Los Angeles is a city filled with people dreaming of getting their big break in an assortment of entertainment industries. There are also sporting venues, theme parks, great beaches, excellent shopping and more in and around Los Angeles. The city also has a past filled with violence and tragedy. A result of that past is an abundance of paranormal activity.

The following are only a small sampling of the most haunted places in Los Angeles – let’s take a closer look.

12. Pico House

Pico House

The Pico House, built back in 1869 and 1870, was a three-story luxury hotel ordered by Pio Pico. Pico was the last Mexican Governor of Alta California as well as being a successful businessman. The Pico House sits in an area called El Pueblo de Los Angeles.

Although the hotel was a place of luxury tremendous violence and tragedies occurred in the areas surrounding it. Many ghosts killed in the Chinese massacre of 1871, as well as other people killed by other violent offenses, continue to haunt the area.

It is not uncommon to hear footsteps, hear the cries of murder victims, as well as see the ghosts of people hung from trees in the area.

11. AHS Murder House

AHS Murder House

Construction on the Rosenheim mansion, now known as the AHS Murder House, began in 1902. For more than 50 years a Catholic organization owned the mansion. There are no reports that any murders have taken place in the home, despite the murders depicted in the television show, American Horror Story.

There has been a great deal of unusual activity noted in the mansion. Psychic sensitives suffer numerous issues upon entering the home which includes an overload of information, headaches or even severe migraines.

Some people feel suffocated in the home or incredibly crowded even if the number of people present is limited.

10. Colorado Street Bridge

Colorado Street Bridge

During the Great Depression, many people made their way to the 150 foot tall, Colorado Street Bridge. These individuals did not go to the bridge simply to enjoy the landmark bridge; many people went to jump off.

So many people have died on the bridge it gained the nickname “Suicide Bridge.” Ghosts of people who took their own lives are said to haunt the bridge and the trail that lies below.

There is a woman in white who people have witnessed at the bridge. Other people have experienced all of the lights going out when visiting the bridge at night.

9. The Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign

When the Hollywood Sign was first built it was the Hollywoodland sign. The word “land” was later removed from the sign. Along with being an iconic landmark, the Hollywood sign is also a people in great despair may go in hopes of ending their lives.

One person who went to the Hollywood Sign and ended her life was Peg Entwistle. Peg Entwistle was an actress who had a moderate amount of success in her craft, even staring alongside the likes of Humphrey Bogart.  Despite her success, her personal tragedies and inability to maintain a successful relationship, she decided to end her own life.

According to reports, Entwistle climbed to the top of the “H” only to jump to her death. A hiker discovered her body on September 18, 1932. It is not uncommon to smell the scent of gardenia perfume, her favorite, or her spirit wandering around the sigh.

8. Hollywood Roosevelt HotelBOOK A ROOM

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel has played host to some of Hollywood’s most elite celebrities since its doors were opened. Many of the former celebrities that stayed at the hotel appear to come and visit the Hotel from beyond the grave.

Guests have reported hearing the sounds of someone playing the trumpet in the middle of the night. When they have notified the staff they are informed nobody is in the room.

Although no living person may be in the room playing the trumpet, some believe it is the ghost of Montgomery Clift, who spent some time in the hotel while filming a movie.

Additional guests have claimed to the reflection of Marilyn Monroe in a full-length mirror that was once in her poolside suite. The mirror had been in the lobby for a time but was eventually removed.

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7. The Wonderland Murder House

The Wonderland Murder House

At one time, John Holmes was most notable for being a porn legend. Although many people may recall his contributions to that industry, other people recall the fact he committed murder in the former home in which he stayed.

Stories state that John Holmes murdered four drug dealers at the Wonderland Murder House with a lead pipe.  Since those events in 1981, the Wonderland is the source of a considerable amount of paranormal activity.

People visiting the home have made claims of being pushed or pulled by the angry ghosts. The most intense activity occurs at night, where even if the T.V. channels are changed the visitor may experience activity from the angry, revenge-seeking ghosts.

6. Hotel Cecil (Stay On Main)

Hotel Cecil (Stay On Main)

The Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles has seen more than its fair share of murders, suicides, serial killers, and disappearances since 1927. The 600 room building has been home to many different people in its almost 90-year history.

There have been serial killers, such as Jack Unterweger and “the Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez, who called the hotel home. Other residents of the hotel committed suicide using the windows or rooms on the higher floors.

One woman, Elisa Lam, was even found dead on the roof in the water tank. There is an overall feeling or horror, sadness, and despair in the hotel.

Hearing unusual sounds, seeing ghostly figures and the feeling of not being alone is all rather common for visitors to the hotel. If you are looking for a restful night’s sleep, it is not the best place to stay.

5. 'The Entity' House

'The Entity' House

When visiting haunted places in Los Angeles, the ‘Entity’ house is one only the bravest of souls should venture to see. The home was once owned by Doris Bither. As cute as the house may appear from the outside it was the site of some of the most terrifying supernatural attacks on record.

Bither was physically attacked on multiple occasions by the spirits in the home. The spirits would throw things around the home on a regular basis. Things became so horrific for Bither and her children, who witnessed the attacks, they left. Unfortunately for Doris Bither and her family, the poltergeists followed the family.

People visiting this home may or may not experience activity but there is still an overall air of evil at the home.

4. Boris Karloff's Rose Garden

True ghost hunters cannot miss out on the chance to visit one of the most haunted places in Los Angeles, Boris Karloff’s Rose Garden. A rose garden that is haunted, it almost does not seem possible. The reality is, Boris Karloff, known for his role in the movie, “Frankenstein,” had an unusual hobby, he loved to garden.

His gardening skills were so amazing that many of his friends fell in love with his gardens, most especially the rose garden. It is not the fact a famous horror icon loved to garden that makes his garden a place of paranormal activity. What makes it haunted is the fact that many of his friends asked if Karloff would scatter their remains on his roses after they died.

As bizarre as a request as it was, Karloff did as a number of his friends requested; he helped them make his rose garden their final resting place. Visitors to the location commonly state they can feel the presence of otherworldly spirits at the garden.

3. Hollywood Wax Museum

Hollywood Wax Museum

One of the best places to go in Hollywood, if you want to see a number of celebrities in one place without getting in trouble, is the Hollywood Wax Museum. Of course, they are not the actual celebrities but people have been drawn to the location for decades.

There is something fascinating about seeing famous people made out of wax. There are stories that claim the living is not the only people who visit the Wax Museum. Numerous people have claimed to see a woman praying in front of The Last Supper exhibit.

The woman who has been seen praying in front of the exhibit and always vanishes when approached. Additional claims about the woman state she never shows up on film regardless of the cameras around and photos were taken.

A young man also spends a great deal of time in the Chamber of Horrors as his spirit is witnessed in that area of the Wax Museum often.

2. Linda Vista Hospital

Linda Vista Hospital

The Linda Vista Hospital, built in 1904 has a long history as one of the most haunted places in Los Angeles. The structure was used for many decades as a hospital and for a time was used as a building to suit the needs of employees of the railroad.

By 1991, no longer useful or functioning, the hospital closed its doors and remained empty for many years. While it sat empty many paranormal investigators have visited the site to see if the claims of activity were legitimate.

Investigators found countless ghosts, many of who believed to be former staff members of the hospital from its early years as well as patients that passed in the hospital, roam the halls. Some of the findings claim that some of the spirits that remain tied to the former hospital are not the nicest spirits, some even toy with people that venture into the building.

The structure has such a creepy factor to it; it can be seen in the films, Insidious and Day of the Dead.

1. The Queen MarySTAY THE NIGHT

The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is a hotbed of paranormal activity. When you take into consideration the Queen Mary was once a World War II troopship and then became a luxury ocean liner it only makes sense that some spirits would linger.

Fortunately for paranormal investigators, more than a few ghosts linger on the Queen Mary. There are reports of ghost sightings in almost every area of this ship.

There are people who appear to be swimming in the empty pool, a sailor who died in the engine room of the ship, and numerous spirits of kids who died in the pool. This is only a small sampling of the ghostly figures still enjoying the Queen Mary.

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