Sacramento may not be one of the first towns or cities that spring to mind when you think about the paranormal, but it is actually a bit of a hotspot for unexplained activity. It has seen more than its fair share of spookiness over the years and the local ghosts seem to crop up in some very unexpected places including a skating rink, an old record store and even the local Burger King!

Sacramento, unbeknown to many is a paranormal hotbed. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the most haunted places in Sacramento!

11 – Delta King Riverboat HotelBook a Room

Delta King Riverboat Hotel

The Delta King Riverboat is said to be haunted by a male spirit who is actually believed to be the original captain of the vessel who never left his post even after his own demise!

Employees have reported seeing the Captain’s ghost sitting in the balcony watching the productions and they have also reported hearing phantom footsteps coming from on deck when there is nobody there – or at least nobody that is still living!

On one occasion, the Captain seemed to make his presence known by knocking over a glass of water near the sound board in the sound booth.

10 – Iceland Skating Rink

Iceland Skating Rink

The Iceland Skating Rink in Sacramento gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘bone chilling’! The ice rink is apparently haunted  by the original owner ‘Pops’ Kerth who also built the ice rink. He apparently still makes his rounds of the building at night checking that everything is still in order and ready for the next day.

9 – Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach

If you ask locals, they will tell you that Sacramento’s Paradise Beach does not live up to its pretty name! In fact, it is more like a nightmare than a coastal paradise! Why? Well, because it just so happens to be one of the most haunted places in Scaramento!

A large number of visitors have reported seeing the spirit of a ghastly drowned man walking up and down the shoreline. It is believed that he is the restless spirit of a man who drowned there in a particularly violent fashion and he is said to be very unsettling to witness!

8 – Old Record Store, K Street Mall

Old Record Store, K Street Mall

One of the more unexpected haunted places in Sacramento is the old record store in the K Street Mall. It is said that the former store is haunted by the spirit of an older woman who is dressed in Victorian style clothing.

She mainly seems to hang out down in the basement area. However, she has been known to make her way upstairs in order to reprimand customers who are being too noisy!

On several occasions, customers visiting the store reported being told in no uncertain terms to keep the noise down by the old lady from Victorian times! It is not clear who she is or why she is so keen to keep things quite in the property!

7 – Freeport Factory

There were several employees who died on the job in Freeport Factory which is probably why is is now a hotspot for paranormal activity. There have been reports of a variety of unexplained activity in the factory, perhaps the most unsettling of which is the disembodied sounds of children laughing, because there would have been no reason for kids to be in the factory.

Could these be malevolent spirits masquerading as children? If you do choose to visit, we have a word of warning for you – make sure you have someone hold the door open for you because apparently the door will close and lock behind you, trapping you inside.

These spirits are not messing around!

6 – Highway 50 Exit off W Street

Another one of the most haunted places in Sacramento is the W Street exit off of Highway 50. In the 1970s a woman was hitch hiking at this exit when she was murdered. Police were never able to solve the crime and perhaps that is why her spirit is unable to rest.

With some degree of regularity, drivers report seeing the silhouette of a woman lurking by the exit in search of a ride. Those among them who have stopped to offer assistance soon realise that she is not actually there!

5 – Florin Road Burger King

The Burger King restaurant on Florin Road is a popular spot for those who feel like they need a late night snack, but some of them definitely end up  with a little more than they had bargained for.

Why? Well, because this particular Burger King is said to be one of the most haunted places in Sacramento.

Apparently this all stems from the fact that one day during the lunch rush, a gunman entered the restaurant and shot the store manager before turning the gun on himself.

It seems like this crime has been repeated over and over again because staff often report hearing the sound of gunshots along with disembodied screaming.

4 – The Vampire of Sacramento Victims' Homes

In the 1970s, Sacramento was rocked by the murders of six people in their own homes by Richard Trenton Chase aka The Vampire of Sacramento. Chase earned his gruesome nickname from the fact that he drank his victims’ blood and consumed some of their remains.

The murders took place over a period of about a month and left the neighbourhood terrified. They also seem to have lost a permanent mark on the homes of the victims.

The new residents of the homes in which the Vampire claimed his victims say that they are haunted by ghastly re-enactments of the murders occurring over and over.

3 – Old Sacramento Tunnels

Old Sacramento Tunnels

What many people do not realise is that Sacramento was actually rebuilt over the original town. This means that there is a network of tunnels and a hidden town underneath Sacramento which was buried because of rising water from the Sacramento River.

The tunnels are said to be one of the most haunted places in Sacramento, so much so that many of the transient people who take shelter down there actually refuse to sleep in certain sections of the tunnels.

2 – California State Library

California State Library

Why is it that there is something creepy about libraries? Is it just the eerie silence? Perhaps, but in the case of California State Library the fact that it is one of the most haunted places in Sacramento is also a big factor!

Visitors to the library have reported seeing the apparition of an elderly man wearing glasses who browses old books in the California section of the stacks and who will peer over them at anyone who disturbs him!

Staff at the library have also reported hearing the sound of rustling mylar, like the sound of a book being pulled from or returned to the shelves despite the fact that nobody is there.

There are also rumours that one of the Sacramento Tunnels, which we took a look at above, runs under the California State Library linking it to the Capitol which could be one of the reasons why the building is now alleged to be haunted.

1 – Old City Cemetery

Old City Cemetery

There are few places on Earth that are spookier than an old cemetery, so it comes as no surprise at all that Old City Cemetery is one of the most haunted places in Sacramento. There are said to be a number of terrifying spirits lurking here in between the headstones.

Just some of these ghastly apparitions include c couple that dresses entirely in black, a little girl who plays close to her own gravestone and even a ghostly pitbull who follows visitors beyond the gates.