When some people think of Colorado, they think of majestic mountains and rolling plains. However, for others it is a veritable hotbed of paranormal activity just waiting to be explored!

Let’s take a closer look at some of Colorado’s most haunted hotels.

8 - Hotel Teatro, DenverSpend the Night

Hotel Teatro, Denver

Hotel Teatro occupies what was once the old Denver Tramway Building built back in 1911. In 1997, the old building was transformed into a luxurious boutique hotel. It was during these renovations that the first reports of paranormal activity began to surface! The construction crews working on the new hotel started to experience a variety of strange things including disembodied voices.

The most commonly sighted spirit at the Hotel Teatro is a mechanic who is seen walking the halls carrying his tools – earning him the nickname ‘the tool man’. It is believed that he is one of the mechanics who worked on the railcars in the basement while the Tramway was still in operation. He apparently died on the job in an accident and is now tied to the building in death.

7 - The Oxford Hotel, DenverStay Here

The Oxford Hotel, Denver

The Oxford Hotel in Denver was built in 1891 at the height of the silver boom. It was designed by the same man responsible for The Brown Palace Hotel which we will look at later. In the 1930s it had an Art Deco makeover and it remains the oldest hotel in Denver. One of the ghosts said to haunt the hotel is a male postal worker who often drops in and orders a drink. There is also a tragic haunting linked to room number 320, where a young woman was allegedly murdered by her husband after he caught her there with her lover. She is believed to have been captured in photographs in that particular room.

6 - Imperial Hotel, Cripple Creek

Imperial Hotel, Cripple Creek

The Imperial Hotel in Cripple Creek is apparently haunted by its former owner, a Mr George Long. History states that he met his untimely death when he plummeted down a flight of stairs under some fairly suspicious circumstances. These days an apparition matching his description can be seen trying to grope female ghosts or else just sitting there playing the slot machines!

5 - Hotel Colorado, Glenwood SpringsStay Here

Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Springs

Over the years, there have been many reports of paranormal activity at the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs. Most of the strange occurrences happen between 2am and 4am. The elevators have a habit of moving between floors by themselves and there is often a strong smell of cigar smoke with no explanation as to why it is there!

The Devereaux Dining Room is where many people have smelled perfume and heard the sound of dishes being moved around. Many guests and also some of the employees have reported seeing a young girl in Victorian style clothing and playing with a ball. Finally, and perhaps most chilling of all, guests often report disembodied screaming which has been attributed to a chamber maid who was murdered in the hotel while involved in a love triangle. Overall, it seems to be the third floor that serves as a focal point for the paranormal activity.

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4 - Hotel Jerome, AspenSpend the Night

Hotel Jerome, Aspen

Some locals refer to Aspen’s Hotel Jerome by another name entirely – the ‘Bad Luck Hotel’. This is because of the unusually high volume of deaths and other tragedies that seem to have befallen this hotel. A number of guests throughout the hotel’s history have checked in and never managed to check out. There have been drownings, accidental deaths and murders in the hotel and most of the spirits are still roaming the halls – even pitching in with some of the chores! One drowning victim can even be seen swimming in the pool on occasion!

3 - Brown Palace Hotel, DenverBook a Room

Brown Palace Hotel, Denver

The Brown Palace Hotel is the second oldest operational hotel in Denver so it is no great surprise that it is also famous for being haunted accommodation! Since the hotel opened its doors for the first time back in 1892 it has never been closed even a single day. Up until 1985 several people took up permanent residence in the apartments on the upper floor and one of those residents has become the hotel’s most famous ghost story.

The lady, named Louise crawford Hill was an influential part of Denver’s society and she spent 15 years living in the Brown Palace Hotel. However, her life also knew great sadness and shortly after historic tours became being offered at the hotel, during which some of her stories were told, it is believed her spirit became upset and started to cause strange disturbances. The front desk began receiving calls from her room despite there being no telephone line present.

Guests also report strange noises and disembodied voices! Other ghosts said to haunt the hotel include those involved with one of Denver’s most high profile murders which took place at the hotel in 1911. Frank Henwood murdered Tony Von Phul and an innocent bystander, George Copeland over their love of one Isabel Springer, wife of a local politician!

2 - Hand Hotel Bed & Breakfast, Fairplay

Hand Hotel Bed & Breakfast, Fairplay

If you are in search of haunted accommodation in Colorado, then you cannot go wrong with the Hand Hotel Bed & Breakfast in Fairplay. The hotel has 11 rooms and each one of them has its own ghost story to tell!

This is a regular spot for paranormal investigators and apparently the level of activity is off the charts! There is a mix of benevolent and malevolent spirits residing in this particular property with the stories ranging from a pair of mischievous twin girls hanging out in the kitchens to a demonic dog terrorizing the basement! One of the most common sightings is Grandma Hand who haunts the room named for her. Guests know that Grandma is home when her chair starts to rock back and forth all by itself!

1 - Stanley Hotel, Estes ParkCheck Availability

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park

Not only is the Stanley Hotel one of the most haunted hotels in Colorado, but it is quite possibly one of the most infamous hotels in the entire world. Why? Well, to put it simply, this is the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in Stephen King’s creepy novel The Shining!

The most commonly reported spirits at the hotel are former owner F.O. Stanley and his wife Flora. Flora is often seen or heard playing the piano in the ballroom which was a gift to her from her husband. There are also many child ghosts said to be haunting the hotel. Lights going on and off, phantom footsteps and disembodied voices are all common occurrences. Rooms 407 and 418 are particular hotspots.