Paranormal Reports

One of the most popular ghost tales of the Spaghetti Warehouse centers around a young pharmacist who was very dedicated to his job. One night he was very busy and had a pile of paperwork on his desk. He grabbed a stack of papers and headed back to the elevator. He was a bit careless and stepped into the dark without looking and he fell several feet to his death. He stepped into the open elevator shaft and not the elevator.

When he did not return home from work, his wife began to worry. She went to the warehouse in a hurry to find her husband only to see a group of people standing around the building and talking about the tragedy which had just taken place. Inside the warehouse, the wife found the remains of her husband crumpled at the bottom of the elevator shaft.

His wife was so traumatized by his sudden death that she herself also died a year later. It is said that their grief stricken souls haunt the area of the vast restaurant. She is said to rearrange furniture, leave the dishes and silverware in disarray, tap guests on their shoulders and pull their hair.

Diners have also reported seeing objects floating and unexplained cool and clammy breezes. Restaurant employees have their own fair share of ghost stories and most of them are too afraid to venture upstairs.

One waitress said she saw a floating wicker basket near the wooden staircase and she watched as it was gently set back down to the ground. She also reported hearing her name being called from an empty room. Another waitress was attending to guests when a bottle of wine was lifted from the table, floated through the air and landed upright.

Brief History

Built around the 20th century, the building that now houses the Spaghetti Factory once housed fur pelts, it was also a produce warehouse and pharmaceuticals warehouse at one point. It was originally named Desel-Boettcher and was bought by the Spaghetti Warehouse in 1974.

It was furnished with antiques amounting to millions of dollars; a full-size Houston Avenue trolley car; a chandelier from New York’s Penn Station and a grandfather clock from one of England’s many castles. It has two floors of dining and is the second largest and second busiest restaurant in the chain after the one in Columbus, Ohio.

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