Ghosts of the Queen Anne Hotel

Perhaps the most famous of San Francisco’s haunted hotels, the Queen Anne should be a stop for any ghost hunting enthusiast.

Spending the night alone in one of the Queen Anne Hotels’ haunted rooms would definitely make one nervous, just read on below to learn why!

Miss Mary Lake

The building used to be a boarding school for girls, and it is said that the school’s headmistress, Miss Mary Lake, remains in the hotel and manifests herself in Room 410, the Mary Lake suite.

She would gently tuck in sleeping travelers by making sure that blankets cover them. Cold spots are often reported by guests sleeping in the room. She is also reported to unpack travelers’ bags.

One guest woke up to find themselves on the floor with blankets neatly tucked around them.

However, Mary does not confine herself in her room. She has also been seen wandering the hotel’s hallways, looking at herself in the mirror, and sometimes playing piano in the lobby.

If you want to experience this friendly ghost then book into the haunted room 410 – the Mary Lake Suite!

Why Does Mary Haunt the Queen Anne Hotel?

Being the most prestigious boarding school in San Francisco, the city’s most affluent parents would send their daughters here. One of those parents was the James “Slippery Jim” Fair, the Senator who funded the building of the beautiful Victorian mansion.

As the headmistress, it was reported there was an affair between the two, a claim that Mary vehemently denied. A huge scandal at the time, the stories kept circulating until her death.

Queen Anne Hotel History

This boutique hotel is conveniently located near Union Square, and it has gone through a lot of renovations. Built in 1890, the hotel started as a boarding school for girls, Miss Mary’s School for Girls.

Miss Mary Lake was an educator who taught girls the art of being a lady. She was very popular with the student body and with the staff. Everyone mourned when she died just a few years after the school opened.

Throughout the years, the Queen Anne has had several owners, bordello owners, and church caretakers. It was once the headquarters of a secret society that has got something to do with astrology.

Today the hotel has been lovingly restored to reflect the elegance of years gone by. It has become one of the finest examples of hospitality and utmost comfort

Things to Do Near the Queen Anne Hotel

The city of San Francisco offers an endless list of attractions. Golden Gate Park is home to two of the world’s most amazing museums, the De Young Museum and the California Academy of Sciences.

Bring the entire family along and be awed by the things waiting for you to discover. Queen Anne Hotel is perfect for food connoisseurs because it is near some of the finest restaurants in San Francisco.

Sweet Maple is a wonderful new addition in the neighborhood which serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Other delightful places to go to are Curbside Café, Benihana, Maharani Restaurant, Sophie’s Crepes, Wine Jar, and Via Veneto.

Other local attractions are Alcatraz, China Town, Japan Town, Union Square, Filmore Street, and Cable Cars.

Room Prices

  • Deluxe king rooms start at $199
  • Victorian King rooms start at $175
  • Superior two queens start at $269
  • Superior king rooms start at $235
  • King Jacuzzi suites start at $259
  • Garden king suites with fireplace start at $269

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