America’s Finest City has a lot to offer those who live there and visit. In a day it is possible to go to the beach, visit a museum, and take in a movie. There are also opportunities to go shopping, catch a sporting event, or even a comic book convention if you are at the right time of the year.

Ghost hunters also have opportunities to visit some of the military city’s most haunted places.

Below are the most haunted hotels in San Diego that you can book.

1. Grande Colonial Hotel, La Jolla

Grande Colonial La Jolla
910 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA 92037, United States [BOOK A ROOM]

The Grande Colonial Hotel in La Jolla originally opened as the Colonial Apartments and Hotel in 1913. Desirous of a change, in 1925, owner George Bane commissioned major changes to the building. He had it completely moved from its location to place a grander building in front of it.

The two structures were merged, creating a tremendously grand building.

Some people question whether the rumors that the Grande Colonial is haunted are valid. Those front desk staff members who have received phone calls from rooms they know are empty might argue it is haunted.

One staffer who investigated one such call saw what appeared to be the figure of a man standing behind the room’s curtain. When the staffer went to move the curtain, the figure vanished. The windows were locked and closed at the time, preventing any escape.

Then there are occasions when staff members have encountered ghostly figures in the kitchen, stairwells, hallways, and the guest rooms.

Numerous ghosts like to make frequent appearances at the hotel. A woman, believed to be named Abigail, appeared in one guest room in a light lace dress and brown hair.

There are tales of a young boy who not only saw the ghost of a woman, but he claimed she brushed his hair.

There are also tales of a couple dressed to the nines spotted walking down one hallway. The couple vanished when approached by a staff member offering assistance.

Along with the physical ghosts people see, they have also experienced doors that open and close at will, heard loud voices, footsteps, and what sounds like people running down the stairs. The list of different paranormal activity and ghostly sightings makes the Grande Colonial ideal for avid ghost hunters. [BOOK A ROOM]

2. The US Grant Hotel

US Grant Hotel
326 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101, United States [BOOK NOW]

Ulysses S. Grant, Jr. had the magnificent 11-story U.S. Grant Hotel built in 1910. He named it after his father, President Ulysses S. Grant. The spectacular hotel has had many famous and not-so-famous guests over the years.

For over 100 years, the US Grant Hotel has provided beautiful accommodations and an excellent location for various events. It has also been the home to several different ghosts and paranormal activity!

One of the most famous ghosts that continue to call the U.S. Grant Hotel their home is Julia Grant, the former wife of Ulysses S. Grant.

It is said she wanders the hotel in a state of unhappiness and possible resentment due to her husband remarrying so quickly after her untimely death.

Individuals who have seen her say her white dress is very old-fashioned in design, suitable for the time of her death. When she has been spotted, things either disappear entirely or are moved.

It is not unusual for the housekeeping staff to report their cleaning supplies moved while tending to other things in the different guest rooms.

Some guests have claimed to have seen the ghost of a man standing over them while they are in bed. The man is reportedly heavy-set and dons a black suit. As quickly as he appears, he vanishes.

Problems with lights flickering are frequently reported as well as people hearing random footsteps and other obscure noises. [BOOK NOW]

3. Horton Grand Hotel

Horton Grand Hotel
311 Island Ave, San Diego, CA 92101, United States [BOOK A ROOM]

The historic and breathtaking Horton Grand once started as two separate structures back in 1880. When the historic Grand Horton and Khale Saddlery Hotels were slated for demolition, Dan Pearson stepped in to stop the destruction.

After much planning, Pearson took possession of both buildings, disassembled them brick by brick, and had them put back together a few blocks from where they originally stood.

What stands today is a glorious hotel ideal for weddings, events, or guests needing a place to stay the night while in San Diego.

Despite being moved from their original locations, the current Horton Grand is still home to many different ghosts. Paranormal investigators from all over the country are intrigued by the many reports from this historic building.

One of the ghosts spotted around the hotel, Ida Bailey, used to be a Madame at a brothel where the hotel now stands.

One group of paranormal investigators stayed in the hotel and decided to play poker one night. Although they left all the cards on the table, one of the investigators discovered the four of spades in the bathroom the following morning.

In room 309, the ghost of a man believed to be Roger Whitaker is seen or felt. He likes to move things around on guests as they sleep. Sometimes he even wakes the guests.

The fourth floor has also had some unusual activity. Someone reported it felt like the floor moved following odd thumping noises near an armoire. Other noises were heard in different rooms on the floor where no one was staying.

The Horton Grand is undoubtedly one of if not the most haunted hotel in San Diego! [BOOK A ROOM]

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4. Cosmopolitan Hotel, Old Town

Cosmopolitan Hotel & Restaurant
2660 Calhoun St, San Diego, CA 92110, United States [Book a Room]

The Cosmopolitan Hotel & Restaurant started as a single-story private home for Juan Bandini and his family in 1827. Years later, the adobe home, which was falling into extreme disrepair, was purchased by Albert and Emily Seeley.

The Seeley family was responsible for expanding what became the two-story Cosmopolitan Hotel & Restaurant. The Cosmopolitan has provided a place for entertainment, lodging, and more to all who pass through downtown San Diego.

Today, people visit the Cosmopolitan Hotel to take a step back in history and have the opportunity to stay at one of the haunted places in San Diego. It is reported that the ghost of one of Juan Bandini’s daughters is still lingering at her former home.

Some say the ghost of Ysidora likes to stir up a bit of mischief for guests and staff members. One of the things she appears to enjoy doing the most is going to room 11 and turning the lights off and on.

There are claims that a little girl died in the Cosmopolitan, and her ghost lingers. It is said that her former bed and rocking chair are haunted. The rocking chair is known to move independently without assistance from the wind or a living person.

The ghost of a man called Carlos has been haunting the hotel for 40 years. He likes to stand outside the hotel, strum his guitar, and sing. He looks as though he is from the old cowboy days.

5. Hotel del Coronado

Haunted Hotel del Coronado
1500 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118 [BOOK A ROOM]

The Hotel Del Coronado was, and remains, an architectural masterpiece that opened in 1888. It has an ideal seaside location that people from as far away as Europe would come and visit.

The upper-class and wealthy visitors would bring their servants and stay for extended periods, many staying for months. For more than 100 years, the Hotel Del Coronado has been host to everyone from movie stars, to business icons, to princes and presidents.

The living are not the only ones to visit the luxurious hotel. Some ghosts stay at the hotel too. The most famous spirit at the hotel is Kate Morgan.

The stories related to her death claim that she was a married woman who went to the hotel for a rendezvous with her lover. Other reports claim her male companion abandoned her on her trip to the hotel. She committed suicide after being alone for five days.

Since her death, a broad range of unexplainable activity has occurred in the hotel. Televisions that turn on and off, lights that flicker, voices, and footsteps are just a few things that happen. Other people claim to have seen Kate’s ghost on the beach and around the hotel. [BOOK A ROOM]

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