When it comes to haunted locations around East Texas, Tyler is certainly one of the most haunted cities in the region. The city famous for its rose bushes is regarded as a haunted hotspot not just for ghost hunters from the area, but for paranormal enthusiasts far and wide.

Here are some of the most haunted places in and around Tyler, TX.

4. The Beckham Hotel, Mineola

The Beckham Hotel, Mineola

The Beckham Hotel is one of the more well known haunted buildings in Mineola. Erected in the 1880’s this hotel was a temporary home to the railroad workers and cattlemen alike. It has also been home to a brothel and a speakeasy. In it’s later years it has been home to restaurants, coffee shops and even a music school which taught country stars such as Miranda Lambert and Kasey Musgraves.

With so many people passing through the doors of the Beckham Hotel over the years, it should come as no surprise that it is haunted.

The three most talked about entities include a woman named Elizabeth who allegedly died after falling down the staircase of the Beckham Hotel. It is rumored that she was heartbroken after being left at the altar by her groom and some even wonder if it was an accident. Some even claim that she appears on Mondays at 3:00 a.m. in her white flowing wedding dress with her head lying to one side with a broken neck.

Another spirit seen is that of a 10-year- old girl seen peering into the restaurant windows. When people step outside to investigate, however, the little girl promptly vanishes. She is known to be a trickster and is also seen peeking out of the hotel windows at night.

The third apparition reported here is said to be the ghost of a gambler, said to wander along the upstairs hallway. There are a few theories as to his identity. Could he be the man who committed suicide in the lobby in the 1940’s by shooting himself in the head? Or is he the guy who was killed during a poker game gone wrong in the 1930’s? We may never know, but would love to find out.

Alley behind the Beckham- A very famous murder took place in this alley. A man named J.B. Christie was killed in the back alley behind the Beckham Hotel restaurant in 1944. J.B. claimed that Litrisse Jackson, who worked in the restaurant inside the Beckham, owed him $50 for a car. J.B. was a big mean son of a gun and came looking for a fight. By the time the scuffle was over J.B. was dead with his throat slashed from ear to ear with a kitchen knife. Jackson, whose father in law also came to help him, claimed his death was a matter of self-defense, but they were black and he was white, so Jackson was sentenced to 7 years in prison for the murder. It is said that the ghost of J.B. Christie is seen wandering out of the back door of the Beckham with his neck opened up like a big bloody grin.

3. World of Khaos, Haunted Theme Park, Tyler

World of Khaos is a haunted theme park in Tyler Tx. There have been several investigations carried out by many paranormal groups.

This property was the original location for Tyler Pipe in the 1930’s and in the 1970’s there was a massive fire here. Tyler Pipe has been well known for having major safety violations that have caused numerous deaths, amputations, beheadings and, well you get the picture. People call Tyler Pipe The Mangler. This fire killed several people and they sold the buildings to Southern Foundries in 1973. Southern Foundries was letting a homeless man live in one of their storage buildings. They found him dead one morning after someone had bashed his head in with a cinder block. Then starting in 2008 the buildings were home to a haunted theme park. Owners and Actors have seen full apparitions, heard voices, footsteps and had objects moved and even thrown across the room.

2. The O.P. Pyle House, Mineola

The O.P. Pyle House, Mineola

O. P. Pyle had this home constructed in 1903-04, when he was editor and publisher of the Mineola Courier. Built by local craftsmen the house reflects influences of the Queen Anne style in the wraparound veranda, conical tower, second-floor porch and gabled roof.

Being one of the most haunted houses in East Texas, the house is extremely active and there have been several investigations here done by ourselves (Haunted Rooms America). The spirits are numbered in double digits including a Civil War soldier named David Akin who has deemed himself the protector of this family and house.

There are many child spirits here as well which love to play tricks on you and their nanny is here as well. The property boasts a spiritual vortex which serves as a revolving door for spiritual activity which sometimes is great and sometimes not so much. There has also been some negative spiritual energy as well and unnerving experiences in one of the cottages. One of the owners’ parents who were longtime owners of the house are buried on the property and another family member is under the gazebo. If you are looking for a more adventurous ghost hunt this property is also one the best in Mineola. You can actually stay the night in the haunted belfry too!

1. Munzesheimer Manor, MineolaBOOK NOW

Munzesheimer Manor, Mineola

Gustav Munzesheimer built the Manor in 1898 as a wedding gift to his new bride Julia Blasingame. The Manor has been home to many influential people here in town and is home to a number of ghosts. The most notable is a young boy named Eli. During an investigation, a group was able to communicate with him as well as get him on camera moving a bag of drinks about 12 inches across the floor. They also caught a number of orbs on camera as well.