Nestled in the heart of Tinseltown, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel has long been a glamorous hotspot for celebrities and movie aficionados alike.

However, beneath the glitz and glamour lies a chilling secret: the hotel is also home to a bevy of ghostly guests who have never checked out.

From the mysterious figure of Marilyn Monroe to the mischievous antics of Montgomery Clift, these ethereal guests continue to make their presence known, creating a unique and spine-tingling atmosphere for those who dare to explore the hotel’s haunted history.

Join us as we delve into the captivating tales of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s ghostly residents, whose stories are as unforgettable as the stars who once graced its halls.

Roosevelt Hotel Ghosts

Are you a fan of celebrity ghost encounters? The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is where you’ll find your ghastly fix!

This hotel has housed a plethora of famous guests, including Errol Flynn, Shirley Temple, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie.

But the real stars of the show are Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift, who, despite being dead for decades, never checked out. Spooky, right? Don’t worry, though; they’re known for their friendly hauntings.

Marilyn Monroe’s Ghost

Guests of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel have reported sightings of Monroe’s spirit, mostly in her favorite haunt, suite 1200.

Marilyn Monroe Mirror
Marilyn Monroe Ghost Mirror at the Roosevelt Hotel

Marilyn’s ghost seems to have a flair for the dramatic, often shocking people by appearing in a full-length mirror. But hey, who wouldn’t want to check themselves out if they looked like Marilyn?

However, hotel management decided to move the mirror from the suite to the hallway, probably to avoid room service requests like, “Can you send up an exorcist with my breakfast?”

Though Marilyn’s troubled past is well-documented, some guests might not mind sharing their room with her ghost. After all, it’s not every day you get to brag about spending the night with Marilyn Monroe—living or dead!

Marilyn’s ghost isn’t just a one-room wonder; she’s also been spotted cutting a rug in the Blossom Ballroom, the very same venue that hosted the first-ever Academy Awards. Talk about a posthumous party girl!

Montgomery Clift: The Trumpeting Troubadour

Montgomery Clift, a good friend of Elizabeth Taylor and three-time Academy Award nominee, is still hanging around Room 928 and the adjacent hallway, despite being “dead-tired.”

Unlike Monroe, Clift isn’t into the whole mirror thing. Instead, he enjoys brushing up against maids, perhaps trying to remind them of the personal space boundaries he can no longer maintain. He’s also been heard practicing his trumpet, perhaps as a reminder that even in the afterlife, one must never stop honing their skills.

Some guests have reported feeling paralyzed in bed, perhaps as Clift’s way of teaching them the importance of staying in the present moment. His shadow figure has been spotted pacing the hallways or keeping a watchful eye on guests in his room, like a paranormal security guard, making sure everyone is safe from…well, him.

In room 928, one spine-tingling experience was recounted by a guest who was tucked in bed reading while her husband snoozed beside her. Out of nowhere, she felt a gentle pat on her shoulder.

Assuming it was her better half, she turned to chat with him, only to find him fast asleep. Apparently, even the resident ghosts enjoy a good bedtime story.

Renowned psychic Peter James once spent a night in Room 928, where he witnessed Clift’s ghost chilling in a chair in the corner. He observed the specter for several minutes as it enjoyed some leisurely afterlife lounging before it vanished into thin air. Ghosts need a break too, it seems!

The Playful Spirit of Little Caroline

Caroline, the youngest of the hotel’s spectral residents, first crossed paths with psychic Peter James in the Academy Room back in 1992. However, it wasn’t until they met in the Penthouse Library that Peter could communicate with her.

He found her in tears, and when he asked what was wrong, she shared her concern for her mother’s safety. Despite Peter’s attempts to comfort her, she vanished.

To this day, Caroline can be seen playing and wandering the hallways in search of her mother. Guests and employees often mistake her for a living child, typically sporting a pink jacket and jeans.

Even a receptionist was once fooled, as Caroline skipped around the lobby, singing like any ordinary, carefree kid.

Tuxedo-Clad Spirits of Yesteryear

One dapper male entity, likely an actor from the 1920s, frequents the Blossom Ballroom, decked out in a tuxedo as if attending a glamorous event. Psychics believe he was an award nominee and an Oscar banquet attendee who can’t quite let go of his career aspirations and dreams.

The Blossom Ballroom also hosts another tuxedo-wearing male ghost, this one with a penchant for tickling the ivories.

Some guests exploring the mezzanine area heard the haunting melodies of his piano playing. Peering over the balcony, they caught a glimpse of the apparition in his white tuxedo before he vanished, leaving nothing but a spectral serenade in his wake.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel: Where Luxury Meets the Paranormal

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel offers more than just a luxurious stay—it provides a unique opportunity to rub shoulders with the glitzy ghosts of Hollywood’s past.

From the ethereal appearances of Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift to the heartwarming search of little Caroline and the elegant, tuxedo-wearing spirits in the Blossom Ballroom, the hotel is a true treasure trove of paranormal activity.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel History

The history of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is long and storied. Built in the Golden Era of Los Angeles architecture, it opened on May 15, 1927. It played a major role in its first year, as many Hollywood regulars stopped by or made it their second home.

By the 1950s, the hotel was declining. Some awful renovations went on for the next few decades until Radisson Hotels purchased it in 1985. A $35 million renovation then took place, restoring the beautiful lobby and adding a three-tiered fountain.

A Peek Inside

Featuring 300 guest rooms, 63 suites, and a whole lot of history, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is the place to be. Clark Gable and Carole Lombard’s favorite penthouse is even named after them, and a suite pays tribute to Marilyn Monroe. Let’s not forget the poolside cabanas, which will transport you straight back to the 1950s.

Event Spaces and Dining Galore

The hotel boasts over 25,000 square feet of event space, including the Blossom Ballroom, where the first Academy Awards took place. You’ll also find the Oscar Room, Academy Room, Historic Lobby, Johnny Grant Gallery Space, The Bridge, and The Garden—all perfect for hosting fancy shindigs.

Feeling peckish?

Grab a classy cocktail at the Library Bar or indulge in Prohibition-Era shenanigans at The Spare Room. For food, you can’t go wrong with the Public Kitchen & Bar or the cheekily named burger joint, 25 Degrees.

More Hauntings Around LA

If you’re seeking more haunted locations around Tinseltown, there are plenty of spooky spots to explore. Some notable places include the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Griffith Observatory and Park, the Pantages Theatre, and the Comedy Store. Each of these locations has its own unique history and ghostly reputation.

Further afield, you can venture to the Queen Mary docked in Long Beach, the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, and the iconic Knickerbocker Hotel. These sites add to the eerie allure of Hollywood and its surrounding areas, offering thrill-seekers a chance to uncover the more mysterious side of this glamorous city.

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