At one time, The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs was an Indian Burial Ground. These days it is said to be the site of a range of paranormal activity. Some of the most common reports include tourists feeling a presence in their car as they drive past.

There are also many reports of cars simply dying completely in the middle of the road and being found the next day empty with the doors all lying open. Some drivers have also reported that their brakes fail as they pass.

2 – Cheyenne Canyon

Cheyenne Canyon

Another of the most haunted places in Colorado Springs is Cheyenne Canon which has a long history with local American Indian tribes. The ancient Native American lore tells of a God named Manitou who is said to have thrown the devil into the canyon facing the heavens.

To this day, a rock formation known as ‘The Devil’s Horns’ can be seen marking the spot where the devil was thrown! However, it is not the devil who is said to haunt the area. In fact, the spirit haunting the area is said to belong to a cheating gambler who was thrown from the same spot!

There have been human remains dating to the 1800s discovered in the canyon suggesting that it has become something of a dumping ground for undesirables! No wonder it is haunted!

1 – Harrison High School Auditorium

Harrison High School Auditorium

One of the most haunted places in Colorado Springs is the auditorium of Harrison High School. It is believed that the ghost of a young man called Malcom is haunting the auditorium. There have been lots of reports of phantom footsteps on the stage and on the catwalk above.

Some people have also reported strange unexplained lights glowing on the catwalk.

On one occasion a young woman working on the catwalk slipped and would most likely have fallen to her death had it not been for the fact that someone grabbed her and pulled her to safety.

However, when she turned there was no sign of anyone. She does recall feeling a breath on her cheek almost as though someone had kissed her gently.