Top 10 Haunted Places in the Bay Area

The Bay Area is a fantastic place to go if you are in search of some interesting haunted locations. The entire area is full of reportedly haunted buildings and San Francisco in particular is a hotbed of the paranormal for some reason.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most interested haunted places in the San Francisco Bay Area:

10 - Moss Beach Distillery, Moss Beach

Moss Beach Distillery, Moss Beach

The Moss Beach Distillery was built back in 1927 and it is known to have been a popular haunt of bootleggers, politicians and silent movie stars. The property was originally known as Frank’s Place and it was renowned for having a clientele that was made up of a broad range of characters.

One such customer is ‘The Blue Lady’. This woman was apparently a regular in the 1940s or 1950s when she met another customer who is described as being a ;very dangerous man’. Despite the fact that she was already married she apparently fell in love with the man and visited Frank’s frequently in order to see him.

The pair were walking on the beach one evening when they were attacked resulting in the death of the woman. Ever since her death the Distillery has been receiving strange phantom phone calls, people have seen doors lock on their own and small objects levitating.

The strangest occurrence that the Blue Lady is held responsible for is that several female patrons will lose one earring only for them all to show up days later in a neat pile somewhere!

9 - Black Diamond Mines, Antioch

Black Diamond Mines, Antioch

It is only to be expected that an old abandoned mine would have some ghosts and that is certainly the case with the Black Diamond Mines in Antioch. In fact, this is one of the most haunted places in Bay Area.

There are said to be several ghosts in the mines, but one of the most notable is known as ‘The Wailing Witch’. It is said that she was a nanny who lost her job after it was discovered that she had been practicing witchcraft.

She later turned up dead in the Black Diamond Mines under suspicious circumstances although nobody was ever charged with the crime. It is said that her troubled spirit is now trapped there, still seeking justice. She is often heard wailing in the depths of the mine.

8 - Castello di Amorosa, Napa

Castello di Amorosa, Napa

The Castello di Amorosa in Napa is well known for its Wine Club and the annual Pagan Ball that is held in the faux medieval castle. However, what you may not know is that it is actually one of the most haunted places in Southern California.

The castle is only about 10 years old, but the materials that were used in its construction are said to date back several centuries having been reclaimed from much older structures. It is believed that the spirits who haunt the towers, caves and cellars of the castle may have been brought there attached to the materials, many of which were imported from Europe.

Among the most well documented hauntings there is a plague victim who lurks in the tunnels, a Spanish lady in the South Tower and also a young stable boy roaming the castle!

7 - Queen Anne Hotel, San FranciscoCHECK AVAILABILITY

Queen Anne Hotel, San Francisco

The Queen Anne Hotel was built in San Francisco some time in the 1890s and was originally a school for girls. Room number 410 was used as an office by the teacher, Miss Mary Lake. She was very passionate about the school and when it was shut down she was devastated.

She died some years later. After her death however, Mary reportedly returned after renovations only this time instead of looking after girls she has guests to take care of! She has been witnessed around the hotel, most often as a misty manifestation in room 410.

So attentive and caring is Mary, she has also been known to unpack and hang up clothes, pick items up off the floor, and tucked covers around guests in the middle of the night. If you spend a night in room 410 at the Queen Anne, you will certainly leave feeling taken care of, by both the living and the dead.

6 - Mills College, Oakland

Mills College, Oakland

Oakland’s Mills College is another popular haunted place in the Bay Area. Some have joked that the college actually has more ghosts than it does students due to the high level of paranormal activity that occurs there.

Most of the buildings on campus are reported to be haunted and there is even a ghostly horse drawn carriage that clatters down a small service road that runs behind the Mary Morse and Ethel Moore dormitory.

Witnesses say that the carriage speeds down the service road, loses control and tumbles off the side of the road which drops off into a wooded area. It then promptly vanishes. It is said to happen most often on nights when the weather is bad.

5 - Claremont Hotel Club & Spa, BerkeleyBOOK A ROOM

Claremont Hotel Club & Spa, Berkeley

Claremont Hotel Club & Spa in Berkeley is said to be haunted by the spirit of a playful young girl who passed away in the building. She either died in the hotel or in the home that previously stood here before being burnt to the ground. However she died, she is said to be particularly active on the fourth floor, especially room 422.

People have caught glimpses of her, heard her laughing and experienced the lights flicking on and off. She is very friendly and most guests say her appearance is more comforting than it is frightening!

4 - USS Hornet, Alameda

USS Hornet, Alameda

The USS Hornet is perhaps one of the most well known haunted places in the Bay Area. The decommissioned ship offers regular tours of the vessel where you can hear all of the ghost stories that are linked to it!

These include stories of the various sailors’ spirits that visitors have reported seeing around the ship. In 27 years of active service there were 300 deaths on board due to a combination of dangerous working conditions and the highest suicide rate in the US Navy!

Aside from the various apparitions that have been seen, visitors and crew alike have also reported other phenomenon such as objects moving, disembodied voices, cold spots, phantom footsteps and other paranormal activity.

3 - Winchester Mystery House, San Jose

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose

Most fans of the paranormal will have at least heard of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose! This is perhaps the most notorious home in the entire Bay Area, if not the whole of California largely down to its bizarre layout!

Construction on the house began in 1884 and was continuous right up until Sarah Winchester died in 1922! Sarah believed that the property was haunted by the ghosts of everyone ever killed by a Winchester rifle and that the only way to appease them was to keep on building.

That is why there are so many staircases that seem to go nowhere, secret passages and confusing passages. The house is now a tourist attraction and many visitors have reported seeing apparitions, hearing disembodied voices and experiencing all sort of unexplained activity!

2 - Arroyo del Valle Sanitarium, Livermore

Arroyo del Valle Sanitarium, Livermore

The Arroyo del Valle Sanitarium was a tuberculosis hospital that opened in 1918. It remained in operation until around 1960 and over the years it cared for roughly 10,000 patients. The Sanitarium has remained vacant ever since aside from one brief period when it was used to film the movie ‘ Warlock Moon’.

However, those who have gone to explore the building say that it is haunted by the ghosts of some of the tuberculosis patients who died there. There are also tales of a groundskeeper who apparently committed suicide after it was discovered he had killed some of the patients in the children’s ward.

Some say that the screams of these children can be heard. The majority of the buildings were knocked down in 1999 to make way for Camp Arroyo – a children’s youth camp, but the boiler still remains as do the spirits who reside there! We have to question the wisdom of bringing more kids for the ghost of a murderous caretaker to scare!

1 - Alcatraz, San Francisco

Alcatraz, San Francisco

One of the most iconic structures in Southern California also happens to be one of the most haunted. Alcatraz dominates the San Francisco Bay area and everyone has heard tales of the high security prison. It has been closed for over 50 years, but the prisoners certainly have not all cleared out!

Those visiting for the regular tours have reported the sound of phantom running footsteps, unexplained banjo music, residual noises such as cell doors slamming and a number of different apparitions.

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