Galveston, TX has always had a reputation for being one of the most haunted cities in Texas. It has all manner of creepy places to visit, including some reputedly haunted places to stay.

Let’s take a closer look inside some of the most haunted hotels in Galveston, TX.

3 - The Victorian Inn Bed & BreakfastBOOK NOW

The Victorian Inn is undoubtedly one of the most haunted hotels in Galveston, TX. There seem to be several ghosts in residence! The Zachary Suite up on the third floor of the hotel is a particular hotspot for the paranormal activity!

Guests spending the night in the king bedroom of the suite often report hearing an unseen woman whistling a jaunty tune, while those in the queen bedroom say they are touched lightly on the back or shoulder. The living room of the suite also has reports of similar ghostly touching and also of a male spirit who whistles.

The first floor of the bed & breakfast is also said to be haunted with staff and guests alike seeing the apparition of a man walking on the front porch before suddenly disappearing without a trace!

2 - Hotel GalvezBook Now

Hotel Galvez

The Hotel Galvez opened in 1911 and was named after Bernardo De Galvez y Madrid, the count of Galvez.  The hotel was also added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.  Nicknamed Playground of the South it’s played host to such rich and famous people as Jimmy Stewart, Frank Sinatra, and Howard Hughes.

The hotel is reportedly haunted by the famous ghost bride of Galvez.  Audra was the name of this bride to be and her husband to be was a sailor and when he went out to sea Audra would stay in room 501.  While out at sea during a particularly violent storm Audra’s fiance did not return when expected.  Audra feared the worst and believed that he had been lost at sea.  Audra was so distraught at the prospect of losing her fiance that she hung herself in the hotels’ west turret.  The saddest part about this is a few days after she took her own life her fiance turned up at the hotel safe and sound and looking for his bride to be, only to be told she had taken her own life.

Although Audra loved room 501, it’s not thought that she is haunting this room, she is believed to haunt the area where she met her tragic end in the west turret. Room 501 is still very much haunted, however, as it is with the entire hotel!

I have 2 separate images caught in the room. Both are men. One has 2 soldiers in it and was actually taken during my tour with 32 people in the room. – Melissa Hall (Hotel Galvez Ghost Tour)

Some people have also mentioned the ghost of a nun and some children that may have perished in the great storm of 1900.  People say that the nun and the children may have been buried on the land that the Galvez is currently built on.

Although the common conception is that the 5th floor is haunted, the whole of the hotel is actually haunted. From one end to other, top to bottom, there have been sighting and reports of children ghosts, Indians, nuns, and even pirates!

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1 - The Tremont HouseSpend the Night

The Tremont House

The current Tremont House was the Third hotel in Galveston to bear the Tremont name, opening in the mid-1980s.  The building that the hotel is in now was originally used as a dry goods store and was also used as the office for the Galveston Tribune.

The best-known ghost in the Tremont is the Civil War ghost.  The Civil War ghost has been heard and seen marching up and down hallways with the click of his boots alerting staff to his presence may be waiting for an attack from Union soldiers.

The second ghost is known as Luck Man Sam.  Sam was a salesman with a limp, Sam liked to gamble and spent most of the night drinking and gambling and won quite a bit of money.  Sam retired to his room one night only to be found murdered and robbed the next morning.  Some stories have Sam getting ambushed in the 4th-floor hallway and he was robbed and murdered for his winnings before getting to his room.  No matter how it happened it is safe to say Sam still haunts the hotel to this day making his presence known to the living by knocking and pounding on guests doors during the night. Some guests have also heard one footed stomp followed by a distinct dragging sound coming from the hallway.

There is also the ghost of a victim from the storm of 1900 and now when a storm strikes the activity from this ghost intensifies.  The final ghost is said to be that of a small boy who likes to push glasses in the bar area amid sounds of disembodied giggling.

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